RTCM Knowledge Base    1-15-2022    RTCM Corvin

You are viewing the area of R.T.C.M. that contains 95% of the sites information. It contains almost everything I (and staff/volunteers) could collect or generate regarding downloads, technical documents, information on BUILD games, compiled links and archives.


  • Knowledge Base : Index

    documents-online - Contains Online Technical Documents and Faqs for various help with your game.


    downloads-rtcm - Contains all the downloads. Mods, Tools, Cons, Maps, FAQs.
    downloads-dw - Contains an archive of the Dukeworld file downloads.


    library-online - Contains random formatted documents and pages.


    reviews-interviews - Contains some reviews for various projects. TCs, Mods.
    reviews-mod-duke3d - Contains reviews for Mods, Addons and TCs
    reviews-mod-eduke32 - Contains reviews for Mods, Addons and TCs


    BUILD Games
    build-games - Contains a complete list of BUILD Games. Links and Files


    Web Links
    community-links - Contains inspirational BUILD Game web links.
    community-forums - Contains all the User fan base support web links.