BLOOD BUILD Game   v10-13-2017  Release 12 RTCM Corvin
Blood is copyright of Monolith Productions Inc. Some software code appearing in BLOOD™ 1996, 1997 3D Realms Entertainment. All other trademarks are the property of their respective companies.

If your one of the designers or programmers of this Game, we'd love to have the source code and tools you used to make the PC Game.
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blood-movie.gif (94253 bytes)Game: Blood
a.k.a. - Blood3D and Blood1 or known as 'Blood: Spill Some' early on in release.

This game is for anyone who likes horror and gory situations. Draw first blood with 42 levels of pure wrathful 3D action. Begin your odyssey into darkness with a humble pitchfork and earn ever deadlier weapons. Flare guns! Voodoo dolls! And more! "In order to prevail, the player must face the Cabal, an ancient secret society, and the terrible Dark God it serves--Tchernobog." Satisfy your insatiable thirst with Blood. Experience the blood-feuding madness in in this carnage-soaked game! All the gore, all the unholy war! Zombies, gargoyles, hellhounds, and a blood-crazed host of horrors await! Crush the loathsome evil! Or condemn yourself to eternal damnation in this leviathan of unhallowed gaming action! Everything Blood lurks behind this door!

One Unit Whole Blood (OUWB). Satisfy your insatiable thirst with everything Blood. Experience all the blood-feuding madness in one carnage-soaked package! All the gore, all the unholy war! Zombies, gargoyles, hellhounds, and a blood-crazed host of horrors await! Crush the loathsome evil of the mighty Tchernobog! Or condemn yourself to eternal damnation in his leviathan of unhallowed gaming action! Everything Blood lurks behind this door! ... Blood, Plasma Pak and Cryptic Passage...

PLASMA PAK for BLOOD; Post Mortem: The only commercial add on pak to feature all new enemies and weapon modes! and the only Expansion pak by Monolith productions, creators of Blood! Sink your teeth into Blood Plasma Pak. The bloodbath continues... Clash against seven new maniacal monsters including Devotees, Zealots, Calebs, Fire chrusallids, and menacing new boss, The beast! Battle through labyrinth filled castles, ruined temples, wicked water aqueducts, even the chosen's training ground... eleven all new terrifying levels in all! Two intense new Bloodbath levels for fierce multiplayer action! Assault your enemies with ultra powerful new weapon modes like the spheres of Incineration, intelligent guardian life leeches and dual voltage tesla cannons.

Cryptic Passage. An official add-on; Enter the Darkness...An evil god has stolen a scroll capable of upsetting the balance of power in the Otherworld. Betrayed and primed for a bloodbath, you set out to retrieve what is rightfully yours. Carving your way through the bloody terrain, you find only a macabre nightmare awaiting you, and annihilation is your only option! Experience the most gruesome carnage ever imagined on your journey of revenge!


Blood is a gory 3D 1st-person shooter which is based on Ken Silverman's 'BUILD' engine. The code was originally from Ken's code. Blood uses a complex game engine, It introduced several new effects and tricks that any BUILD Engine fan would hope fore. The project changed hands from publisher 3DRealms and developer QStudios to developer Monolith and publisher GT. QStudios was absorbed by Monolith then ultimately finished by them.

Matt Saettler, was partly behind the enhancement/creation of this BUILD Engine game. He also worked later on doing NAM and WWII  GI as the sole programmer. Those games where also Duke3D Based and mechanics are closely matched. He is also programmer of the Enhanced Duke3D "patch," which is his latest public DOS BUILD Engine project.

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Blood for blood.

They promised many things.

"Faith is the key," they said. "Faith will show you the way." And I believed them because I wanted to believe.

But faith must be proven. I learned that the first time I wrapped my fingers around the haft of the ritual dagger to demonstrate my devotion to the One that Binds. They had not told me about Him, but there would be many lessons in the weeks to come. Unthinkable lessons. And a name to carry like a thorn in my conscience, a name never to be spoken aloud lest He hear me: Tchernobog.

All I've earned by my labor and my sacrifices are more and greater promises. I've carved my soul to shreds in service of the Cabal. What little humanity I retain is corrupted by the Beast, which has grown stronger with every life I've taken. Well, the time has come to sate its appetite and bite the hand that feeds.

Vengeance lies at the end of a long, bloody road through the very estates of the damned. Pity only that I have no greater weapon than this old pitchfork with which to still the rustling of leathery wings and douse the gleam of the eyes in the darkness. But I will exact blood for blood from my adversaries and send them back into the shadows between the world of the living and the land of the dead. This I vow."

Experience the terror.

You'll battle cultists, gargoyles, zombies, hellhounds, and an unholy host of other terrors in your quest to stop Tchernobog. You must not only defeat the Cabal--you must scour its dread name from human memory. If that means eradicating everyone and everything the Cabal has ever tainted, so be it.

