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I'm LOOKING FOR THESE FILES, Please send them to me if you have them!! Most are from the year 1996-1997


CON Files:

  • - 26,680 bytes - Creates a new monster!
  • - 348,626 bytes - Con files, that create new trooper behavior, based on thier palette. Machine gunner, Grenade thrower, and death backlash trooper. All in a test map included. Also other small FX, listed in Con file, included.
  • - 27,244 bytes
  • - 352,672 bytes
  • MAG_HAND.ZIP - 1.4MB - It changes the Shrinker/Expander to Duke's hand, that has random effects on enemies. Turn them into everything from a Rubbermaid trashcan to a Pigcop. Since Duke isn't the BEST magician, his skills can result in positive, or negative effects. But, pick up some magic stones and increase his skills!



  • and - Collision Course 4 level demo. It was a TC made back in the late 90's early 2000.
  • - Zilla's Vengeance. A shadow Warrior tc demo. Most likely a one map archive from the late 90's.
  • Sex Warrior. A shadow Warrior tc demo. Most likely a one map archive from the late 90's.



  • - A build tutorial, put together by Shawn McCool, with demo maps on how to do the most useful things in BUILD.
  • - 70,593 bytes - Mr. Ed offers a time-saving trick to place the locator sprites that guide the subway in the exact middle of the track. Includes "tutorial" GIFs and a sample map.
  • PDSL GAMERS TOOLKIT CD 1998 - Tyler Matthews' tutorial series, in HTML. - older BUILD Faqs from 7-20-96
  • Duke Nukem CON Hacking FAQs - from Jeff Armstrong. From 1997. They where several html pages worth of CON info. Novice to Advanced and was work in progress when his site closed. The Wayback Machine doesn't have his pages archived.
  • An Redneck Rampage CON FAQ - from unknown. Probably from 1997. It's "tucked away" in a archive of RR maps, faqs, or add-ons. I tried to relocate it but can't find it. It was work in progress and I only remember one file ever having it available.



  • - Duke Nukem 3D Editor v1.0 (and v1.1) - jaarroge - Allows you to customize the way you play Duke Nukem 3D. In other words, it lets you cheat. Many functions are provided that allow you to give yourself more strength, ammo, and/or health. In addition, a wide range of other factors in the game can be changed according to your whim.
  • 755kb 3/7/98  - Its a duke frontend launcher.
  • Birdman's SpaceOrb 360 controller driver for SW 1.2
  • DDF100.ZIP - June 11, 1996 - The Head-to-Head Gaming Network/Simply Silly Software. DDF stands for Duke Distribution File. It's a proposed new way to distribute duke maps. Because of how DUKE is designed (the .ART files in particular) it's pretty damn tedious to include graphics with your maps. DFF solves all of this.

Source Code:

  • Group File Studio v3.1 SRC - Gary and Jonah Bishop. Looking for the source code for this great program. However the src was never posted on their site back then.
  • Source Code - for any tool or program on the site that I don't have.