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Game: Redneck Rampage Rides Again
a.k.a. - Rides Again: Arkansas or RA

Well, after we crash-landed that UFO,  Bubba and me found ourselfs in the middle of the desert. Well Bubba said he wants to go home, and hell, I don't blame him 'cause there ain't no place like Hickston.

With a gang of aliens hot on our tail, I guess we're gonna have to blast our way through jackalope farms, DisGraceland, and a riverboat and brothel (Bubba can't wait) as well as all hell 'fore we get home again. 

Guess we're gonna have to find us some kinda transpo'tation if we're gonna make it. Me, I'm jus' itchin' to get my hands on one of them big hog motorcycles or maybes a swamp buggy.



Redneck Rampage Rides Again is a BUILD game based on RR.



redneck-ad.gif (27605 bytes)

Rides Again - The Hilarious Sequel to the Original with More Guns and Bigger Hogs! (A Standalone game)

Family Reunion - Ya'll invited to our family reunion! The guest list includes the o'riginal Redneck Rampage™, Redneck Rampage™ Suckin' Grits on Route 66, Redneck Rampage™ Rides Again, and the Cuss Pack™! With all this ammunishun, aliens, barnyard animals, swamp buggies and pigs in one place, who can resist? See ya'll there! (March 1999)





Rides Again

Bubba and Leonard are back and ready to party in Redneck Rampage Rides Again! After crash landing in an alien spaceship, they have to find their way home across America, leaving a path of destruction in their wake. With brand new levels and locations, redneck characters, motorcycles, swamp buggies, and twisted down-home weapons, you'll have more fun than a pig in slop.

  • More rednecks than the 'riginal. Folks like Billy Ray Jeter, Skinny Old Coot, Daisy Mae, Bikers, Pigs, Cows, Jackalopes and maybe even an Elvis sighting or two.
  • Joyride a swamp buggy or motorcycle that are armed to the teeth and fit'n to run people over (yee-haw). And the vehickles have mounted machine guns or mortars that launch huge shells for those home-style explosions.
  • Over 10 wicked weapons like a crossbow that shoots dynamite-loaded chickens to go along with the crowbar and shotguns.
  • Good ol' redneck powerups like pork rinds, cow pies, and the kind of beverages you need an ID to purchase.
  • Toe-tapping tunes by the outrageous and controversial Mojo Nixon.
  • 14 new levels and locations that will satisfy even the most civilized of yer kin.
  • 7 Levels Optimized for the Pissing Contest.
  • Up to six rednecks can play at the same time over a LAN!
  • Watch for Toxic orange cactus, trip you out for a short while.


  • Includes an extended CONtrol language.
  • High-resolution sprites/textures, rendered 3D model SVGA graphics, attention to detail. The art work is 3d modeled instead of flat images on sprites. Weapon art work is increased compared to other games in the genre. Art is done to actually support higher resolution game settings.
More Details(RR and RA):
  • Pushing objects:
    There is currently one object in the 'Redneck Rampage' demo that you can 'push'. Look for the shelf located in the back room of the country store. Simply walk up to the left side of the shelf and move your character against it and it will move out of the way to reveal a secret area in the back. There are other objects in the full game you can push too.
  • Exploding silo:
    To get into the silo, toss a stick of dynamite at the bullseye! Once opened, you'll be able to walk right in.
  • Ladders:
    The 'Redneck Rampage' demo also has a ladder that you can climb. When you find it, simply use the 'up' key to ascend, and the 'down'' key to descend. Some ladders are small enough to walk up, (its an invisible lift)
  • Power-ups:
    When your health is getting low from taking too much buckshot, find yourself a bag of pork rinds or a moonpie for a quick power up. Also, if you find a bottle of whiskey, you can take it with you and use it whenever needed by simply pressing the 'W' key. You can drink beer too but don't get too drunk or you'll get your ass shot off pretty damn quickly.
    Hint: when you get drunk eat some food ... it'll sober your ass up pretty quickly.
  • The alcohol and gut meters:
    Drinking heals you, just like in real life. It also gives you a greater sense of courage and strength by reducing your intellect and inhibitions. If you become really shit-faced, however, you will experience adverse effects, just like in real life. You'll see...
    Hint: get into the green zone of both the alcohol and gut meters. When you're a little buzzed and have a little food in your gut, you'll kick more ass and take less damage.
  • Weapons have recoil especially the full auto "huntin' rifle"
  • Tornado Storms that lift you up and drop you again. Hurting you of course.
  • Mirrors without extended rooms behind.
  • Muddy surface that slow player movement.