Of course, you'll first have to make your way through fortresses, castles, mines, mansions, and estates guarded and kept by Tchernobog's malevolent servants. Fortunately, it is wits that make the hero, and although you're in serious danger of losing yours, you've got enough left to improvise some pretty effective tools of destruction. Aerosol hairspray can be frightening enough on its own, but apply it to a lighter flame and you've got an instant flamethrower (kids, don't try this at home!). Likewise, a flare gun can brighten your prospects considerably against even the grimmest odds, which is to say nothing for shotguns, Tommy guns, and dynamite. Who knows, you may even find that there are some spirits on your side when you find yourself clutching a voodoo doll.

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  • Build, a powerful 3D Realms engine written by K. Silverman, boasts some of the hottest features available in a 3D game.
  • Sloped or slanted floors and ceilings, allowing levels to have interesting and realistic architecture.
  • True rooms above rooms and real bridges.
  • Moving sectors can be made to rotate, incline, and move in many of other ways, making for a realistic and dangerous environment.
  • Multiple colors of light.
  • All sprites and game characters cast real-time shadows, adding to realism and anchoring enemies in the environment.
  • Head canting, clockwise and counterclockwise, a full 360 degrees.
  •  The ability to look up and down by about 40 degrees each way.
  • Many X mode and SVGA resolutions supported.
  • The MapEdit level editor, a significantly enhanced version of Build, is extremely powerful and easy to use. It allows for fast editing in both 2D view mode and 3D mode.
  • The 3D editing mode allows level designers to see what they're creating in real-time including lighting effects and z motion positions (ex: you can open and close doors).
  • Parts of the environment can be destroyed or otherwise affected during game play.
  • Even though the Sound is only 8-bit and recorded at 11025 and 22050, it plays back decently.
  • The game has 3D Spatial for 2 channels, and it really captures where a sound is coming from. Its makes all the difference.
  • There's sound for jibs that are laid about the ground. They use squirting and rupturing type sounds for when body organs land on the ground. Explosions, gunshots, and screams are crisp and clear. There was a problem with reusing the sound of the pitch fork hitting a wall, for a sound of a shotgun blast hitting the wall. It just didn't sound right and it didn't give the feeling that there where pellets hitting around me.
  • The under water sounds seem wrong to me, not enough bass.
  • Enemy graphics are detailed (hi-res) and the color scheme feels appropriate. Some would argue that the colors and textures are kinda bland, but this is more or less part of the theme of things.
  • There are many awesome looking voxels throughout Blood, such as guns, ammo, headstones, crystal ball, tnt barrels, etc. There is even a Voxel on a wall, at the end of E1L4 Dark Carnival, you will see a big Cross way up above the end level switch.
  • The flare gun shoots white hot flares that stick to actor sprites. There is some simulated dynamic light with sprites when shooting. The light travels with the projectile on the ceiling, wall, floor and even on such things as sprite bridges.
More Details:
  • A special note about Alternate fire. This is a single key that can be re-mapped to such places as the second mouse button where you would use it today. Blood also has the alternate weapon function. The Dynamite slot has a total of three separate choices, Dynamite, Prox Dynamite and Remote Dynamite and works similar to Duke3Ds alternate weapon. They reused a weapon slot, double hit on a single key switches between the normal weapon and the alternate weapon...
  • The fire used in the game is handled nicely, except for the point you can't catch on fire from burring bodies. It doesn't even hurt you.
  • A minor particle engine exists that break away from the flares and fires.






blood-pitchfork.gif (1900 bytes)Pitchfork is useful to save you ammo, and is very useful verse the Axe Zombies. Cultist just fire at you and laugh. If you want to use this on Rats you'll need to crouch down to effectively hit them.


blood-flaregun.gif (1170 bytes)Flare Gun  is just that. It shoots out signaling flares. When you shoot at an enemy it will lodge into there flesh and stick there. They will glow for a bit before erupting into flames. Sometimes you may need a second shot if the flare burns to quickly. On larger enemies you'll have to pump three or four into them to get them to erupt into flames. Unfortunately flares go out in water, unlike a real flare that would keep on burning. The alternate fire launches a burst of flares that break apart on contact producing a bunch of fires in a large area. When combined with the Guns Akimbo power up you can fire fairly rapidly.
Ammo: Flares


blood-sawshotgun.gif (1150 bytes)Sawed-Off Double Barrel Shotgun  tends to be general equipment in any good FPS. Its perfect for close and tight areas. It fires a single shot, two shots max before reloading. The alter ternate fire shoots both barrels at once. This thing throws your enemy back in most cases. Its highly effective with the Guns Akimbo power up.
Ammo: Shotgun shells


blood-tommygun.gif (1508 bytes)Thompson's Machine Gun  or Tommy Gun for short is a high speed shooter with great accuracy. A good stream of bullets can hold the enemy at a distance. The alternate fire is produces a sweeping attack from left to right. It allows you to shoot at wider angles quickly with more rounds. Its not all that effective.  Manually covering a wider area seems to prove a better choice. Cool effect nether the less. Guns Akimbo makes this gun and isn't killer.
Ammo: Bullet drums 


