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Powerslave is a copyright of Lobotomy Software. Some software code appearing in Powerslave™ 1996, 1997 3D Realms Entertainment. All other trademarks are the property of their respective companies.

If your one of the designers or programmers of this Game, we'd love to have the source code and tools you used to make the PC Game.
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Game: Powerslave / Exhumed (Europe)
a.k.a. - PS / EX

Powerslave is a 3D first person perspective action/adventure game based in Ancient Egypt. This game uses an early version of 3D Realms 3D game engine and the BUILD Engine, which allows for many great special effects and a smooth feel to the game. It uses many of the very same features, and a few new ones too. The game was under development for approximately a year under 3D Realms publishing as Ruins: Return of the Gods, then under the PIE publisher the game continued to be developed (end 96). The game is NOT ported from consoles systems, the PC version came first then the console games where made using a different engine. The original name of the game while at PIE was going to be Exhumed, but the team (Lobotomy) ended up with Powerslave for the US market, and reserved Exhumed for Europe.

Welcoming you to the world of Powerslave, the evil spirits of the undead laugh at you. Silly mortal! You are no match for the perils that await you...
..."Duke May Rock But Ramses Rules!"...


An archeological expedition to unearth long-forgotten treasures revealed a history more dark and depraved than anyone thought possible... a lot more... An ancient evil force, not of this time - or this world - has remained buried since the Egyptians walked the Earth. But now it's Exhumed...

Destination: The Ancient Egyptian City Of Karnak. Alien Forces Possessing Horrifying Powers Have Sealed Off The Once Thriving Community From All Outside Contact.

As A Covert Operations Specialist, You Have Been Trained For All Forms Of Contingencies. Nothing Can Prepare You. However, For The Nightmare You Are About To Enter...


As an armed forces specialist, you have trained for all forms of enemy contact. Nothing, however, can prepare you for the modern-day nightmare you are about to enter. The ancient Egyptian city of Karnak has been sealed off by enemy forces. No military action has yet been successful in penetrating the perimeter. The enemy possess firepower of unknown origin. There is a high probability of ultra-human involvement. Your mission is to infiltrate Karnak, discover the nature of the enemy forces, and respond with maximum efficiency. Lethal force has been approved.


The darkness of ancient Egypt and evil alien power have reached across time and space to take our world hostage. And in comparison to what these mutants have planned for humanity, death is kind. Airdropped into a landscape shrouded in terror, you must journey through multiple, 3-D levels to defeat this scourge.

Your one salvation? The guiding Spirit of the Great King Ramses. The rest of the time you're on your own. Unless of course, your networked with up to 8 other players.

So, welcome to the valley of the shadow of death. And enjoy your stay. It may last forever.




  • First person AND Third person viewpoints.
  • 33 levels (21 single player) of nonstop game play through an ancient Egyptian city and the tomb of the pharaoh Ramses.
  • Unique Stacked Sector Technology allows you to move between multiple floors WITHIN a single level.
  • 3D environment lets you look up, look down, jump, squat and swim.
  • Cross bridges, crawl through tunnels and swim through underwater grottos.
  • With just a Machete to start, search for 6 other weapons including Hand Grenades, A Flame Thrower, An M-60 Machine gun, and a magical cobra staff.
  • Brilliantly made Dynamic Lighting creates stunning visual effects.
  • Fully IPX-compatible networkable for up to 4 players, possible 8 players (under IPX), however network play over 4 players is not recommended.
    For network play Powerslave contains 12 levels for playing verses other players (levels 21 through 32 are for network play only-death match). These levels are not populated with creatures, or an exit to other levels. During a network game players receive armor when starting out, this is not a resource the player can replenish, unless the player dies.
  • Automap overlay. Use the TAB key to display the un textured map, - and = to zoom in and out.
  • SVGA, maximum resolution is 640x400, if you can get it. Otherwise use the command line flag /h to get 640x400. (SETUP.EXE/MENU.EXE doesn't seem to correctly write to the SETUP.CFG file correctly, nor does the game seem to read video ScreenHeight settings at all from SETUP.CFG.)

