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Game: NAM
aka: Napalm, Platoon II

Nam (aka Napalm in selected markets) is a commercial build engine game designed by the TNT Team (now known as Reactor4), the makers of the Platoon TC for Duke Nukem 3D. After Platoon they immediately started making a sequel to it, called Platoon 2. In early 1998 they were contacted by GT Interactive, and they where asked if they would be interested in working with them. So "NAM" was the name of the new game. GT put them to work, Platoon 2 would have more professional art and some custom source code modifications (and a new autorun/installer) by Matt Saettler who was recruited by GT who wanted to put out some budget titles. We all know him as the progenitor of the EDuke project. Also U.S. Marine Sergeant Dan Snyder, who helped pioneer computer simulation training for American troops with a Doom army mod, was a consultant on the project.

The game itself is very similar to Duke Nukem 3D. Very little was changed in regards to controls, movement rate, physics, and con language. The only immediately noticeable change in the game code was the removal of the remote detonator for weapon 6, which was a pipebomb in Duke Nukem 3D and became the Grenade in NAM with a timer detonation.

You are Alan 'the Bear' Westmoreland, Marine Corps sergeant.  The trouble starts on a deadly Viet Cong raid.  Here the jungle is your battleground.  Your mission, survive.  NAM captures all the intensity and paranoia of jungle warfare, Fire-fights, ambushes, booby-traps, snipers, air-strikes, anti-personnel mines, and More.  Feel the tropical heat and fear of tunnel skirmishes, paddy killing fields, swamps and thick jungles.  NAM is the first game of its kind.  NAM IS WAR.

The first all action, 3D shooter to realistically bring the true experience of the Vietnam war to life. Created with the developer of the Doom conversion for the Marine Corps. Experience the intense action and real ambience of the Vietnam war. Employ true-to-war tactics to survive.

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DEMO: Try the Platoon TC (requires registered Duke3D 1.3D or Atomic). There is no actual commercial demo of NAM.
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  • First person shooter with a Vietnam War theme.
  • Free modification for the game Duke Nukem 3D.

In June '97 they started making a modification for the 3D Realms' classic Duke3D, using the Build engine. So they set up a website and formed "TNT Team" - first consisting of Heikki and Tuomo Korva and Lado Crnologar joining the team in late July. Platoon TC was released in August 1997 and it became a relatively well known mod.



NAM (Close Range Tactical Engagement) Do you "love the smell of Napalm in the morning?" If so, chances are that you're going to love Nam, a first person shooter from GT Interactive Software. You play a U.S. soldier fighting the enemy in the jungles, riverbanks, and airfields of Vietnam.

Starting off with the standard-issue Colt 45 pistol and knife combination, you'll come across much heavier weaponry as the game progresses, including machine guns, rocket launchers and the always-effective grenade. The computer-controlled Vietnamese are always cunning and the game has plenty of levels to keep you occupied. Multiplayer support gives Nam an aspect of teamwork, as you fight with other soldiers positioned around you and learn important defensive tactics.

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nam-logo2.jpg (2315 bytes)NAM uses the Duke3D Atomic Engine. There has been source code changes to tailor to this game. Matt Saettler is the man behind the source code update. The hard-coded constants were altered in NAM to make the new weapons function properly (for example, the reloading and rate of fire) Weapon 2, the pistol/m16 slot rate of fire was changed. The HANDBOMB /pipebomb/ grenade are automatically detonated after a few seconds rather than remotely detonated as in Duke3D. These minor changes are customized for NAM usage.
  • 34 Levels
  • 14 Single player levels
  • Co-op Levels

    Co-Op simply put is where several players work together to complete single-player missions. This is a great feature in NAM.

  • 5 Fire team Levels

    Fire team is a more realistic co-op game, and is intended for network play (4-8 players recommended, but can be played 2-3 players). In this game, the players operate as a fire team; each player given a different role in the fighting unit. What makes Fire team more interesting is that you only have one life. Therefore, you cannot restart the game until the other team members have succeeded in the mission or die (press K to see how they are doing) and if the whole team has died, start a new game by pressing ESC.

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    To play Fire team, you must choose 'Co-operative' as the game mode and one of the four difficulty settings. DO NOT choose 'Monsters: None' when playing in Episodes 3 and 4. All Fire team levels begin in a base where you can choose your role in the fire team. Players can choose from the following: a-gunner, grenadier, machine gunner, medic, point man, rifle man, sniper, and squad leader. Each has different weaponry and some have special skills (which can be used by crawling and pressing Open/Use).