blood-dynamite.gif (1030 bytes)Dynamite Bundles  is a bundle of six sticks. You have have two firing modes. One you hold down the button, the longer you hold the button down the farther you can throw it. It appears to explode on contact with an enemy. You'll see a effort meter lights up when you hold the button down, watch for it on the status bar. Just don't hold it to long or the wick will burn out and the dynamite explodes in your face. The alternate mode will toss the dynamite with the wick intact, it will burn a few seconds before erupting.
Ammo: Dynamite bundle


blood-dynamiteremote.gif (1219 bytes)Remote Detonators  are dynamite bundles without a wick. Instead they have a radio detonator strapped to the larger eight stick bundle and you hold the Remote. The dynamite won't detonate on impact so tossing it around is an option.  The alternate fire mode will drop a  bundle on the floor, right below you. You can keep using the alternate mode to drop additional bundles until your satisfied you have enough explosive built up. You can then move away and Remotely detonate the entire stack. Another option is to drop a Proximity Detonator in the pile and leave it for a trap.
Ammo: Remote detonator


blood-dynamiteprox.gif (1162 bytes)Proximity Detonators  are dynamite bundles without a wick. Instead they have a proximity detonator strapped to the six stick bundle. The first firing mode is the same as the standard Dynamite Bundle, you toss it where you want. The alternate firing mode drops them on the ground right below you. Move away quick 'cause they arm soon after contact.
Ammo: Proximity detonator


blood-napalmcannon.gif (1395 bytes)Napalm Incinerator  This weapon dispatches a big ball of burning napalm. Upon contact it produces an explosion and sets your enemy in flames. The alternate firing mode dispatches several burning napalm balls all in one shot. Guns Akimbo are supported for this weapon.
Ammo: Gasoline cans


blood-vodoodoll.gif (1263 bytes)Voodoo Doll  The doll is like a pin couching, you repeatedly stab the doll to cause injury to your enemy. They have to be near you and in line of site. If they are not and you stick the doll, you will take damage instead. The damage isn't all that great but its fun to hear them moan each time you stick the doll. The alternate fire uses up 20 points of ammo per use but the effect and damage is great. Unfortunately or fortunate the developers changed the ammo use for alternate fire from 20 points to the entire ammo capacity of the doll in the Plasma Pak.
Ammo: Voodoo doll


blood-aerosolcan.gif (1148 bytes)Aerosol Can  and a Zippo Lighter produce a portable flamethrower. Its a short range weapon but it does set aflame your enemies if need be. It works great on small creatures like rats and spiders. It may take some time to light up larger enemies. An alternate mode allows you to set the can on fire and toss it for a grenade effect. The alternate firing mode simple drops a lit can at your feet, a few seconds later it will explode.
Ammo: Aerosol Can


blood-teslagune.gif (1280 bytes)Tesla Cannon  emanates a controlled electrical charge to zap your enemies. You'll see there skeletons flash when you zap them. The alternate fire mode will make the gun build up high pre-amp charge, within a few seconds the charge is dispensed into a huge electrical blast. The Guns Akimbo power up also works with this weapon.
Ammo: Batteries


blood-lifeleech.gif (1464 bytes)Life Leech This is a handy weapon and tool. The weapon portion of the Life Leech produces rapidly firing fire balls. Supplied by the health of your enemies. If your supply of ammo runs out it will use your health as ammo, so watch how much you use. The alternate fire mode allows you to place the Leech down "on" the ground. It will fire in any direction where the enemy is. In this mode it won't draw health from you, it will just run out of ammo. As a tool the Leech can be used as a step to get up to higher locations. Place it on the ground and you instantly have a boost in height available to you.
Ammo: Trapped Souls




These items are what you carry on yourself for use later.


blood-crystalball.gif (1165 bytes)Crystal Ball In multiplayer mode you can use this item to see your enemies where ever they maybe. Use the "C" key to activate the Ball. While activated hitting the the "C"   or Enter Keys will cycle through all the players. To stop using the Ball simply cycle through the last player and it will turn off.


blood-doctorsbag.gif (1360 bytes)Doctors Bag When you pick this item up it sits in your inventory until you want to use it. Using the "M" Key will use the bag. It will restore up to 100 points of  health given enough percentage exists. Any unused portions of the Bag will remain until you need it again. Its best to use this bag as a last resort to restore your health. rely on other items and only use the bag if you have to. If you find another Doctors Bag, insure you deplete the one you already have or it will go to waste upon picking up the new bag.


blood-scubagear.jpg (1109 bytes)Diving Suit supplies water and depth protection. It will remain in your inventory until you dive underwater, then it automatically activates, the air supply doesn't last very long so know where your going quickly.


blood-beastvision.gif (1065 bytes)Beast Vision These allow you to see enemies in the dark or near dark situations. It highlights them. use the "B" key to activate it.


blood-jumpboots.gif (1421 bytes)Jump Boots allow you to jump higher than normal, enough where you can jump on ledges or jump over large pits. Use the "J" key to activate it.