  • Miles Sound System, Stereo. Although the sounds are 8 bit, the sound quality is outstanding.
  • Detailed and fully animated sprite characters derived from Egyptian mythology and original alien creations.
  • All of the enemies were built with clay and other materials and then digitized.
  • Enemies, objects and weapon art animation is very well done. If you enlarge the screen during play to remove the status bar you can see and enjoy more of the weapon animations.
More Details:
  • Recommend; To play with the Exhumed exe and game data as it is a more recent version of the game, by several months.
  • F7 and F8 modifies the mouse horizontal sensitivity in game (side to side movement only). The game uses Auto-Aim rather than mouse look, therefore no crosshairs.
  • F11 modifies the engines visibility; brightness/light from 1 to 5, 3 is the default value. (Note this is not gamma correction.)
  • There is no auto-run feature, you must hold down SHIFT. (If you setup the "run" key as "capslock", you can actually have auto-running. No need to hold that shift key all the time anymore!)
  • Strafing is a bit slow to be effective. (If you use that capslock auto-running; you can strafe super fast! The superfast strafing doesn't work with the 'strafe left' and 'strafe right' keys, however it works if you use 'strafekey + left' or 'strafekey + right' (again only if you use the auto-running capslock). So, by setting the A and D keys to 'left' and 'right' (rather than strafe left/right in a normal WASD setting) and use a key like LSHIFT or LCTRL as "strafe" key; and hold that key anytime you want to strafe, you can use that as superfast strafing.)
  • In this game you have to hold a key to be able to look up/down with the mouse. (Well, if you set that key to a mouse-button like RMB or MMB, it makes mouse-look much more convenient.) Apparently it's also possible to have toggle mouselook by setting the mouselook key to numlock or scroll-lock.
  • The save game mechanism requires you to finish a level in it's entirety, in one game session in order to be able to quite the game and then load the saved position. Otherwise loading a game from saved will require you to start at the beginning of which ever level you where last on, painful indeed.
  • The game incorporates lighting and SOS. The lighting effects raise and lower the brightness, not texture swapping as I believe was in Witchaven.
  • Depending on the way the player dies, you'll see body parts spawn off of you.
  • No difficulty level selection options, difficulty increase each level by design.
  • The A.I. is decent and can predict your position when your moving, they will throw or attack ahead of you. Enemies will attack each other if they shoot one another by accident.
  • You can push a block to gain access to higher areas or other areas of the level. There are traps to be set off and areas of the levels need to be jumped preciously.


(weapon 1) Machete - You start with this weapon, a simple blade.

(weapon 2) .357 Magnum Revolver - Good damage, slow R.O.F.

(weapon 3) M-60 Machine Gun - Heavy damage, try to use bursts to conserve ammo.

(weapon 4) Hand Grenade - Press fire to pull the pin and hold down fire longer to toss it farther away. Grenades will bounce off ceilings and other objects.

(weapon 5) Flame Thrower - Close range weapon, be careful not to burn yourself. Fuel is used quickly. Auto-aim only locks on the vertical, you have to aim left to right.

(weapon 6) Cobra Staff - A long range weapon that destroys most enemies with one hit. Do not use at close range or you will toast yourself. Make sure you have a clear field of fire as the Cobra will detonate on stairs, ledges and walls. Do not shoot unless you have a target, the Cobra may turn on you.

(weapon 7) Eye of Rah Gauntlet - Used to summon the wrath of the gods. Produces a cloud over your target and shoots them with lightning. You must have the target "locked" at all times while you hold down fire.

Mummy Staff - If your transformed by a mummy into a mummy this staff is yours to use.



Ammo Items

Six Shot Speed Loader - for the .357 Revolver.

M-60 Ammo Belt (Ammo) - A long ammo belt.

Grenades - single grenades.

Fuel Canister (Fuel) - for the Flame Thrower.

Golden Cobras - Add to the Cobra staff.

Raw Energy (Magic) - Eye of Ra, Magic.

Magical Spheres - Found from the dead, hovering over their bodies.


Normal Items

Berry Twig (Life) - Adds health, 5%.

Blood Bowl (Life Blood) - Add more health, 20%.

Magical Essence (Magic) - Purple chalice of Magic.

Cobra Venom Bowl - Green chalice. Reduces life by 20%.

Bubble Nest (Air) - Used while underwater, if your lungs fill with water then you need to move to a bubble nest to replenish air. If you don't, you loose health and eventually loose a life.

Map - Find this item and the current level will be mapped out for you.

Keys - Power, Time, War and Earth keys. Find these golden keys to unlock doors with the same symbol on them.

Scarab Beetles - Touch this and it preserves your progress only while the game is running and only if you have an Extra Life for this save function to work. You start the game with 3 lives.

Golden Sarcophagus - Find this item to end the level. This will save your progress as completed level and you won't have to restart the entire level over again when you load your saved game.

An Extra Life - Adds 1 extra life, loose them all and you must start at the beginning of the level. With lives remaining, use the spacebar to come back to life.


