REDNECK DEER HUNTIN' BUILD Game  v10-13-2017  Release 3  © RTCM Corvin , Hank

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Game: Redneck Deer Huntin'
a.k.a. - RDH

Bag a big one! Redneck Deer Huntin' lets you hone your hunting skills and experience the thrill of the kill, all without ever wearing blaze orange. Made by the creators of Redneck Rampage™, this hunting game lets you explore the site and set up for the shot through the eyes of the hunter, not an overhead map. Featuring a variety of weapons, terrain, and animals to hunt, Redneck Deer Huntin' will keep even avid hunters home on the weekends.



Redneck Deer Huntin' is a BUILD game based on the Redneck Rampage Game Engine.







Deer Huntin'

The only hunting game with a 3D engine (BUILD Engine / RR Game Engine) to let you walk the terrain instead of "sit & spin".

  • Explore acres of photo-realistic terrain, including forest, snow, lake, and others. HUNTIN' GROUNDS include:
Snowbrush Ridge is home to deer and wild boar. It packs a fine powder of snow, so tracks and markings are easy to spot. There are two main hunting areas in which to hunt. If you don't like the one you're in, leave and come back in.
Lake Swampy is the only place in Redneck Deer Huntin' where you can set up for a duck shoot. Drop your decoys in the lake and wait for the flock to settle in. The alternate location for Lake Swampy is the other side of the lake, so if your luck is running low, try a new perspective.
Ozark Forest supports a wide variety of wildlife, but is best known for wild boar, which can only be found here. The trick here is not to get distracted by other game. You don't want to be drawing a 6-shooter on an angry boar. There are two areas of the Ozarks to explore.
Sagebrush Flats is home to Deer and Turkey. Don't get distracted by the beautiful fall scenery and concentrate on what you're huntin'. Dry branches are especially dangerous here, as one wrong noise sends the critters scampering up into the hills. The alternate location starts you deeper into the woods.
The shooting range is a good place to warm up before setting off on a hunt. Practice loading and hitting the bullseye with your different weapons.

  • Choice of 4 different animals to hunt: deer, duck, razorback, and wild turkey.
  • Hunt using a rifle, shotgun, pistol, or crossbow for varying difficulty levels.
  • Walk or quietly track your prey from the hunter's point of view, not overhead.
  • Track your game by actually spotting tracks, markings, droppings, and other tell-tale signs.
  • Starring Burton Gilliam as Leonard.
  • Play Leonard, a Redneck native guide, has plenty of commentary to help you bag the big ones.
  • Display your kills in the Redneck trophy room and compare with your friends!
  • Play the only hunting game with humor and personality!
  • The only BUILD Game to use the function keys and sticky keys such as kneeling.
  • Sounds for braches on the ground if you step on them. Also if you pass into a tree you hear the braches slap back.
  • Footsteps - You have footstep sounds for snow, grass etc...
  • Calls - Such as duck calls activate the Duck A.I. to choose to respond.
  • Status Bar - Has wind direction and a compass. Your smell or a scent you spray has an effect on the A.I.
  • Floating Sprite - A Duck decoy that floats on water. Bobbing up and down.




  • Includes an extended CONtrol language.
  • High-resolution sprites/textures, rendered 3D model SVGA graphics, attention to detail. The art work is 3d modeled instead of flat images on sprites. Weapon art work is increased compared to other games in the genre. Art is done to actually support higher resolution game settings.
More Details:

    Animals have a keen sense of hearing. Loading your weapon early may avoid scaring off a target, what with the noise of the barrel or the insertion of the shell.

    Be cautious in your movements and footsteps when stalking an animal. If you step on a twig, don't be surprised if you spook your prey into the next county.

    You can also crawl toward the animal. This makes it less likely you will scare it off with the noise of your footsteps.

    Always keep an eye out for droppings - they're usually near an animal.

    Pay attention to the wind direction and your compass heading. Deer are like walking noses and they'll bolt if they sense your B.O.




