EXTREME PAINTBRAWL BUILD Game  v4-21-2021  Release 10  RTCM Corvin , Hank
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Game: Extreme PaintBrawl
a.k.a. - PaintBrawl

Extreme PaintBrawl is a separate BUILD game, a commercial CD product.
/!\ Warning: The game as it is, was not really finished. Avoid paying more than a dollar if you need to have this.


The 1st Non-Violent 3D SHOOTER!

Grab Your Marker & Strap On Your Goggles!

Select from 8 original Sheridan Markers & 5 Unique battlefields. Play alone, On-line with friends or as a squad member. Purchase supplies from the Crosman ammo depot, Grab your Camo & get ready for the ultimate interactive paint ball experience on your PC!



This game was a project that the programmer barely had any time to even finish the game. It wasn't even finished at release time. Publisher HeadGames only gave them two weeks to develop the game. The two-week time limit was up and they were in the process of replacing the Duke Nukem 3D bot AI. Three patch's where made weeks following with v1.91 being the last.

Extreme PaintBrawl is an altered Duke v1.5 game engine built under a integrated windows frontend and pre game setup. The alteration of the game code and the win32 frontend was done by Carlos Cuello. (Primary Programmer for Extreme PaintBrawl July 1998-October 1998. CREATIVE CARNAGE, LLC Mesa, AZ )  Created all the in-game aspects of the video game Extreme PaintBrawl, published by HeadGames inc., and licensed by Sheridan Air Guns.  Used the Build Engine as a base, and programmed paint gun and paint ball physics that matched the specifications of Sheridan paint guns. Programmed realistic human movement, as well as a path-node artificial intelligence system, and capture-the-flag team game play modes.  Maintained a seamless communication with a front-end menu system.

This game is a great demonstration of function. Other Build games would benefit from a Win32 frontend and Win32 setup (communicates with the DOS portion of the game perfectly, however designed for Win95, may work with WinXP SP3.) and a separate game engine for network play. The Win32 frontend saves data that the DOS Game Engine can read. Such as the team you selected and gun, ammo, air. Also the map you choose to play in GAME.DAT. When the game is finished a RETURN.DAT is written by the game.exe, this a then read by the Win32 front-end: paintball.exe.



  • Display HUD/player interface:
    • HUD: is hard coded, art is not
    • Heart: your stamina. Not sure if it's time based or player based activities. Heart beats faster the more tired you are. You will eventually move at a reduced rate.
    • Ammo: readout plus a row of four 9999's that don't change.
    • Team bot readout: indicates if they're out of the game (a paint splat next to there icon), if they're shot or stuck (grayed out).
    • Map: No zoom, no top view of player.
    • No External View
    • No weapon (one gun per player) or item selection (supplies for guns are automated, including a timed reload)
    • Night vision (N) functions, palette is not setup for such a device.
    • Player view bobbing (added in net game v1.8 similar effect to the one in Duke3D v1.0)
    • No crosshair
  • Four frames for each opponent. visually which way an opponent faces is difficult to reckon (multiplayer).
  • Floating paint splats and alignment
  • Large gun sprites (blocks view)
  • Map flaws and palette corruption on occasion. Some clipping and/or blocking errors
  • There is shooting sounds and ball refill sounds...
More Details:
  • Demo: there is none, nor a shareware version.
  • Weapons: all weapons were set to the specs and performance of real-life Crossman Splat Ball guns. Physics from these real life "weapons" is used. Five guns (3 are added in v1.91 using the same art), two color paintballs (blue & red) and air.
  • Items: none in game (pre game settings, see Weapons above). Ammo is reloaded automatically. Simulates pouring in balls, a timed feature.
  • Practice: allows you to use a single player with all weapons. The purpose is basically to test the weapons out and to explore a field before a game. There are no enemies or bots.
  • CTF: two flags, capture once and you win (NAM style).
  • Elimination: single play, your team (up to 8 including you) Vs 20 bots.
  • Pick-up Matches: allows you to join up with a random team and play the full game (won't affect your current tournament team).
  • Single play: Select team members, purchase items/supplies, team fee's. Each bot gets a single gun, and you can take control of each bot, via the numbered keys (if a bot is shooting, this feature is disabled temporarily).
  • AI Helper Bots: they protect and locate enemies automatically. Tactical bot AI included. Waypoints and locator following. Much improved in v1.91 of PaintBrawl. They can capture a flag. It's very nice to have free roaming enemies for a change. One major flaw that needs to be fixed is the enemies trying to shoot through walls and unbreakable glass. Bots are activated at start of a game.
  • Maps: five fields in the themes desert, wooded, space, medieval and urban.
  • Online: standard IPX network (in v1.0 you can host a game over an IPX network, but the dialog box won't let you actually connect to someone else's game. This means that you can play over a network, just not with each other (full support added in 1.91), virtual-LAN (peer to peer) and modem.
  • Installing: uses an install wizard. Includes an uninstall feature in the Add/Remove programs dialog. The game's is about 30MB when installed.
  • Auto-detect modem
  • Pre-game equipping (before entering Build)
  • This game supports newer sound cards much better than other Build games.
  • It even has CD Audio! (Todd Duane, who sent Head Games his demo tracks.)
  • Compatibility conversion with Duke3D is minor.
  • Compatibility can be obtained using misc. tools and editing.
  • Most CON functions are similar expect for a few extra instructions.
  • All maps from other Build Games. (requires Ken Silverman's map converters).
  • Mods or TCs from other games will not work.
  • Overall, the compatibility will be minor...


Bugs and Workarounds
  • Play next match (season play): upon trying to enter the next match (first) , I receive an error indicating all team members must have a gun. Then it kicks me back into the store. But all team members have guns, air, and paint balls. I also made sure I had enough cash to pay them per game... no season play is possible and no workaround (wasn't fixed in v1.91). Play a Pick-up match.
  • Pick-up Match: you can actually execute a random match by launching the game.exe file from your game folder.
  • Art: some common missing elements can be restored with added art or correct alignment
  • Maps: maps can be touched up (most major map problems where touched up in v1.91)
  • CD Audio: doesn't work properly at first: play with soundcard settings.
  • Switch bot: if you switch to a character that's stuck in a wall, you get "squished," and the entire team dies.
  • Control setup: not all the actions are on to the mouse list thus you are unable to assign certain items to the mouse buttons (like jump).
  • Season: if you start a season, exit the game(saves the season), and then re-enter the game, the season will load but you're unable to view the schedule. No workaround
  • Sounds: shooting sound stops on an occasion, while the others will work.








Shown is the Blue team, palette changes the other team to red.


  • Simply pause the game and type the code in.
    • All Duke v1.5 codes should work, however some may perform erratically. The normal cheats do activate Duke items (nothing visual or audible of course, since portions of the old code in the CONs are not used).
Code Description




The small crew.

con scripts and maps
Andre Lowe and Joe Wilcox

Level design:
Crista Forest, Matt Harris, Cho Yan Wang, Michael Clark, and Eric Boltjes

Menu screens:
Matt Menning.

Female models:
Ken Post

Carlos Cuello




epb-box.jpg (5332 bytes) epb-box2.jpg (7024 bytes) Title: Extreme PaintBrawl
Version: v1.0
Author: Creative Carnage
Distributor: Head Games,
Activision (Europe)
Media: CD-ROM





Build action. $15.00 - 11-18-2000 (too much cash for this game, look for it bundled with other games for $1)