    Descriptions of different roles are as follows:

      Main Weapon Armor Inventory Special Skill
    A-Gunner M16 100 - Drop Ammo1
    Grenadier M79 50 Mine Detector C-4
    Machine Gunner M60 100 - Drop Ammo2
    Medic M16 100 MediKit Heal5
    Point Man Shotgun 100 - -
    Rifleman M16 100 - Flare
    Sniper Sniper Rifle 25 NightVision More Ammo3
    Squad Leader M16 75 NightVision Fire Mission4


    • A-Gunner carries extra ammo for M60 (450 rounds) which he can drop once.
    • Machine Gunner carries extra ammo for M60 Machine Gun (100 rounds) which he can drop once.
    • Sniper carries extra ammo for his Sniper Rifle (20+20 rounds) which he can add two times.
    • This works only once. To target the fire mission, crawl backwards while at the target site and press Open/Use [Z + Down Arrow + SPACEBAR]. Don't forget to move a safe distance away or you'll be blown up with the rest of the target.
    • Medic can't heal when Friendly Fire is disabled.
  • 8 GruntMatch Levels

    GruntMatch is a free for all every man for himself fight to the death. The number of kills represent the score, and the person with the most kills is the winner. The number of kills can be kept track by the status bar on the top of the screen. To subtract a kill from a player's score (rather than adding a kill to yours), target him with grenades, the M79, or the flamethrower. This can help narrow the scores down between the opponent and the rest of the pack. APERS and Claymore mines also apply.

  • 6 CTF Levels

    In CTF, players are divied in two teams, blue and red. Arrows above players heads indicate their teams. Both teams have the same objective: to capture the enemy flag and take it back to their own team's banner. Once the winner is announce, you will need to go back to the New Game menu to start a new game. When you are in CTF mode, a green flag is visible in your inventory.

    ctf-blueban.jpg (9763 bytes)

    To set up a CTF game, you must choose 'GruntMatch' as the game type and one of the four difficulty settings. All CTF levels begin in a room where players choose their team. Everytime you die in a CTF level, you go back to that room, and you must choose your team again. But, don't forget your team's color. A good trick to remember your team color is to use a name like 'Elias R' or 'Barnes B'. B for blue, and R for red.

    ctf-redban.jpg (8395 bytes)

  • Multiplayer Levels
  • Weapon Rate of Fire System
  • Morale Status Bar Indicator
  • Morale effects your shooting accuracy.
  • Devastating air strikes, mines, and ambushes
  • US Military standard issue weapons and equipment


  Level name Game mode(s)
E1L1 Base Camp SP/COOP/GM
E1L2 Assault SP/COOP/GM
E1L3 Hill 104 SP/COOP
E1L4 Contact Lost SP/COOP
E1L5 Huey Down SP/COOP/GM
E1L6 Search & Destroy SP/COOP


  Level name Game mode(s)
E2L1 Good Morning SP/COOP
E2L2 Village Sweep SP/COOP
E2L3 Night Hunters SP/COOP
E2L4 Payback Time SP/COOP
E2L5 Casual Ties SP/COOP
E2L6 Bloody River SP/COOP
E2L7 Platoonium SP/COOP
E2L8 Showdown in Saigon SP/COOP



  Level name Game mode(s)
E3L1 Beirut CTF
E3L2 Defend CTF
E3L3 Jungle CTF
E3L4 Mortar Combat CTF
E3L5 Shack CTF
E3L6 Town CTF
E3L7 Casual Ties FT
E3L8 Night Hunters FT
E3L9 Assault FT
E3L10 Contact Lost FT
E3L11 Search and Destroy FT


  Level name Game mode(s)
E4L1 Beirut GM
E4L2 Chemical Factory GM
E4L3 Command Post GM
E4L4 Dang Street GM
E4L5 Desert Storm GM
E4L6 Guerilla Warfare GM
E4L7 Mallice GM
E4L8 Middle East GM
  • New CONS done by Tuomo Korva
  • Helper Bots (Explosive Expert, Medic etc..)
  • Fly overs
  • First Aid (You need to stand still to bandage yourself)
  • Some New
  • Many sprites are based on art from Duke Nukem 3D, and some are the exact same tiles.
More Details:
  • Advancements came in the form of such features as air strikes and disarm able land mines. These features were also present in its total conversion predecessor, Platoon.
  • The BUILD Editor is not bundled on the CD. Apparently if you don't have the Duke3D Atomic CD, you'll need it. There is a special Map FAQ available online.
  • If you're interested in TNT latest BUILD game project checkout the WW2GI game and the official addon; Platoon Leader. If you're interested in Matt Saettler's latest (Build game) project head to the Enhanced Duke Site