Crowbar There is nothing so satisfying as the bone-jarrin' feeling of a cold piece of steel laid across a warm skull.
Max Ammo: Unlimited


.454 Casull pistol This ain't no pea-shooter, boy. She packs quite a punch and is real accurate from a distance.
Max Ammo: 198 Bullets


Scatter Gun The primary weapon for some up-close and personal killin'. Tap her gently to let off a single load, or lean on her to empty both barrels.
Max Ammo: 50 Shells


redneck-ak47.gif (2332 bytes)Ranch Rifle Pssst... Don't tell sheriff Hobbes now, but we done modified this baby to be fully automatic. Remember, fire in controlled bursts if ya don't wanna be shootin' at the sky...
Max Ammo: 200 Bullets


Dynamite Light them, throw them, then go the hell out of there. Don't wait to long. :) The box of dynamite can be shot.
Max Ammo: 30 Sticks


Crossbow This is a very good long distance weapon.
Max Ammo: 30 Sticks (Uses the same Ammo as dynamite)


Rip Saw This here is your dual-purpose killin' machine--one mode gives ya that close-up chainsaw action, while the other is perfect few some long-distance mutilation. Best watch out for that nasty rebound now.
Max Ammo: 30 Saw Blades


Alien Arm Gun Well know, them tendons is a little slimy, and the fireworks it lets out'll burn the hair on your arms clean off , but I'll be damned if this thing won't crispify just about anything.
Max Ammo: 99 Bolts


Power Keg Thems give new meanin' to the phrase "Handle with care." I wouldn't even recommend fartin' too close to these things. You can set 'em off with just about anything... Just make shore you shoot 'em from a safe distance.
Max Ammo: 1 Keg


Bowling Ball This is a not really a weapon... does no damage, but it is a funny weapon still... Try this one out on chickens!
Max Ammo: 1 Bowling Ball


Alien Bra Gun (Teat) Use this weapon only if there are lots of enemies around you. Then they are all dead. :)
Max Ammo: 200 bra bullets



Rides Again Only

Swamp Buggy with mortar weapon.
Motorcycle with machine gun weapons.
Sling Blade You find this weapon at a level start.




Pistol Ammo (speedloader)

ScatterGun Shells

AK-47 (RanchRifle) Ammo

RipSaw Ammo

Teat Gun Ammo

Alien Blaster Ammo

Cow Pie - Adds Health (Inventory Item)

Large Pork Rinds - Adds Health

Goo Goo Cluster - Adds allot of Health

Whisky - Adds Health but can make you drunk. (the drunker ya get, the harder it’ll be t’walk straight. An’ the more gut ya get, the harder it’ll be t’sneak up on them aliens.) (Inventory Item)

Beer - Adds Health but can make you drunk. (the drunker ya get, the harder it’ll be t’walk straight. An’ the more gut ya get, the harder it’ll be t’sneak up on them aliens.) (Inventory Item)

Skelton Keys - Three keys that all look alike, unlocking different doors or mechanisms.

Hip Waders - Protective against harmful surfaces, speeds you up on muddy/turd surfaces. Auto activated.

Vacuum Cleaner Hose Snorkel System - Works like scuba air tank. Auto activated.

Mooshine - Speed boost and Melee damage boost. (Inventory Item)

Bubba, find him and hit him with the crowbar to end the level. Don't kill him or you have to start over. He'll be calling out to you and waving his arms. Not all end levels will require Bubba to be present.


Rides Again Only

Chicken Crossbow Ammo. If you shoot the pick-up then it will explode, so be careful.

