RTCM - Credit / R.T.C.M. Logos

Corvin wishes to thank:

Robman For Shadow Warrior Central and having a full grasp on what RTCM is/about and for being a good friend. Comments: "The GIANT and invaluable RTCM website" and "The largest supporter of the BUILD Games"
Robert Stever For newly hosting RTCM and doing so in a fast and Welcoming manner, including continued good service.
-=CHE@TER=- For supplying an updated version of his PS VS EX offline web page and information. Also for supplying Powerslave / Exhumed patcher and the WH1 patcher. His continued support for PS/EX and BUILD Game stuff he shares. For code for the site search.
JonoF For fixing and compiling the Witchaven 1 and TekWar BUILD Editors. Being a Build engine guru. Also for the PS / EX map Editor port.
ETTiNGRiNDER For making Witchaven 1 & II playable with improved controls and making it bearable now with bug fixes through his EGwhaven source modification. Also for help with technical aspects of WH2. His permission to merge his WH1/2 site information and to possibly continue some of the work.
gerolf For the help in preserving the Witchaven1 '3' Level Interactive Preview.
MetHy For the improved Powerslave control hints / configuration to make the game less painful to play.
BME For making Map Browsers for Tekwar, WH1 and II and Fate launcher. His Blood support. Answers to questions about Blood.
Hank For help on the BUILD Game mini pages; exporting and fixing tiles to images. Research Help. Also for the endless time making the new RTCM banner.
TerminX For help on a sound document and later for his open source cons for ProjectX. Also for no thanks for hosting RTCM for a brief period including the deletion of my news, twice. Stealing my work(the site) and being the lousiest human being that I have ever seen... * Digital Thug. A General pee-on,... that's not rain.
Yatta For the Forum support and for the first to have an associated link to the site.
Manson For sending in his Night Strike WIP TC files.
Reaper_Man For sending me his mod and con files I been searching for. Also for posting his CON Faqs on RTCM. He had a vision to help beginner's learn CONtrol Code or simply DukeC.
MrFlibble For locating and pointing out the 2nd Powerslave Beta Demo and Tekwar CD Shareware. Also for allowing me to use his SW3Dfx guide. For the 7Paladin simple archive. Also other build game file research.
FunDuke For the work he did on the files section of the site. Allot for one person to do, thank you!!
Eddy4814 For his dedication on the mod database section, and merger.
MrBlackCat For Box cover scans from his massive collection. Also pointing out some missing products on the product list and later for the scanned images of the NAM Manual.
Witchaven 1 & 2 Bundle scan.
hitman71 For help in finding and testing SW Maps, and supplying SW maps.
Andrew Orman His Tovanen Scale and level design tips. Thanks man!
Mighty 7 DukeWAR and CTF Mods. His will to work the dirty code where others avoid to go!
Jonah Bishop Primitive List and of course for compiling your CON and MAP FAQS
Jeff Armstrong From the old "Charlie Wiederhold hacking site" - I resurrected the CON Hacking FAQs (and other) information that I only had hard copies of. (Hardcopies thanks to brother)
Jon Hunt Donating His Redneck Rampage Archive and information. To insure its archived upto 1-21-2001
Photon Man Utils FAQ's and other support including site error checking and filling gaps in the site. He returned shortly and worked on the community links section of the site, Thank you!
Paul O. (prolsson) For the information on the Legend of Seven Paladins game and demo cd's. Also for tracking down Accend Inc web site information.
Matt Saettler Misc. Info and answers. His work with BUILD commercially and of course for continuing his BUILD Engine work with EDuke. Mirror help. WWIIGI CONtrol descriptions. Help with determining Blood sounds at 16 bit if possible or not.
Cyborg Introducing me to the search engine we used and for the new html code he produced. Also for the realization: If it wasn't for Corv all these utilities would have been lost.
nyk Help with bugs in Duke and providing his tool util for download, also valuable site info. All his work on Duke Arena to provide us with a real TC to play online.
TJ/Tibb For help with some searching of files and other questions answered, the occasional e-mail on effects etc...
James Ferry Countless answers/bldtouch update/and providing advanced effects to Duke/Build/Support. His wonderful CON FAQ contents.
Usurper Answers, his dedication and knowledge of art--related. Keeping up with new technologies that can be used. Also for the help and reminding me of information I'm suppose to remember that I once had the answer to. And of course, being the first to merge up with me. His hosting support for all those years. Then the backstab of releasing the old RTCM url to TerminX, thanks for nothing.
Charlie Wiederhold Answers, Sending me his files and source. For the sake of "Part of Dukes History." Also for the "bad-ass" comment for making and sustaining RTCM for this long.
Billy McDaniel Having a concern on preserving his duke utils, which led to the front-end download section (which may have never been produced otherwise)
Oliver Kraus Sending in his latest and last released version of his util. In concern that his older version has been in circulation for a long time.
JS Answers, Support
Ken Silverman Answers, Help, Utils, The Build Engine - and of course for releasing the source code. Continued support even after the fact. Looking over the ken-build page and later the build game index page. For RSIZEART source.
W0rm Documents and Effects. Attempt at hosting for me.
Asbestos Being there at the beginning of RTCM.... (he supported my original ideas...and housed downloads I sent in)
Arjan, Shawn Our once great host! Every question or activity I needed they have complied effectively.
Conan Being understanding, allowing me to retain a file on rtcm, after asking to remove it.
Cause Sending in tools that weren't available on the net
Karsten Isakovic of 3DEL Build specs and updated utils
Util Authors Without your efforts, we would be lost!
FAQ Authors Without the original people that started all the early FAQs, you guys spawned more research in later years. You in '96

Misc. Site Info and/or Help (Direct or Indirect, through Forums or by contact) Shane King, Klaus Breuer, Jeff Armstrong, Todd Replogle, Ensoniq, Technical Help Doc-written by Joe Siegler & Lee Jackson-Thanks from Joe/Lee to Bryan Turner for his assistance. , PCA Joseph, 3DRealms, GeorgB3DR, Greg Fox, Moogz, James Ferry, Ryan Isenberg, ricoman16, Volt9000, GT Interactive, Galapogo, Vedran Jelenic, Robert Travous, Chris, Cyborg, James Tan, ShrinkDuke, BlasterDRP, Stephano_Lessa, William Gee, Roger, Acid Rainbow, Geoff "Link/Adereth" Halliday, bullis1, Quakis, Richard213, Mblackwell, Rusty_Nails, JustSomeGuy, Robbie Langton, zirkoni, Forge, Hendricks266, CDC Mainframe, alejandro, Diaz, widowmaker, Grande 3:16, Rott King, piano_man15, Usurper, Roger, Reginald User and many more.

Thank You! Every bit helped! Your knowledge has a high status.

IF your not listed here, and you should be, no matter how small the contribution, please remind me!


R.T.C.M. LogosŪ

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