Combat Knife (weapon #1)
The "Ka-Bar" is an efficient close combat weapon.


nam-m16-rifle.jpg (1055 bytes)M16A1 5.56mm Assault Rifle (#2)
Nicknamed "The Widow-maker", the M16A1 is the standard American rifle used in Vietnam after 1966. After 20 rounds are fired, you have to reload, giving the enemy some time to attack.
Ammo pack: 20 rounds; Max ammo: 180


nam-shotgun.jpg (1073 bytes)Remington 870 Assault Shotgun (#3)
Extremely effective at point blank range, but needs reloading after every shot. From a distance, it takes a few shots to take out an enemy. Depending how far the enemy is and at what elevation you or the enemy are.
Ammo pack: 10 shells; Max ammo: 40


nam-m60-rifle.jpg (1270 bytes)M60 7.62mm Machine Gun (#4)
The standard lightweight machine gun used by the U.S. forces in Vietnam. Very powerful, but uses a lot of ammo.
Ammo pack: 150 rounds; Max ammo: 450


nam-m72-launcher.jpg (1021 bytes)M72 66mm Light Antitank Weapon (#5)
A disposable anti-tank rocket launcher. A good weapon for destroying tanks and enemy strongholds. But, it only has one rocket. Can be dangerous in close quarters.
Ammo pack: 1; Max ammo: 1


nam-grenades.jpg (1256 bytes)M26A1 Fragmentation Grenade (#6)
The standard anti-personal grenade issued in Vietnam. Explodes after about 3-5 seconds of being thrown, so that will give you a short amount of time to run. Can be dangerous in close quarters.
Ammo pack: 3 grenades; Max grenades: 6


nam-m79-launcher.jpg (1136 bytes)M79 40mm Grenade Launcher (#7a)
The standard portable 40mm GL of the U.S. forces. Very effective at long range. Can be dangerous in close quarters.
Ammo pack: 3 grenades; Max grenades: 6


nam-sniper-rifle.jpg (884 bytes)M14 Sniper Rifle with telescope sight (#7b)
More powerful than the M16A1. Destroys most soldiers in one shot. But, takes a small amount of time between shots.
Ammo pack: 20 rounds; Max ammo: 20


Rocket Launcher (#8)
This weapon has its own special features. It can only be used in Huey and Tank mode.


nam-claymoremine.jpg (1094 bytes)M18A1 APERS "Claymore" Mine (#9)
This mine can be mounted on walls and is detonated by a tripwire. This is very useful and sneaky in GruntMatches. Very powerful, and covers a lot of ground.


nam-flamethrower.jpg (2375 bytes)Flamethrower (#0)
Dangerous at close range, for both you and the enemy.




Inventory Items

These items you can carry around with you and use then when needed.

nam-medikit.jpg (1209 bytes)MediKit
This item carries an experimental serum that is a healing agent, pain killer, and stimulant, rolled into one. When used, it raises your health back up to 100%. The amount that was used will be subtracted from the amount in the MediKit. For a shortcut to use the MediKit, press the "M" key during gameplay.


nam-nightgoggles.jpg (879 bytes)Night Vision Goggles
Theses have a distinct look. Dark brown and look like glasses. The goggles let you see in dark areas, such as underground tunnels and when it is night outside, and makes the area look brighter. Although, they have a limited battery life span, they but can be turned off and on during use. What is a real great effect, is that they 'highlight' the enemies and turn them a bright green, so you could spot one clear across the fighting field. For a shortcut to the goggles, press the "N" key during gameplay.

Special Inventory

You can only carry one of the following six inventory items at a time.