Motorcycle Gun Ammo

Swamp Buggy Mortar Ammo


 redneckr-rider-anim.gif (10010 bytes)



These varments are our natural born enemies! So allways "Shoot first THEN take a drink of beer. NEVER both at once"!



These maybe be your pets/food but, if they attack you KILL 'EM! Then you'll eat 'em.


redneck-mosquito.gif (4848 bytes)Mosquito You may have heard a yarn or two about the size of the insect life here in the deep south. Now, I suggest ya don't take these stories too lightly, 'cause I've seen some mosquitoes in my time that could suck a full-grown steer bone dry. Hell, some farmers 'round these parts even claim that a 'skeeter can carry off a javelina if it gets hungry enough. Ain't no bug repellent in the world gonna keep these bastards away, so ya best be keeping a loaded shotgun handy if'n you're gonna go traipsin' through the backwoods.


redneck-chicken.gif (2053 bytes)Chicken Chickens really don't make good huntin', 'cause they just ain't much of a challenge. Now I reckon ya might be able to get 'em riled up enough to provide some decent target practice, but as far as I'm concerned, they's generally just a pain in the ass, and is constantly gettin' in yer way. Nope, if ya ask me, a chicken is at its best when its floatin' way down at the bottom of a J. Cluck's deep fryin' vat.


redneck-cow.gif (7055 bytes)Cow It always amazes me how many slugs you can pump into a cow before she'll go down. Hell, I hit one with my truck once and it took the radiator and grill completely out. Damn thing just kept on walkin' cross the road too, as if it never paid me no mind. I'll tell ya, them animals make for some great cover when yer ass is in a bind. They ain't so bright though; I tipped one over once and it took it nearly a whole day to figger out how to get back up.


redneck-dog.gif (5883 bytes)Dog Dogs round here ain't like them lazy city dogs; they gots t' earn their keep. You be might careful not to go messin' round with no farm dogs, 'cause they're awful temperamental about strangers bein' in their territory. Ya best pay attention to what I'm sayin' now, 'cause if ya get one of them mongreloids after yer ass, you'll be prayin' fer the fastest cowboy boots that's ever graced the face of this earth.
Very tuff dogs and their bites do alot of damage.


redneck-pig.gif (3452 bytes)Pig Don't you be shootin' no pigs now, ya hear. Some of my most favorite things on this earth is made from them critters. Somehow, them animals always seem to lift me up when I'm feelin' down. 'Sides, they ain't quite as dumb as chickens and cows ya know. Piss off a javelina and she might just gnaw yer foot off if'n ya ain't careful.

Rides Again Only

Jack o'lopes 





These aliens are the thiefs that stole our pig! So go kick some out-of-this-world @$$!


redneck-turd.gif (4546 bytes)Turd Minion Rumor has it that them turd minions is actually made from alien fecal matter. Yup, you heard right, alien shit! Seems them buggers have found some kind a way to recycle their own crap. They bring it to life and use them little buggers to do all their work for 'em. Damn, I'm startin' to think I'm on the wrong side here. I mean, can ya imagine it? You could take a dump and have the little turd go plow the back 40! Ah, just as well, those little freaks probably would never get a lick o' work done, the way they always be hoppin' around like that. Nope, more likely they wouldn't be worth... Well, worth a shit I imagine.
They fire turds and rush you to exploded on you.


redneck-guard.gif (5799 bytes)Alien Hulk Guards Well now, them alien critters don't appear to be the sharpest pencils in the box, but I'll be damned if they ain't the biggest. Not only that, but they is armed to the teeth (and I think even those might be weapons too). Far as I can tell, those bastards is some kind of half critter, half machine type thing. All I know fer sure is that if you really wanna kill one, ya better blow his ass to bits. Otherwise, they seem to have some kinda backup battery contraption that keeps rechargin' after a while.
They Fire Energy Blasts and Proximity Spikes, and melee attack.