Power Ups

These items are used and activated as soon as you pick them up.


Basic Armor  50 points of armor. It will also increase other armor strength by 50.


blood-bodyarmor.gif (1463 bytes)Body Armor  100 points of body armor.


Spirit Armor  100 points of spiritual armor, This will protect you from the Voodoo Doll and Life Leech.


blood-firearmor.gif (1416 bytes)Fire Armor  100 points of fire armor. This will protect you from and fire damage.


blood-superarmor.gif (1509 bytes)Super Armor  200 points of  super armor. This armor protects you from the same elements as the Body Armor, Spirit Armor and Fire Armor.


Cloak of Invisibility This cloak will turn you invisible, when you attack you become partially visible. long enough for your enemy to get a fix on you.


Shadow Cloak Apparently this was an unfinished item that the developers never got to.


blood-reflectiveshots-anim.gif (2073 bytes)Reflective Shots do just that Reflects projectiles and axes off of you and into the enemy. Fires, Explosives and Tesla Cannons still will damage you.


blood-invunrability.gif (1751 bytes)Death Mask Makes you invulnerable to any kind of attack. You will not receive any damage. This is only temporally and it will end without any warning. Apparently the developers forgot to create a viewable mask or palette shift of the screen in order to tell you when the Mask is active.


blood-lifeessance.gif (3027 bytes)Life Essence  These 'hearts' sometime are left behind from dead enemies. They increase your health by 20 points and max out at 100.


blood-medicinepouch.gif (1068 bytes)Medicine Pouch  This was seen in the Alpha Blood Pack (a unofficial release of an early version of Blood) They are used in user levels and they increase your health by 50 points with a maximum of 100


blood-lifeseed-anim.gif (4387 bytes)Life Seed  A full restore of your health. Gives you 100 points up to a max of 200


blood-gunsakimbo.gif (1460 bytes)Guns Akimbo instantly produces a second weapon in your opposite hand. So you will have double the fire power and rate of fire. Not all weapons will do this. Watch your ammo amount since it will decrease at double the rate.


blood-i17.jpg (488 bytes)Shrooms Is a poison that when picked up and eaten it will give you a similar effect as being bitten by a Red spider. The designers planned to have other types of shrooms such as shrink, rage and grow effects. They never made it in the final release. Only this delirium shroom did. An invisible delirium shroom can be found in the men's room of the Monolith Building II Blood Bath level that is available with the Plasma Pak.





blood-bat.gif (513 bytes)Bats can cause damage but its unlikely. If you block there way around they will attack. Just duck if your in a tight area.

blood-bat2.gif (1163 bytes) blood-bat-anim.gif (2038 bytes)

blood-rat.gif (1131 bytes)Rats do cause allot of damage so try to avoid them. They can't climb small ledges or steps so your safe above them.


blood-rat-anim.gif (4155 bytes)


blood-spider.gif (1525 bytes)Spiders There's more spiders than pictured here, there about the size of a small dog and they come in different colors, red and green. When they bite they cause damage and they may poison at the same time. One poison makes you all wobbly and your view gets distorted. The other poison lowers the detail view only.


blood-eel.gif (2063 bytes) Bone Eels these ROT fish can chew you up pretty good. Cleanse the water of these fish before jumping in.


blood-eel2.gif (3995 bytes)  blood-eel-anim.gif (11007 bytes)


blood-hellhand.gif (2194 bytes)Hell Hands These scary hands move fast and if they get next to you they will make there way to your neck squeezing the life out of you. Your view darkens just as if your underwater and loosing air, you health drops rapidly until they finish the job. You can try to shake them off by tapping your "use" key (usually space) and this tends to be difficult. If you can't get him off then toss some dynamite so you are at least satisfied you took it out.


blood-hellhand2.gif (1238 bytes)  blood-hellhand-anim.gif (7411 bytes)


blood-caleb-little.gif (2005 bytes)Lil' Caleb These guys hide in mirrors (plasma pak mirrors only) When a Mirror breaks the pieces turn into little Calebs shooting at you. So try not to break a mirror when your so close to it.


blood-caleb.gif (3038 bytes)  blood-caleb-anim.gif (14083 bytes)


blood-chrysalidpod.jpg (1743 bytes)Chrysalid Pods These green pods spit at you and if you get near them you'll take damage. Don't stand in one place to long or there aim will become deadly.


blood-chrysalidpod2.jpg (1743 bytes)


blood-chrysalidpod-fire.gif (2185 bytes)Fire Pods These red pods spit lava at you and if you get near them you'll take damage. Don't stand in one place to long or there aim will become deadly.


blood-civilian.jpg (1563 bytes)Civilians These peoples are usually used by the cultist to give them cover, to hide behind. So you have a choice free the people, or cut them down. Remember Caleb is there to wreak havoc on the Cult and not to be evil against all man.


blood-civilian2.jpg (1563 bytes)


blood-mime.jpg (1569 bytes)Mimes the mimes are not really an enemy, there harmless in fact and useful. They let you jump on top of them if you need a boost over a wall. Calebs evil allows the player to choose if one should be eradicated.