All these items appear as a green crate in your inventory with the heading inventory item, so keep track of what you are carrying. If you pick up a second special item, it automatically replaces the first. The percentage signs beside the crate in your inventory field are for classified military use only, but I am providing them for you:

    Pentagon officials use the following key to identify special inventory items:

    Trip Flares 15% - 10%
    APERS 25% - 20%
    M2 ammo 60% - 61%
    Mortar Ammo 63% - 65%
    Mine Detector 50%
    C-4 30%

The following three items are accessed by pressing Open/Use while crawling ("Z"+"UP ARROW"+"SPACEBAR" or "Z"+"DOWN ARROW"+"SPACEBAR"). This little maneuver is difficult to perfect and may require practice. Try tapping Open/Use repeatedly while crawling. Trust me, you'll learn it and get the hang of it sooner than you think.


nam-tripflare.jpg (446 bytes)Trip Flare
Activated on contact when you walk over it, it shoots a firework-like flare directly upwards. It is used to signal another player in a certain location.
Ammo pack: 5 units; Max flares: 5


nam-apers-mine.jpg (480 bytes)APERS Mine
Anti-personnel mines. If you step on one, you will hear a click (something you really don't want to hear in the middle of the jungle. You can try and disarm it by pressing Open/Use ("SPACEBAR"). But, of course, you only have a 50/50 chance.
Ammo pack: 5 units; Max mines: 5


nam-c4explosive.jpg (908 bytes)C-4 Explosive
C-4 can be obtained ONLY from the Demo man AI Marine. You can pick up the C-4 after the Demo man has placed it. After you have picked it up, to place the C-4, select it in your inventory, go to the place where you want to use it and press Open/Use while crawling.
Ammo pack: 1; Max units: 3


nam-mine-detector.jpg (661 bytes)Mine Detector
This is a fairly useful item here. It will detect all mines except Claymores. When you are a certain distance from a mine, you will hear a beeping


nam-m2-ammo.jpg (737 bytes)12.7mm ammo for M2 Heavy Machine Gun
To use the M2 machine gun, you must have this item.


nam-60mm-shells.jpg (702 bytes)60mm shells for 60mm Mortar
To use the the 60mm Mortar, you must have this item.

Multiplayer Inventory

These items are used only in Multiplayer. They allow you to use/become vehicles.


nam-huey.jpg (603 bytes)UH-1 Huey
When using it, you will become the pilot of a Huey helicopter. In Huey mode, you can drop flares by pressing Open/Use ("SPACEBAR"). You will have unlimited rockets for the Rocket Launcher (this is where weapon #8 comes into play). To increase or decrease the altitude, press the Jump ("A") or Duck ("Z") key.


nam-tank-inventory.jpg (592 bytes)Tank
This inventory can only be used in GruntMatch. When you activate it, you become the driver of a tank. In tank mode, you can squash other players by driving over them. You will also have unlimited rockets for the Rocket Launcher (weapon #8).





nam-soldier-ak47.jpg (3221 bytes)AK-47 Soldier
Armed with a 7.62mm Kalashnikov assault rifle, and can be recognized by their black suits. There normally found in large groups.


nam-soldier-rpd.jpg (3901 bytes)RPD Light Machine Gun Soldier
RPD's high rate of fire makes them dangerous and can be recognized by their green shirts.


nam-soldier-satchel.jpg (3193 bytes)Satchel Bomber
A kamikaze soldier. They carry a satchel charge, there intentions are to get close enough to you to detonate the charges.


nam-soldier-b10.jpg (2577 bytes)B-10 82mm Recoilless Rifle
A stationary enemy that fires rockets at you at a slow rate.


nam-soldier-sniper.jpg (1844 bytes)VC Sniper
Sudden death. They're usually hiding, waiting for you to advance. They could be any where including up in trees. At night, sometimes, you can even see the laser from their rifle.


nam-soldier-dshk.jpg (2616 bytes)DShK Heavy Machinegun
High rate of fire and probably the most dangerous enemy. There usually dug in or behind decent cover.


nam-aircraft-mig.jpg (3170 bytes)MiG-21 Aircraft
Appears out of nowhere from the skies and drops bombs. It is rare, but dangerous.


nam-vehicle-tank.jpg (7242 bytes)T-34 Tank
Dangerous ordnance, fires shells at you, and will crush you if you get too close.






Friendly soldiers Sometimes these advance with you and sometimes they even actually kill a Nazi. These boys are very likely to get shot and usually do. In some missions you are assigned to defend an area with these guys. If you get in the path of these men there is a chance that one will try to shoot through you, not around you  to get at a German and you will get hurt. If possible stay out of their line of fire. Sometimes it seems as though one of the men is a Benedict Arnold because he keeps shooting me even when I get out of the way. If this happens, go ahead and shoot him.


Commander The commander gives you valuable information at the beginning of most of the missions. If you did not fully hear the orders you can press spacebar to hear them again.