Ass Face

redneck-vixen.gif (4543 bytes)Alien Vixens It just pains my heart to have to fight such a luscious example of feminine beauty. Hell, half the time I don't know whether to shoot her, or to f... errr, kiss her. I guess when it comes right down to it though, I just cain't stomach gettin' my ass whupped by some leather wearin' bitch. I must admit though, them twin machine guns look purty appealin'. 'Course, you wouldn't never catch me tryin' to use a contraption like that... not in public anyhow.


Rides Again Only

Flying Saucer
Swamp Minions  Toss frogs at you.
Lava Minions  Toss fire lit turds at you.


Country Folk

These enemies MAY look like some of your kin, but don't be fooled, they ARN'T! They really clones! So KILL 'EM! (If you read this page, you would know what I was going to say ;)


redneck-oldcoot.gif (4323 bytes)Skinny Old Coot Most of the town folk are a bit scared of that skinny old coot. No one can say fer sure how old he is, but he's been livin' round here since long before anyone else can remember. Folks say he's been touched by some bad mojo, and now he cain't be killed. A few people have even claimed that they've actually seen the old man die. Somehow though, he always manages to come back. To make things worse, the old fart hates trespassers, and thinks he owns the whole county. Hell, he's so damn old that maybe that's not so impossible to believe.


redneck-billyray.gif (8187 bytes)Billy Ray Jeeter Billy Ray has always been a bit of a loner, and doesn't care much for comp'ny (even though he does consider most folks to be his counsin, an' in his case, he's likely right). Like many folk round these parts, Billy Ray swims in the shallow end of the gene pool, if'n ya catch my drift. Because of several generations of... errrr... selective breedin', he is one mammoth of a man. That boy's skull is so thick, I swear you could crack a bowlin' ball on it.

I heard a rumor about Billy Ray recently. Word has it he was out frog giggin' in the swamp late one night, and one of them alien space ships sucked his big ass up. They say they done cloned that boy, but was so disappointed with the results, they dumped the whole lot back into the swamp. Now I guess there's supposed to be hundreds of them Billy Ray clones traipsin' about, and no one knows which is the original. Hell, I don't see what's so hard to figger out... just look for the one with the corn mash on his breath.


redneck-sheriff.gif (4958 bytes)Sheriff Hobbes Sheriff Hobbes is not a man to cross when on the wrong side of the law. For that matter, he ain't a man to cross when on the -right- side of the law neither. Lester T. Hobbes makes it well known that he puts up with no guff in his county. You'd probably find his brand of southern justice is a might extreme, so be sure ya don't get on his bad side if ya don't wanna end up in the swamps feedin' the 'gators.

Rides Again Only

Groovy Old Coot Single pistol shooting.
Daisy Mae (cheerleader) Kicks and shoot fire from her baton.
Frank Doyle (biker) Double pistol shooting.




  • While playing enter the codes, use the pause key if needed.
Rides Again
redneckr-daisy-anim.gif (6940 bytes)
rdjoseph Motor Bike
rdarijit Boat
rddonut Boat
rdwholeslagle Makes you sober (Toggle??)
rdgary Turn into a chicken
rdtony Shrinks enemies, more and more
rdvan Larger enemies, more and more
rdkfc Chicken Mode
rdaaron Mushroom mode
rdgreg Toggle boat rocking
rdmrbill Increase Damage
rdrhett Kills player
rdnocheat Disables Cheat Mode
rdnoah Lowers weapon (alternate debug info)
rdmikael All items







Original Concept, Design And Direction
Drew Markham
Art Direction, Additional Design
Corky Lehmkuhl
Produced By
Greg Goodrich
Game Programming
Joseph Aurili
Original Game Programming
Rafael Paiz
Level Design
Rhett Baldwin, Aaron Barber
Original Art Directors and Support
Claire Praderie-Markham,
Michael "Maxx" Kaufman
Computer Graphics Supervisor and Character Animation Director
Barry Dempsey
Senior Animator And Modeler
Jason Hoover
Motion Capture Specialist And Character Animation
Amit Doron
Sound Design and Music Production Coordinator
Gary Bradfield
Introduction Animation
Dominique Drozdz
Matthias Beeguer
Additional Art
Viktor Antonov
Production Coordinator
Victoria Sylvester


