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a.k.a. - Shadow Warrior

Lo Wang is Shadow Warrior.
#1 Assassin.
#1 Yakuza abuser.
#1 Freak fragger.
#1 Mutant mutilator.
#1 Reason to be scared of the dark.

So say sayonara to all the Ninja wannabes that have gone before and put on your combat sandals...Lo Wang is coming to the Land of the Rising Sun to turn out the lights. Experience total bloody immersion. If you can't touch, kill or drive something...then blow it away! Whether you're wielding katanas, an Uzi, or a freshly plundered Guardian'be got your work cut out for you. Enter the world's most interactive 3D environment...and cut yourself some sushi!

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Shadow Warrior was built in parallel with Duke3D Atomic source code with many changes and enhancements. The game runs faster, and has a full range of new colors, true room above room, there's also new Build Tools. Note: It lacks CONs, apparently this helped increase the game speed and performance. (All Assembly.)
Game Features:
  • 28 huge levels, 6 specifically designed for multiplayer "Wang Bangs."
  • More detail, interactivity, gags and hilarious "Lo Wang Speak" than Duke Nukem 3D.
  • Swim, duck, jump, drive vehicles, climb ladders, go anywhere, do anything!
  • Hand-to-face combat mode lets you kick butt and slice 'n' dice in true ninja style.
  • Advanced graphic effects like fog, multi-colored lighting and transparent water create total immersion. Supports up to 800 x 600 resolution!
  • Drive heavily armed vehicles through walls and over enemies -- tanks, bulldozers, forklifts, boats and more!
  • Built from the ground up for the ultimate "Wang Bang." Choose from Deathmatch, Co-op, Team Play or Capture-The-Flag modes with up to 8 players, 2 by modem.
  • Throwing stars, katanas, 4-barrel shot guns, rail guns, nukes, enemy body parts! -- the most versatile, goriest, death-dealing armory in gaming history!
  • New and improved Build Editor for designing and destroying you own environments.


  • 28 Levels
  • Co-op Levels
  • Multiplayer Levels
  • New Weapons including shurikens and a Uzi
  • Weapon Rate of Fire
  • Ladders
  • Drive Sector based Vehicles, like tanks
  • All New art with a full range color palette
  • Textures are High Res.
More Details:
  • True room over room situations where you can have beams running over a room and be above, below, or stand on the beam. Ledges, true bridges and more are all possible, adding to the realism of the environment.
  • 8 player network and 2 player modem supported, featuring deathmatch and co-operative play.
  • Fog effects.
  • Colored lighting.
  • SVGA mode support.
  • Transparent water that you can see into and out of, as well as swim in.


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Shadow Warrior has 10 weapon slots and 8 alternate firing modes!



shadoww-katanasword.gif (6086 bytes)Katana slot #1 mode #1 - Can be used to slice right through the Brown ninjas, upon slicing a him he will separate into two pieces. Blood squirts and the top half of the body slides off the lower. When using the sword it produces a trail effect as seen to the right. This is similar to Duke3Ds steroid frame effect. As for other sword effects,  All others attacks result in slicing the Ninjas neck and beating there body's violently. A very powerful weapon for short range attacks and conserving ammo.



shadoww-fistsoffury.gif (7088 bytes)Fists of Fury slot #1 mode #2 - Lo Wang can also use his powerful fighting skills at close range to punch the life out of his foes. Just don't pound on anything too hard. The fist are useful when you feel confidant and want to beat on someone. Another use is if you enter dojos with training dummies and you start beating on them you can regain health.
NOTE: There is a secret attack mode for the fists when used with a certain inventory item for stealth.



shadoww-shurikens.gif (6429 bytes)Shurikens slot#2 - You can throw three of these deadly little razors at a time creating a small spread. The stars bounce off of walls and if you get low on ammo, look at surrounding walls and see if you can retrieve loose shurikens from there via the OPEN / SPACE key. You also can replenish your supply from dead Ninjas. The shurikens or throwing stars are used primarily for distant attacks. The amount of damage is effective. The stars are also good for activating something far away or detonating sticky mines.
Some Facts:

  • Pick Up ammo, you get 9 shurikens, up to a max of 99
  • You throw three at a time.
  • You must have 3 or more in your possession to use.


shadoww-riotshotgun.gif (6005 bytes)Quad Barrel Riot Shotgun slot#3 mode#1 and #2 -This deadly weapon has two firing modes. In the first mode, you shoot a concentrated blast via one barrel that will knock an enemy off his feet. In mode 2, you switch to using all 4 barrels of devastation. It then must reload pauseing your fireing rate. At close range you can dispatch nearly anything. But be warned. The farther you are from an enemy, the wider the spread, making this weapon less effective.
Some Facts:

  • Picking up weapon gets you 8 shotshells; max of 52.
  • Picking up ammo drum gets 24 shotshells
  • Weapon has an autofire mode, press "3" again to alternate between autofire and standard mode.


shadoww-uzi.gif (4035 bytes)Uzi slot#4 mode#1 and #2 - Armed with your high speed machine gun, you become even more deadly than before. But find a second Uzi and you can wield two at the same time, literally cutting your enemies to shreds with the increased damage. But power comes at a cost, as you will eat up ammo at double the rate.
Some Facts:

  • Picking up weapon gets you 50 bullets; max of 200
  • Picking up ammo clip gets you 50 bullets
  • If you pick up a second UZI, you can wield two at the same time, John Woo style.
shadoww-uziakimbo-anim.gif (10897 bytes)


shadoww-rocketlauncher.gif (7582 bytes)Rocket Launcher slot#5 mode#1 #2 and #3 - In the normal mode, you shoot typical explosive rockets that will cause a great deal of damage. Once you find the Heat Seeker Card, your next 5 rockets will have heat seeking abilities (press 5 to toggle modes). This is very usefull when you want to hit a moving target. The rocket will track and seek its target. Once you possess a Nuke, you can access the third firing mode. which after selected will start a countdown, after which you can fire. When you set off a Nuke, make sure to have very nearby cover, or you will glow. Don't look at the blast either or you will take damage.
Some Facts:

  • Picking up weapon gets 5 missiles; max of 50
  • Picking up ammo pack gets you 5 missiles.
  • This weapon has three modes, press "5" to alternate. The third mode will activate the Nuke. Don't be near it when it goes off.


Grenade Launcher slot #6 - This weapon launches out a 40mm explosive shell that will bounce 3 times then explode. It is ideal for dealing death in hard to reach places like ledges, or around corners. It has a very large radius area of damage, so don't be too close when it detonates.  Try to avoid using in tight areas as the grenade may bounce back in your direction. If you want to avoid bouncing, launch one directly at one of the enmeys and it will explosed on contact. As a side effect the weapon can spawn small fires.
Some Facts:

  • Picking Up Weapon gets you 6 shells; max of 50
  • Picking up ammo box gets you 8 shells


shadoww-stickymines.gif (4503 bytes)Sticky Mines slot#7 - Perhaps the sneakiest weapon in Lo Wang's arsenal, this is a small explosive device surrounded by sharp spikes, which will allow it to 'stick' to nearly any surface. Once attached to a floor, wall, ceiling, or even an enemy, there is a 3 second priming timer. Once this timer is set, the bomb will detonate when it's motion detectors sense something near. Just stick one on an enemy and watch the fun.
Some Facts:

  • Picking up a box of sticky bombs gives you 5 of them; max of 20


shadoww-railgun.gif (5530 bytes)Rail Gun   slot#8 A top secret weapon and still classified, the Rail Gun will shoot a piece of metal at near light speed, propelled from a magnetic field, leaving a blue circular trail. This weapon will penetrate multiple enemies, making it powerful and very useful in certain situations. The rate of fire isn't continuous, it pauses briefly before firing again.

shadoww-railgun-anim.gif (30267 bytes)


shadoww-guardianhead.gif (10141 bytes)Guardian Head slot#9 - This head is collected from a Guardian enemy you kill. Sometimes he will lose his head and you can grab it and use its special attacks. The way you manipulate his attacks is by inserting fingers into different holes in the back of his fractured skull. Each finger will yield a different attack. One attack is a single fireball you can shoot with one press of the fire key. The Second is a stream of burning fireballs, that will catch enemies on fire. You just hold the fire button down. The third mode will release a huge circle of fireballs incinerating anything in its path. These magical fireballs can even go through walls, making it ideal for rooting out that camper in a room in multiplay. The forth mode will emit a wall of flaming napalm that will destroy anything in its path.



shadoww-ripperheart.gif (4553 bytes)Ripper Heart slot#0(10) - This is another weapon you can get from a fallen enemy. The ape-like 'Rippers' in the game will rip your heart out when they kill you, so it is only fitting that you can turn that power against them. You will squeeze the bloody dripping heart and a translucent Lo Wang is spawned that helps you fight. Your counterpart is armed with a Railgun and he attacks on his own. Effectively allowing you to attack from multipliable angles. You can only use the head five times before it leaves your inventory.



These items are kept on the player until you select and use them.
shadoww-portablemedkit.gif (1261 bytes) Portable Medkit - This carries a maximum of 100% of additional health. When you are low on health, you can select this to bring your health back up to 100%. The amount used to do this will be subtracted from the amount stored in the Medkit. A shortcut to selecting and activating the Medkit is available by pressing the letter "M" during game play.
Night Vision Goggles - When used, this makes enemies glow bright green. This is necessary to see some of the characters who you can not normally see otherwise. You can only have one of these at a time, and has a game play shortcut by pressing the letter "N".
shadoww-repairkit.gif (1294 bytes) Repair Kit - When used, you can repair one broken vehicle or other broken device you may encounter during game play. To use get in the broken vehicle and press the OPEN / SPACE key.
shadoww-caltrops.gif (1826 bytes) Caltrops - Small razor sharp talons of metallic death. You throw the Caltrops on the floor, and they lie there. If someone steps on them, they take some damage, and they will cry out in pain. You can get 9 Caltrops to a box (3 uses). Three Caltrops are thrown per use. The game play shortcut key is "C".
shadoww-flashbomb.gif (1211 bytes) Flash Bomb - Using this will blind nearby opponents and enemies for a few seconds. You can have up to two of these at a time. The game play shortcut key is "F".
shadoww-smokebomb.gif (1107 bytes) Smoke Bomb - Using this will render you partially invisible for a few seconds. You can only have one at a time. The game play shortcut key is "S".
shadoww-gasgrenade.gif (1115 bytes) Gas Grenade - Using this will cause the grenade to spray green noxious gas, damaging any opponent or enemy who gets too close (will hurt you as well). You can have one of these at a time. The game play shortcut key is "G".