Magical Items

Use the [ or ] keys on the keyboard to select your item, then hit ENTER to activate it.
You can combine items at the same time if you have enough Magic.

There is a notice across the top of the screen when an item is about to expire, along with a reminder sound.

Still Beating Heart - Activating it will give you full health, one use. You can actually hear this item beating as you approach it.

Unseen Eye (Invisibility) - Makes you invisible for a short while, even removes the player sprite.

Scarab Amulet (Invincibility) - Makes you immune to attacks and impervious to lava.

Sobek Mask - Magical Egyptian underwater breathing gear. SoundFX of scuba gear.

Severed Slave Hand (Increased Weapon Power) - Doubles the damage for all weapons. Weapons flash Red when activated.

Torch - Lights darkened areas.




Rat - They are harmless unless they get in the way of your shooting. Many times auto-aim will lock onto them causing you to "miss" your intended target.

Terrainian (Spider) - Spiders that hop around and bite you. They can walk on ceilings. You can step on them.

Giant Piranha - Large fish that gnaw you.

Anubis Zombie - They throw magical spheres at you and claw you up close.

Am-mit - A large four legged Rex creature with crushing jaws. It can fling you around. Has tuff armor but has a weak spot underneath.

Omen Wasp - Giant Wasps that sting you, hard to target.

Mummy - Slow moving. They use their staff to fire phantom skulls. Mummies can be resurrected by the staff attack. Red phantom skulls transform you into a Mummy giving you their staff, your movement becomes sluggish.

Bastet - She is extremely fast and has razor-sharp claws. She can teleport at will.

Magmantis - A large lava type of serpent. Rises out of lava and attacks by shooting high-speed fire balls.

Kilmaat Sentry - The 'Alien worker' attacks with a laser pistol. He seeks you out rather fast.

Set - Huge ape-like god. Smashes you and at a distance shoots energy skeletons from it's eye at you.

Selkis - Women/crab/robot like creature. Shoots auto-laser and claws you. Spawns a bunch of Terrainian's when she dies.

Kilmaatikahn (Kilmaat Queen) - The final boss, she shoots yellow charges at you.


Effect Cheat
Displays "HI SWEETIE, I LOVE YOU" Kimberly
All Weapons and Ammo Lobocop
God Mode Lobodeity
All Items Loboswag
All Keys Lobopick
Unlock all keys Lobokey
Show Entire Map Lobosphere
No Clipping Mode
Very stable but no jumping is possible.
Toggles "snake-cam"
Activating it makes the camera switch to chase view of any cobra staff missile fired by the player.
Disable Flash From Explosions & Gun Fire
(faulty cheat; displays Snake Cam Enabled)
Display Current Coordinates and FPS Loboxy
Displays version number
-Exhumed Retail is version Mar 19 1997
-Powerslave Retail is version Dec 04 1996
-PS Press Release is version Sept 24 1996
press [LALT] + V
Third-person view press [LALT] + C

Holly -- Gives a space at top of screen as a command line to enter the following codes:
  • Entering a blank line will turn off the command line.
Teleports the player to [x,y] coordinates on the current level. goto x,y
Select Level level #
Finish level exit
Unlocks, opens all doors and triggers all traps doors
Summon a creature

(Creatures will spawn at the players exact position.)
creature #

 The number corresponds to a particular monster.

0 - Anubis
1 - Terrainian
2 - Mummy
3 - Piranha
4 - Bastet
5 - Magmantis
6 - Am-mit
7 - Set
8 - Kilmaatikhan
9 - Kilmaat Sentry
10 - Kilmaat Sentry (b)
11 - Omen Wasp
12 - Selkis
13 - Rat

The command line parameters are:

/nocreatures - no monsters in levels. (for single or multiplayer)
/nosound - disables sound effects regardless of the settings in the DIG.INI file (CD music will still play).
/record - records a demo to the file DATA.VCR  (Starts recording when you begin your game and stops when you ESCAPE to the main menu AND Quite.) Overwrites previous file.
/playback - plays the demo recorded in DATA.VCR 
Multiplayer uses unique NetNOW! (just one method is used at a time):
/null - connection method for multiplayer games. (null-modem cable connection)
/modem - connection method for multiplayer games.
/network - connection method for multiplayer games. (IPX or NETBIOS)
Once Launched the game.exe will read from SETUP.CFG , [Comm Setup] section for additional parameters. Such as Multiplayer Start Level. (levels 21 through 32 are for network play only.) However, You may load single player levels. Multiplayer Time Limit. (where # is any number, 0 = unlimited.)