Interactive soldiers In D-Day and Saving Private McCurkee you have an interactive soldier. In D-Day you have a medic and Demo man you make them follow you by pressing spacebar. Pressing z+ space makes the Demo man place a mine or explosive. The medic will heal you when you walk up to him if you are injured. All private McCurkee does is follow you when you try to get him to safety.


Artillery and Air Support Sometimes you get US artillery and air attacks in some levels. In Defend you can call one attack by pressing space next to the radio in the friendly trench. The air attacks in D-Day and Atlantic Wall hamper you more than help you. There is also an artillery barrage in Under Fire and Urban Rush. If you attack too soon you will die in these missions. Hell From Above has some artillery that hits a few enemy positions.


Air Drops In some missions like Defend and Mop Up you get an air drop of ammo and you see a DC-3 fly by. The ammo crates are picked up like all ammo and give you plenty of ammo fast. The "gooney-bird" is a most welcome sight in Defend and Mop Up.


Wounded Soldiers In some missions there are some wounded men. Sometimes they don't say anything but other times they give you valuable information.


Dead Allies Being around the bodies of allied men decreases your morale.

  • While playing enter the codes, use the pause key if needed.
Code Description
nvagod God mode
nvacaleb God mode
nvashowmap Reveals full map
nvablood Gives all weapons, ammo and items
nvaunlock Unlocks a doors
nvamatt Radio man follows you
nvaclip Toggle clipping mode
nvalevelxyy Warp to episode x, level yy
nvarate Shows framerate
nvadebug Debugging mode


nam-shot4.jpg (39519 bytes)

nam-shot1.jpg (40070 bytes)
nam-shot2.jpg (34341 bytes)
nam-shot3.jpg (33683 bytes)


Senior Producer/Project Manager:
Dante Anderson
Lado Crnologar (aka IceBreaker) - graphics, levels, additional sounds
Heikki Korva (aka BadKarma) - con hacking, graphics, levels, additional sounds
Tuomo Korva (aka Tuco) - con hacking, graphics, levels, additional sounds
Subject Matter Expert:
Dan Synder
Associate Producer:
Nicholas Lavroff
Product Management:
Martin Currie and Tony Kee
Music and Sound:
Atom Ellis
C Programming:
Matt Saettler
Additional Art:
Graeme Moralee and Zak Golub
Additional Sound:
Scott Meadow
Voice Talent:
Jamal Jennings, Richard Davis, Atom Ellis and Scott Meadow
Executive Producer:
Greg Williams
Photo Credits:
Corel Corporation, The National Archives
Tech Support Documentation:
Jeff Siegel
Director of Creative Services:
Leslie Mills
Production Coordinator:
Liz Fierro
Package Design:
Vic Merritt
Manual Production:
Jill Pomper
Special Thanks:
Alan Behr, Rick Raymo, George Broussard, Sarah Mason, Kate Christensen, Nathan Rose, John Stevens, Mike Ryder, Scott Miller, Brian Corey, Max Taylor, Mary Steer, Jesse Smith, Dan Harnett


nam-box.jpg (5033 bytes) Title: NAM
Version: v1.0
Author: TNT Team (July 31 1998)

Distributor: GT
Media: CD-ROM





NAM / NAPALM (censored)

You are Alan 'the Bear' Westmoreland, Marine Corps sergeant. The trouble starts on a deadly Viet Cong raid. Here the jungle is your battleground. Your mission, survive. NAM captures all the intensity and paranoia of jungle warfare. Fire-fights, ambushes, booby-traps, snipers, air strikes, anti-personnel mines, AND MORE. Feel the tropical heat and fear of tunnel skirmishes, paddy killing fields, swamps, and thick jungles. NAM is the first game of its kind. NAM IS WAR.


  • Experience the intense action and real ambience of the Vietnam war.
  • 34 single and multiplayer gut-wrenching levels.
  • Incredible 8-player multiplay: 8 Gruntmatch, 6 Capture-the-flag and 5 Fireteam levels.
  • Devastating air strikes, mines, and ambushes.
  • Employ true-to-war tactics to survive.

True US military standard issue weapons and equipment.

  • M60 machine gun
  • M79 grenade launchers
  • M16 rifles
  • Flame-throwers
  • C4 plastic explosives
  • Mine detectors and much more...

"To get a taste of close range tactical engagement, the NAM multiplayer missions are a must."