blood-axezombie2.gif (3690 bytes)Axe Zombies Those axes they use can land a pretty good blow. Most of the time these guys move slow, other times they haul ass and if there's a bunch of them they form a wall, dynamite is no good here since they get close quickly. You'll also find them sneaking up on you if you happen to miss one back in the last battle.


blood-axezombie-anim.gif (11285 bytes)  blood-axezombie.gif (4419 bytes)


blood-butcherzombie.gif (3266 bytes)Butcher Zombies Don't get caught in tight areas with these guys. They spit puke at you and throw there butcher knife this creates a frame effect found in other Duke3D and Shadow Warrior. You'll find out they move slow and never throw there knifes upward or downwards.


blood-butcherzombie-anim.gif (9795 bytes)


blood-cultist.gif (2263 bytes)Cultists Cultists use Shotguns as there weapon. Damage at a distance is minor. You tend to run into allot of these guys.. if they wanna do some damage they will toss some dynamite at you.


blood-cultist-anim.gif (6075 bytes)


blood-fanatic.gif (2751 bytes)Fanatics  Fanatics us Tommy Guns as there primary weapon. Damage at a distance is major.


blood-zealots.jpg (6538 bytes)Zealots Zealots, the Elite cultist use a Tesla Cannon to take you out. Don't try the same thing on them 'cause there robe doubles as electrical armor.


blood-acolyte.jpg (9250 bytes)Ackolyte   Although these guys carry a Tommy gun you won't find them using it as they love to toss a bunch of dynamite at you.


blood-gargoyle.gif (5544 bytes)  Gargoyles The flying patterns in large areas are usually circles and dive at you. Other times they make a very low pass straight at you. You get a couple together and you'll be looking up alto. They attack using their claws if your far away they will throwing bones at you.



blood-gargoyle-anim.gif (18469 bytes)


blood-hellhound.gif (2655 bytes)Hell Hounds These weird dog-like creatures have lost their skin (poor little creatures), and possessed the ability of breathing fire. Almost as the only creatures that really can kill you, they try to burn you, and mostly they do. These annoying creatures are usually behind corners, just hit few bundles of dynamites into corners and they'll probably be dead.


blood-hellhound2.gif (3076 bytes)  blood-hellhound-anim.gif (7822 bytes)


blood-gillbeast.gif (5022 bytes)Gill Beasts These slow, noisily fish-like creatures are not threat on ground, but in water... Tommy gun/Tesla Cannon/Napalm Launcher


blood-gillbeast-anim.gif (12363 bytes)


blood-phantasm.gif (5852 bytes)Phantasms More annoying enemies, eh? Well these can be real threat, like you can't kill them when they are invisible, and they become visible when you are at the range of their scythe. And the annoying part, they sometimes really can scare you when they strike from cabinets with their rampaging shout. Killed most easiest with the Tommy gun. Or if they come nearby, just shoot two Shotgun's alternative fires...


blood-phantasm-anim.gif (22164 bytes)


blood-stonegargoyle.gif (4156 bytes)Stone Gargoyles are the same as standard Gargoyles except there a bit more aggressive and they usually come alive from stone sculptures. They don't do this all the time , but enough that you'll watch your back when passing a statue.


blood-gargoyle-big.gif (5810 bytes)Cheogh This guy is one of the Bosses. He is much larger than the other Gargoyles. He shoots packets of light from his eyes and when he's up close he claws you. You can hear his wings flapping and most of the time he moves pretty quick.


blood-garoylebig-anim.gif (21794 bytes)


blood-spider2.gif (2384 bytes)Shial Is the largest of all spiders and she is one of the Bosses. She normally dispatches a bunch of the smaller dog size spiders on you. A dozen or more at a time. She'll bite you if she gets a chance.


blood-spider-anim.gif (5360 bytes)  blood-giantspider.gif (1525 bytes)


blood-cerberus.gif (7152 bytes)Cerberos This creature is one of the Bosses. Its four times the size of a Hell Hound and it shoots hot napalm at you. They can dispense the napalm fairly quickly. Despite there use of Napalm, they are not immune to it.


blood-cerberus-anim.gif (27335 bytes)


Tchernobog Using Napalm Launcher or Tesla Cannon is the best way to kill this false prophet.



blood-priest.jpg (6641 bytes)Priest is like the Fanatics but much more aggressive, There in red robes. You'll find out quickly that they are tougher than Fanatics but do use a Tommy Gun. Upon there "destruction" they mutate into the Beast below.


blood-beast.jpg (3372 bytes)Beast are the result of a Priest being defeated. They are mutations who use a killer stomp attack and when near they use there fists. You can avoid an attack by moving far enough away or get out of line of site. Don't bother jumping off the ground as there stomp is more than a ground rumbling attack, its evil.

Ironically the developers originally wanted the Beast to be a mutation for the player character Cabel. It never made it into the release and was salvage for use in the plasma pak.