Deer Huntin' Only: WEAPONS & AMMO

After you choose the place you want to hunt, you may choose from four weapons. You can load different ammo out in the field whenever you want.

A six-shot .44 Magnum. Never tried handgun shooting before, have you? Give it a try. You get six shots before you have to reload. The bullets travel less quickly than a rifle bullet and have a shorter range.

AMMO: Choose between the 210 gr. jacketed soft point bullet, or the heavier 240 gr. hollow soft point. You'll need the heavier bullet to penetrate boar hide.



Your trusty bolt-action 30-06 deer rifle has longer range than a shotgun, and fires a single bullet rather than lots of shot. You will have to reload after each time you fire. You'll be taking the rifle hunting with you for deer and boar.

AMMO: 180 gr. hollow soft point bullets are designed for short- to mid-range impact, or you can switch to 150 gr. soft point boat tail rounds for those long shots.



Stick a scope on top of the rifle and you've got a more accurate long-range weapon. Easier to aim and hit game from far away, and perfect for deer hunting - especially if you're a big fatso with footsteps like Paul Bunyan, and can't walk to half a mile of a deer without bolting.

AMMO: 180 gr. hollow soft point bullets are designed for short- to mid-range impact, or you can switch to 150 gr. soft point boat tail rounds for those long shots.



A 12-gauge, pump shotgun. Each time you pull the trigger, about a billion small lead shot pellets are fired, scattering once they emerge from the shotgun's barrel. Due to the scattering of the pellets, it is easier to hit a target with a shotgun than with a rifle. You can fire once before you have to reload. Shotguns are used in duck and turkey hunting, and sometimes in wild boar hunting as well.

AMMO: Load up a #4 bird shot to bring down any bird. Bird shot may not always penetrate boar or deer hide, though, so switch to 00 buck for the 4-legged critters.



An exotic weapon, suitable for the worldly redneck. A crossbow can fire one bolt (an arrow for a crossbow) before you have to "reload". The semiautomatic crossbow has not yet been invented. Crossbow hunting is very challenging and can be used in any sort of hunting.

AMMO: The razor-tip arrow is ideal for most hunting, but you'll have to switch to the fast-tip to penetrate boar hide.







Deer Huntin' Only: TRACKING THE PREY


When duck hunting, stay quiet. You may see ducks fly in or take off from the water's surface--you can follow their movement up-down and side-side.

 You can pick up decoys that you have previously deployed. if the ducks just aren't showing up, you should pick up all your decoys and try a different part of the lake.

Ducks usually travel in flocks. For this reason, always make sure you have a clear shot before firing, as your shotgun will scare the rest of the flock.

Ducks know the difference between a duck and a human with a gun. If you throw out a decoy and stand ten feet away, then you might as well order a pizza for dinner, because you're going to come home empty-handed.



Rushing a boar takes bravery, but it's a good technique. Boars aren't as sensitive or swift as deer. Just make sure you have a potent enough gun to do the job.


At Snowbush Ridge, you can track deer by following their footsteps in the snow.

If you see a deer, try to get upwind of it and deploy your attractant scent. The deer will be all excited and come toward you. When it gets close enough, shoot it.








Deer Huntin'

While playing the game, enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function:

spork1 - Stealth Turbo Mode (allows you not to be detected by the animals)
spork2 - Shows tracking locations of animals on the map
dhcome - Attracts Deer to you









Title: Redneck DEER HUNTIN'
Author: Xatrix
Distributor: Interplay
Media: CD-ROM





Build action game. The Xatrix team was known to enhance the game engine map editing abilities.

hone your hunting skills and experience the thrill of the kill, all without ever wearing blaze orange. this hunting game lets you explore the site and set up for the shot through the eyes of the hunter, not an overhead map. featuring a variety of weapons, terrain, and animals to hunt. Join your native redneck guide Leonard with plenty of commentary to help you bag the big one!