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R.T.C.M. established as a single site:  4-1-1998   First Construction and Placed Online: Mid 1997
Expanded abbreviation: 'Resources for Total Conversions and Modifications'

RTCM's purpose has always been to document and archive all material related to the BUILD Engine Games and their Tools, in the hopes of benefiting the Build Gamer and modding communities. To provide substantial background for developing projects and to provide technical support. Overall and originally this was to help move past the stale community at the time and to maintain a truly helpful site that was there for everyone.

It has been put together to allow the BUILD Game communities to combine itself with each other. To show each game owner that the games are alike and many resources are universal. All based on the BUILD Engine programmed by Ken Silverman and Coding by 3DR (and other companies). It covers all DOS and Windows versions of any game made with the BUILD Engine. Newly source coded game modifications for commercial sale, might have limited support.

The newest incarnation of my RTCM site (the one your viewing now) is derived from about three other sites that I use to have back in 1997, located on different servers and at different addresses. First was the R.T.C.M. multiplayer mod kit site, then the tools download site for DN3D. Third was a RTCM gateway site. I finally merged all of these into the main RTCM site.

To learn more read the Old News / News and History sections including my Legal located below.

This site is supported by BUILD Engine Game Fans and RTCM volunteer help. Any products or items may or may not be supported by their current authors. RTCM can not be responsible or govern any misuse or stupidity that may arise from the use of this site by individuals or a group of individuals. Nor can RTCM and its staff be responsible for any damage you may do to your computer system or temporarily to your game.

This site is not intended to provide substance which would offend any individual or group of individuals. Its only purpose is to help legitimate users to produce legitimate results. All content of this site is solely for use with games made with the BUILD engine. To provide a public repository for Build Gamers to use
and to have fun with without capitol gain, copyright infringements or any illegal activities. This site in its original form does not provide illegal materials.

RTCM equals the site content, folder and file structure, media, archives, packages and information. All where obtained through research and testing spanning many years and countless hours of working with individuals, companies and personnel endeavors. This includes the cost and expense to Corvin.
Some services where donated, including bandwidth and space. The site is used under permission by the original maintainer; Corvin owner and founder of RTCM and can not be reduplicated elsewhere.

Additional information and materials are sometimes compiled and collected from many, many sources dating back to the mid 1990's. These are comprised of files from across the web, ftp, bbs, AOL and authors home pages. All respect goes to the original authors of the original portions that is presented here. No copyright infringement intended. However please ensure you are credited appropriately if not already, contact me. (Corvin)

This site and it's collection of information and material can not be duplicated anywhere or on any commercial media without my (Corvin) permission. This site is not a Wiki nor an open FTP. You can not use anything of the sites work for personal gain. Commercial and Public reduplication and distribution of the site is prohibited. This includes but not limited to: Webs sites, FTPs, Disks, CDs, Media and any Commercial resale products. For personnel use only and for the enjoyment of BUILD users. Harmful actions or activities will be maneuvered.

*RTCM is not associated or endorsed by anyone stealing any form of my work, including unofficial mirror sites, those locations can not be guaranteed by me as those files (archives and html) are considered harmful actions and activities located on digital thug servers.

You may link to any page on RTCM, but please understand that my internal links change from time to time. Permanently linking to the files or pages with-in the site is not advisable because they do not always remain static. If you need to link to a File Archive for an extended amount of time, please let me know so I can make arrangements.

If you link me, please categorize me correctly on your link page. I appreciate that.

The inclusion of any links on this server / site does not constitute an endorsement by RTCM or its staff. For reference purposes only.

Explore this site to locate additional legal info. All Legal material is normally revised, unpredictable, please review them several times.

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All Rights Reserved

My work is in dedication to BUILD Fans, Ken Silverman, 3DRealms, and all the BUILD Engine team developers, then and now.

Enjoy your use of the site!