  • To use the cheat codes in Blood, Simply press the "T" key and enter the code as shown below followed by the enter key.
These cheats are for Blood v1.21. They differ slightly for older versions.
CALGON # # LEVEL WARP: Episode# Level#   SPIELBERG # # REC DEMO and LEVEL WARP: Episode# Level#

*The codes krueger, mcgee and kevorkian won't harm you if you have God Mode already on.

**The codes spork and cousteau can also be used to come back to life! When you die.

***The level warp codes need spaces after the cheat and between the numbers of episode and level to work.

****When you complete a level using cheats, God Mode will remain on in the next level, but Unlimited Ammo cheats will not be active. You have to type it again.

To record a demo (In Single Player):
Start the game normally, select new game, episode, difficulty, and while in the game, press the "T" key and type in the cheat code "spielberg", (ex: spielberg 2 3) to warp to a level and play a game. Quite the game (WITHOUT PRESSING THE LEVEL END SWITCH, Playing a level all the way will make Blood continuously play the demo with no way to exit.) The demo will be auto-saved when you Quite and be placed in your blood directory as E2M3.DEM. You should rename this file to a custom name to avoid over writing it, to something like DEMO1.DEM.

To playback the demo:
At the command line prompt, type in blood.exe -playback DEMO1.DEM (or cryptic.exe if your recorded a demo in Cryptic Passage.)

Automatic Playback at Game Load:
Blood will automatically start playing any demo that's named "BLOOD000.DEM thru BLOOD999.DEM" in the order they are numbered. Delete/rename the included DEM files so you don't have to watch all of them before you get to watch yours.

To Avoid Automatic Playback at Game Load:
Use the -nodemo switch.

Multiplayer Record a Demo:
You have to use the command line switch -record.

More Command Line Switches:
See the end of the BLOODHLP.TXT file (That comes with the CD) for a great explanation of the additional command line switches.


blood-bar.jpg (1681 bytes)

blood-flamecultist-anim1.gif (16882 bytes) blood-logo2-type1.gif (36612 bytes) blood-flamecultist-anim2.gif (16882 bytes)


blood-logo-pretype2.gif (25220 bytes)


blood-logo2-type1.gif (36612 bytes)








blood-bar-anim.gif (21008 bytes)


Game Designer
Nick Newhard
Project Manager
Matt Saettler
Lead Programmer
Nick Newhard
Daniel Leeks, Peter Freese, Matt Saettler
Lead Artist
Kevin Kilstrom
Character Models
Kevin Kilstrom
Additional Artwork
Terry Hamel, Eric Klokstad, Rick Welsh, Brian Waite, David Brickley
Level Designers
James Wilson III, Craig Hubbard
Additional Level Design
Kevin Kilstrom, Nick Newhard, Terry Hamel
Build Engine, Editor, and Tools
by Ken Silverman
Network Layer/Setup Program
Mark Dochterman, Nick Newhard
Sound Engine
Peter Freese, Jim Dose
Additional Tools
Nick Newhard, Peter Freese
Music Composed by
Daniel Bernstein, Guy Whitmore
Additional Music by
Mike Cody
Sound Development
Cassano Thruston, James Ackley, Jason Hall, Guy Whitmore, Daniel Bernstein
Cultist language and "Pestis Cruento" composed by
Daniel Bernstein
Performed by
Steve Bryant, Doug Fullington, Vernon Nicodemous, David Stutz
Voice Talent
Stephan Weyte as Caleb
Jason Hall as The Voice (TM)
Additional Vocals by
Additional Sound Development
Craig Hubbard, writer
Kevin Kilstrom, art director
James Wilson III, writer
Lead 3D Artist/Animator
Aaron Carlson
3D Animation
Peter Arisman, Derek Bentley, Benjamin Pierre, Scott Thurman, Phillip Ulberg, Brian Waite
3D Coordinator
Paul Renault
Blood Internet Site:
Spencer Maiers, Paul Butterfield, Adam Ketola, Kevin Kilstrom, Craig Hubbard
Quality Assurance
Lynne Dayton, Leonard Salas, Jim McAvinew, John Hurst, Mike Cody, Rodd Karp, Wyeth Johnston, Isaac Barry, Gary Pope, Kevin Bailey, Michael Caine
GTIS Producer and Lead Atmosphere Monger
Rick Raymo
Special Thanks
Helen Newhard, Francine Kilstrom, Lauren Johnson, Tamara Leeks, Lisa Sheets, Evan Stein, Jason Pratt (aka Pailhead), William Mull (aka Phoebus), Cho Yan Wong (aka Tempest), Kyosho, Geoff Stratton, Matt Hayhurst, George Broussard, Scott Miller, Joe Siegler, Richard Gray, Andrew Blevins
Blood CD-Audio/Music Credits
"Pestis Cruento" .... Daniel Bernstein
"Unholy Voices" .... Daniel Bernstein
"Dark Carnival" .... Daniel Bernstein
"Infuscomus" .... Guy Whitmore and Daniel Bernstein
"Father Time" .... Daniel Bernstein
"Waiting for the End" .... Daniel Bernstein
"Fate of the Damned" .... Mike Cody and Daniel Bernstein
"Double, Double, toil and trouble" .... Guy Whitmore and Daniel Bernstein
Blood Level Design Credits