/s# - socket number for network play. (presumably useless)
/t# - time limiter in 'seconds?' for network play. (faulty and not used)

/h - launches the game in 'high-res mode' (640x400) instead of 320x200.

/# - Loads level number for single player and instantly skips all preload screens. (where # is a number from 0 to 32)
/cdoff - the game doesn't check if the CD is in the drive. (this works for Exhumed, but you still need a CD driver: MSCDEX.EXE to load. In the DOSBox EMU simply mount your E drive with no CD in it and the game will not require you to put it in. For an example: MOUNT E D:\ -t cdrom  The game needs to know that you have a CD-ROM device on your system and through the DOSBox EMU, that mount command will load DOSBox's own MSCDEX.EXE)



Track1 Book Intro 1:38
Track2 -Genetic Key 0:51
Track3 Level4-Finish 0:29
Track4 Level10-Finish 0:27
Track5 -Halfway 0:29
Track6 -SlaveGirl 0:53
Track7 Level15-Finish 0:40
Track8 Level20-Failed Finish 0:45
Track9 Level20-Good Finish 0:41

Music by Scott Branston
Level1-Track18 5:03
Level2-Track11 2:17
Level3-Track12 2:21
Level4-Track13 3:02
Level5-Track14 3:29
Level6-Track15 2:08
Level7-Track16 2:09
Level8-Track17 2:54
Level9-Track10 2:24






Executive Producers:
Brian McNeely
Paul Lange
Game Concept:
Paul Lange
Game Design:
Brian McNeely
Additional Design:
Paul Knutzen
Paul Lange
John Van Deusen
Kurt Pfeifer
Dominick Meisserner
Dane Emerson
Game Programming:
Kurt Pfeifer
John Yuill
Additional Programming:
Paul Haugerud
Additional Technical Support:
John Yuill
Paul Haugerud
Jeff Blazer
Level Design:
Paul Knutzen
Additional Levels:
Brian McNeely
Monsters and Weapons:
John Van Deusen
Brian McNeely
Paul Knutzen
John Van Deusen
Troy Jacobson
Kevin Chung
Eric Klokstad
Richard Nichols
Joe Kresoja
Jason Wiggin
Music and Sound Effects:
Scott Branston
Product Testing:
Dominick Meissner
Tom Kristensen
Jason Wiggin
Mark Coates
Instruction Manual:
Tom Kristensen

Playmates Interactive

Executive Producer:
David Luehmann
Chris Archer
Associate Producer:
Carlos Rodriguez
QA Manager:
Rich Frey
Lead Tester:
Leland Mah
Art Datangel
David Ontiveros
Lee Jones
David Arranaga
Andy Brown
James Martinez
Anthony Vasquez
Sales and Marketing:
Kelly Frey
Technical Support:
Joes Zatarain
Ron Antonette
Nicole Rosenberg
Karen Trachtenberg
Special Thanks:
Richard Sallis
Thomas Chan
Sue Lucchino
David L. Hoffman
Scott Herrington
Playmates Toys
XXCAL Testing Laboratories, Inc.
Jacqui Lyons
Marjaco Micro, LTD.
Mike Brown
Ian Mathias
Cheryl Luschei
3D Realms
Kenneth Silverman
Greg Malone
Miles Design
Redmond AM PM Mini Mart
7-11 Double Gulp


  Title: PowerSlave
Author: Lobotomy Software
Distributor: Playmates Interactive / BMG
Media: CD-ROM

Powerslave and Exhumed. (note that these where the only PC versions, 1999 was a console release)

Welcome To The Nightmare Of Ramses' Tomb

Destination: The ancient Egyptian city of Karnak. Alien forces possessing horrifying powers have sealed off the once thriving community from all outside contact. As a covert operations specialist, you have been trained for all forms of contingencies. Nothing can prepare you, however, for the nightmare you are about to enter...


  • Fully networkable up to 4 players (12 maps inc.).
  • First person and Third person viewpoints.
  • 21 levels of nonstop gameplay through an ancient Egyptian city and the Tomb of the Pharaoh Ramses.
  • Unique stack sector technology allows you to move between multiple floors WITHIN a single level.
  • Cross bridges, crawl through tunnels and swim through underwater grottos.
  • With just a Machete to start, search for 7 other weapons including hand grenades, a flame thrower, an M-60 machine gun, and a magical cobra staff.
  • Dynamic lighting creates stunning visual effects.