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This section explains the navigation features of RTCM and also gives general pointers on how to get around.

To help avoid confusion we have experienced with large unorganized sites in the past. I have made each section of the site structure broken down to divisions, providing gleaming clarity so you can get around fast.

The RTCM navigation column (nav bar) is arranged so that nearly every page is just one click away. The right nav bar has links at the top that take you directly to each major division of the site. Upon arrival in these divisions you will find and Index with descriptions of each individual area of the site. If your having difficulty finding something, please let me know.

Any suggestions to improve navigation are greatly appreciated!


The following shows the what are the three kind of links this site provides.


GRAY = A link that sends you to an internal page.

ORANGE = A link that sends you to an external site.

GREEN  = A link that is pointing directly at a file on the site.




This section explains how to read the Headers across the top of all pages within the site. When you view a page at RTCM you'll see a Header at the top of each page. Like the one on the next few lines:

Document Name  -  Revision=(Version Date - Release Number)  -  Copyright - Author(s)

Help             v10-17-03         Release 1       R.T.C.M.     Corvin


The descriptions above the actual values are presented here to help identify the markings.

  • Document Name - This usually is the title/subject of the particular document.

  • Version Date - The last date the document was modified. This is actually the first part of the Documents complete revision number.

  • Release Number - This is raised normally in increments of 1(smaller increments are allowed), each increment represents a drastic change of major additional information that has been done to the document. Note: This is the second part of the documents complete revision number.
    If the document was updated more than once in the same Version Date: the Release Number will change.

  • Revision - is the Version Date and Release Number in whole. ex:   "v10-17-03  Release 1" is the revision. The revision is not only present for the author to keep track of his work. But allows you as a user to know how current the information is so you are not circumvented.

  • Copyright - Every page has a R.T.C.M. copyright regardless if it is present or not.

  • Author(s) - This is the person that has exhausted himself by reading, compiling, understanding, testing, worked, retested, and read, the newly created compiled finished work for posting. Overall that or those are the names of the people who worked directly with the document. More than one name can be applied.




This section explains how to download and briefly use the files on RTCM.

Notice -Please check version numbers and authors, since its easy to confuse what you have and what's here.
          -Every attempt has been made to find the newest version (Last version in some cases), of these files.

Requesting Files

You can easily scan our download pages and find the file(s) you want. We may upload files temporally too the site for your conveyance if they are not on the site already. Simply request the file via e-mail to Corvin.


Searching for Files

To use our download pages to find the file you want, use your browsers built in search or find function to locate a filename, title, or author. Even the descriptions may prove helpful.


Searching for File Updates

Many times the authors remember to include there URL in there file, in this case you can read the programs readme's to find the original site. If a URL is unavailable in the original download many times we include a RTCM text file with a web address to the original download site, if one was available. Within these text files I also include any updated information I may know of or been sent, such as usage, authors new URL or e-mail, source code added, More details about the file, etc. If you know of any Information we should add to any of the files, please let me know. This ensures everyone has adequate information regarding there downloads.


Using Downloads

Our archives use various archiving formats, We recommend the free open source 7-zip program to extract the files in the archives. Some files have 16-bit installers and will not work with a 64-bit OS. You will most likely need a 16-bit or 32-bit OS to get too the files contain within. Some installers are self-extracting and can actually be opened with a program like 7-Zip and you can get at the files that way. We are providing alternative archives as they become available...