"Cradle to Grave" .... James Wilson
"Wrong Side of the Tracks" .... Craig Hubbard
"Phantom Express" .... James Wilson
"Dark Carnival" .... Kevin Kilstrom, James Wilson
"Hallowed Grounds" .... Nick Newhard, Craig Hubbard, Terry Hamel
"The Great Temple" .... Terry Hamel, James Wilson
"Altar of Stone" .... James Wilson
"House of Horror" .... James Wilson



"Shipwrecked" .... Craig Hubbard
"The Lumber Mill" .... Craig Hubbard
"Rest for the Wicked" .... Kevin Kilstrom & Craig Hubbard
"The Overlooked Hotel" .... Kevin Kilstrom & Craig Hubbard
"The Haunting" .... James Wilson & Kevin Kilstrom
"The Cold Rush" .... James Wilson
"Bowels of the Earth" .... James Wilson
"The Lair of Shial" .... James Wilson
"Thin Ice" .... James Wilson



"Ghost Town" .... James Wilson
"The Siege" .... Craig Hubbard
"Raw Sewage" .... James Wilson
"The Sick Ward" .... Craig Hubbard
"Spare Parts" .... James Wilson & Craig Hubbard
"Monster Bait" .... James Wilson & Terry Hamel
"The Hall of Cerberus" .... Craig Hubbard
"In the Dog House" .... James Wilson



"Butchery Loves Company" .... James Wilson
"Breeding Grounds" .... James Wilson
"Sacrificial Orifice" .... James Wilson
"Charnel Bog" .... Kevin Kilstrom
"Fire and Brimstone" .... James Wilson
"The Ganglion Depths" .... James Wilson & Terry Hamel
"A Separate Piece" .... Craig Hubbard & Nick Newhard
"The Hall of the Epiphany" .... Kevin Kilstrom
"Mall of the Dead" .... James Wilson & Craig Hubbard




BLOOD: PLASMA PAK Additional Credits
Game Designer:
Nicholas Newhard
Project Manager:
Matt Saettler
Daniel Leeks, Nicholas Newhard, Matt Saettler
Kevin Kilstrom
Level Designers:
Craig Hubbard, James Wilson
Sound Development:
Daniel Bernstein, Cassano Thruston, Guy Whitmore
GTI Producer:
Rick Raymo
BLOOD PLASMA Level Design Credits

Episode 5: Post Mortem

"Welcome to Your Life" .... James Wilson
"The Lost Episode" .... Craig Hubbard
"Public Storage" .... James Wilson
"Aqueducts" .... James Wilson & Nick Newhard
"The Ruined Temple" .... Kevin Kilstrom & James Wilson
"Forbidden Rituals" .... James Wilson & Kevin Kilstrom
"The Dungeon" .... James Wilson & Nick Newhard
"Beauty and the Beast" .... Nick Neward & James Wilson
"Forgotten Catacombs" .... Nick Newhard & James Wilson



blood-shareware.jpg (5591 bytes) Title: Blood Shareware
Version: Varies (0.99b)
Author: Monolith Productions, Inc.
Distributor: GT
Media: CD-ROM





Blood Shareware Spill Some!

The first episode "The Way of All Flesh" is available (user maps are not supported.) It contains 7 levels, plus one secret level.  The episode is the same/similar as the first episode in the registered version of the game (depending on the version).  The shareware version features only 6 weapons.


Title: Blood 3D
Version: Varies (1.00)
Author: Monolith Productions, Inc.
Distributor: GT
Media: CD-ROM






Blood will immerse you in a world of horror unlike any you've experienced before. Brace yourself for a nightmarish battle against the bloodthirsty minions of an ancient, forgotten god bent on wiping humanity from the face of the earth.



Title: Blood: Plasma Pak
Version: Varies
Author: Monolith Productions, Inc.
Distributor: GT (Oct 15, 1997) (Sept 1997) (Dec 18, 1997)
Media: CD-ROM





Plasma Pak

The official level pack from Monolith for the horror shooter Blood. The Plasma Pak adds 13 levels, seven new monsters, and some additional firing modes for the existing weapons.

The official expansion pack that rips loose where the bloody action left off! Sink your teeth into eleven all-new horrific, bloodcurdling levels of intense 3D first-person action. Battle seven new maniacal monsters including Zealots, Fire Chrysalides and a new boss, The Beast! Also featuring 2 sadistic new Bloodbath levels for fierce multiplayer action! The BLOODBATH continues!


  • All new weapon modes: Spheres of Incineration, intelligent Guardian Life Leeches, dual voltage Tesla Cannons.

  • Incredible environments - large parts of which are destroyable - including sloped and slanted floors for enemy hideouts, hidden switchbacks, and overhead bridges.