Interplay Productions
Bill Dugan
Line Producer
Chris Benson
Interplay Title Sequence
Tim Donley
Redbook, Autorun and Misc. Programming
Darren Monahan
Programming Assistance
Arthur Attila Donavan
Quality Assurance Project Supervisor
Darrell Jones
Tim Anderson, Primo Pulanco, Mark McCarty, Brian Axline
Director of Compatibility
Phuong Nguyen
Compatibility Tech
Jack Parker, Derek Gibbs, Marc Duran
Scott Bennie

Burton Gilliam
Daisy Mae
Tara Charendoff
Bubba, Billy Ray Jeter, Skinny Ol' Coot, The Turd Minion and Frank Doyle
Drew Markham
Other Various Ramblings
Drew Markham
Sheriff Lester T. Hobbes
Mojo Nixon
Alien Vixen
Peggy Jo Jacobs
"Redneck Rampage" Written and Performed by
Mojo Nixon
"Stanky's Blues" Traditional Banjo and Guitar Pickin' by
John Schlocker, Howard Yearwood
"Ol' Joe Clark" Traditional Banjo and Guitar Pickin' by
John Schlocker, Howard Yearwood
"Cybersex" Written and Performed by
Mojo Nixon
"Cripple Creek" Traditional Banjo and Guitar Pickin' by
John Schlocker, Howard Yearwood
"Disgraceland" Written by
Drew Markham
"Disgraceland" Produced by
Drew Markham, Jason Smith
"Disgraceland" Performed by
Tiny D & The Sofa Kings (Drew Markham, Jason Smith, Howard Anderson, Michael Labrador)
"She A Good'n" Traditional Banjo and Guitar Pickin' by
John Schlocker, Howard Yearwood
"Duelin' Banjos" Written by
Arthur Smith
"Duelin' Banjos" Performed by
John Schlocker, Howard Yearwood
Recording Engineer
Dave Ahlert
Recording Assistance
Jeff Gilbert
Motion Capture Actor
J.P. Manoux
Motion Capture Actress
Shawn Wolfe
Alex Mayberry, Mal Blackwell
Nuts and Bolts
Steve Goldberg
Bean Counter
Max Yoshikawa
Production Assistance
Minerva Mayberry
Production Baby
Pauline Marie Markham
Original Production Baby
Alyson Kaufman
3D Build Engine License
3D Realms Entertainment
Build Engine and Related Tools Creator
Ken Silverman


Title: Redneck Rampage Rides Again: Arkansas
Author: Xatrix
Distributor: Interplay (1998)
Media: CD-ROM





Build action game. The Xatrix team was known to enhance the game engine map editing abilities.

bubba and leonard are back and causin' a ruckus once again. after crash landing in an alien spaceship, they have to wend their way back home across america, stirring up a heap of destruction in their wake. with brand-new levels, localities, redneck ruffians, motorcycles, swamp buggies, and some down-home weapons, you'll have more fun than a pig in slop!

The sequel to the original with more guns and bigger hogs. "Itty Bitty Brains - Great Big Guns!"

  • 14 new levels and locations that will satisfy even the most civilized of yer kin.
  • Over 10 wicked weapons like a crossbow that shoots dynamite-loaded chickens
  • Joyride a swamp buggy or motorcycle that are armed to the teeth
  • Up to six rednecks can play at the same time over a LAN
  • Toe-tapping tunes by the outrageous and controversial Mojo Nixon.


rr-reunion.jpg (8308 bytes) rr-reunion2.jpg (6871 bytes) Title: Redneck Rampage Family Reunion
Version: FULL Games
Author: Xatrix
Distributor: Interplay (1999)
Media: CD-ROM





Build action game. The Xatrix team was known to enhance the game engine map editing abilities.

This package includes the FULL products, 2 Games, 1 add-on and 1 sound Pack.

  • Redneck Rampage (game 1)
  • Redneck Rampage Suckin' Grits on Route 66 (add-on)
  • Redneck Rampage Cuss Pack (sound pack)
  • Redneck Rampage Rides Again: Arkansas (game 2)