  • Ambient 3D sound puts the player deep in the universe (e.g., creaking floors, hooting owls, bullets whizzing by).

  • Avoid the abyss of flames and blast your way through the spiral staircases and numerous pitfalls in the Ruined Temple.

  • Visit labyrinth-filled castles where solving the puzzles of the locked dungeon doors will unlock its mysteries and keep you alive!

  • Enter into battle in the Chosen's Training Ground & encounter the new final boss, The Beast whose stomping feet will make your screen rock and whose talons will rip your flesh to bits!

  • Super Secret level featuring delirium-causing spiders, pools of acid (No Swimming!) and Beware! Breaking mirrors causes serious bad luck: the shattered pieces become your worst enemies and really stick it to you!

  • Go postal in the Monolith offices and while you're at it, blow up their X-mas tree!



blood-crypticpassage.gif (16052 bytes) Title: Cryptic Passage
Version: Varies
Author: Sunstorm
Distributor: WizardWorks (06/30/97)
Media: CD-ROM





Cryptic Passage

Dark foreboding gods have stolen an ancient scroll, a scroll capable of upsetting the balance of power in the otherworld. You shudder thinking of the bloodcurdling consequences. Betrayed and primed for a bloodbath, you set out to retrieve what is rightfully yours. Carving your way through Transylvania, a macabre nightmare awaits you, and annihilation is your only option.

  • Includes 14 new levels(10 single player, 4 bloodbath).
  • Levels Included: Eerie Boat Docks, Old Opera House, Gothic Library, Unholy Monastery, Creepy Steamboat, Mountain Pass, Haunted Mine Shaft, Graveyard of the Undead, Haunted Castle, plus a shudderingly evil secret level; Boggy Creek.
  • Bloodbath Levels: CPBB1: Crypt of Despair , CPBB2: Pits of Blood , CPBB3: Unholy Cathedral , CPBB4: Deadly Inspirations.
  • Incredible new textures.



Title: One Unit Whole Blood
Version: 1.21
Author: Monolith Productions, Inc.
Distributor: GT (Jul 15, 1998)
Media: CD-ROM





One Unit Whole Blood
Satisfy your insatiable thirst with everything Blood. Experience all the blood-feuding madness in one carnage-soaked package! All the gore, all the unholy war! Zombies, gargoyles, hellhounds, and a blood-crazed host of horrors await! Crush the loathsome evil of the mighty Tchernobog! Or condemn yourself to eternal damnation in this leviathan of unhallowed gaming action! Everything Blood lurks behind this door!

Blood, the original version. Draw first blood with 42 levels of pure wrathful 3D action. Begin your odyssey into darkness with a humble pitchfork and earn ever deadlier weapons. Flare guns! Voodoo dolls! And more!

Plasma Pak. Replenish your Blood supply. Revive the unspeakable horror with the blood-pumping Plasma Pak. 13 bloodcurdling levels of intense 3D first-person action. 7 new maniacal monsters including zealots, Fire Chrysallids, and the mighty Beast!

Cryptic Passage. Lose yourself in a maze of pain as you follow the Cryptic Passage. This add-on episode of the Blood saga contains 9 monstrous levels, 1 secret level, and 4 all new Bloodbath levels!

Let the infernal Blood Strategy Guide lead you into the dark world of the Cabal. Here are contained the dark secrets that will give you the forbidden knowledge to master all levels and vanquish all foes!

A compilation which features ...

  • Blood - The gory 3D 1st person shooter
  • Blood Plasma Pak - Official level, monster and weapon add-on pak
  • Cryptic Passage - A 3rd party episode add-on
  • GameWizards "Unlock the Secrets" Interactive Strategy Guide for Blood which gives you step by step multimedia instruction on how to win the game and find the secrets.


Title: Level Pack 6 - Additions For Blood
Distributor: PMR International (1997)
Media: CD



Over 140 new and extra levels for "Blood", a bloodfont, change your desktop to a bloodbath with a bloodtheme, cheats, avi files and a tool to rip files from the original. User-friendly Windows '95 menu system. Blood shareware included.



Title: Unlock the Secrets Interactive Strategy Guide Blood
Author: GameWizards
Distributor: WizardWorks
Media: CD-ROM





GameWizards "Unlock the Secrets" Interactive Strategy Guide for Blood which gives you step by step multimedia instruction on how to win the game and find the secrets.


Title: The Official Strategy Guide - Blood
Author: Mel Odom / Ted Chapmen
Distributor: Prima Games ISBN: 0761509321 (June 11, 1997)
Media: Book






There are whole rivers of bad blood between you and Tchernobog, and the fate of humanity hangs in the balance. Wreak your vengeance and get out alive with Blood: The Official Strategy Guide.

  • 224 pages
  • Walk through, strategies and tactics for every level
  • Maps splattered with every location you need to know, secrets and super secrets
  • Secret weapons, levels, and other surprises revealed
  • Multiplayer game tips by the bucketful
  • And much more!