Power Ups

These Power Ups are used immediately upon picking them up, and can not be stored for later use like inventory items can.

shadoww-fortunecookie.gif (1214 bytes) Fortune Cookie - Gives you a +50 health boost. You can have up to a maximum of 200.
shadoww-smallmedkit.gif (1063 bytes) Small Medkit - Gives you a +20 health boost. You can have up to a maximum of 100.
shadoww-nuclearwarhead.gif (1323 bytes) Nuclear Warhead - This counts as its own ammo, and no missiles are required for use. You can only have one at a time. This is used in mode three of the Rocket Launcher. When you fire this baby make sure that you have some cover to get behind.
shadoww-heatseekercard.gif (1307 bytes) Heat Seeker Card - This card will allow your next 5 missiles to heat seek an opponent. This is used in mode two of the Rocket Launcher.
Armor Vest - Gray in color, takes your armor count to 50.

Kevlar Armor - Red in color, takes your armor count to 100.



shadoww-evilninja.gif (3244 bytes)Brown Evil Ninja - Can do all player actions (climb, duck, hide behind boxes). Shoots an uzi or throws shurikens. Will commit suicide.

Red Evil Ninja - Will do everything his brown cousin does, plus he can shoot small rockets at you, as well as shoot uzis. This ninja does not waste his time with shurikens.

Orange Ninja - These ninjas have the added ability to shoot heat seeking rockets at you. Very nasty in open areas. You can kill them and sometimes get a heat seeker card for your own rocket.

Gray Ninja - These ninjas have been upgraded with the ability to launch grenades at you. Considering the blast radius of grenades, these guys are particularly nasty. You can collect more grenades when you kill them.

Shadow Ninja - The most fearsome of the lot, this ninja uses the ancient skills to stay nearly invisible. He can blast you with two type of magic napalm, one being a wall of fire. Beware, because this ninja is also skilled in the use of Flash Bombs. Once blinded, you will have little chance of survival.

shadoww-coolie2.gif (4884 bytes)shadoww-coolie.gif (4180 bytes)Coolies - These unskilled Asian workers pose little threat from long distances, but fear them at short range. They carry a wooden crate filled with TNT and will make kamikaze runs at you when you get close enough. You can use their explosive nature to destroy other enemies as well.
shadoww-bunny.gif (1091 bytes) Bunnies - You may encounter some of these cute little creatures along your way. What you do with them is your business.  
shadoww-koi.gif (2212 bytes)Koi - These denizens of the deep look like normal KOI until you get close and notice the rows and rows of razor sharp teeth. Alone they pose little threat, but in schools, you better make a run for dry ground.
shadoww-cooliecrypt.gif (2349 bytes) Coolie Ghost - Not content with attacking you once, some Coolies will spawn a spectral ghost after they make their great sacrifice. These apparitions will float around phasing in and out of existence, taking time out to heave nasty gobs of bloody goo at you.
shadoww-ripper.gif (2915 bytes)Ripper - These large gorilla like creatures are very strong. They will leap at you from long distances, or from below. They can cling to walls above you, waiting to drop at any moment. Or they will charge you at full speed and start ripping at your flesh. You will not survive long if they are not dealt with. You can sometimes kill one and use their HEART as a weapon.

Giant Ripper - This variety of Ripper is brown in color, much larger and much stronger that his grey counterpart. Be afraid if you meet one in a dark room. You can sometimes kill one and use their HEART as a weapon.
shadoww-accursedhead.gif (1247 bytes)Accursed Heads - These reddish demonic heads will be either buried in the ground up to the top of their skulls, of just floating in mid air awaiting your arrival. Once you get close, they will attack in several ways via explosion, flash bomb, spewing out caltrops of other nastiness. They prey on the careless adventurer who does not look where they are going.  


[no pic] Green Floor Slime - This slime moves along the floor searching for something alive to devour.



shadoww-hornet.gif (1292 bytes) Hornets - These overgrown yellow jackets will do minor damage to you, but beware a swarm of them. They are extremely fast and erratic moving, making them hard to hit, and will continually sting away at your health.  
shadoww-serpentgod.gif (2976 bytes) Serpent God - This is a four armed evil snake like creation of Zilla himself. He can shoot devastating energy bolts from his eyes, and when attacked, will spawn a circle of exploding accursed heads. These heads will launch themselves at you in order to protect their evil master. Be very prepared for battle when you meet a Serpent God.
shadoww-ripperbaby.gif (2386 bytes) Baby Rippers - These are smaller / faster versions of their parents, only they move much faster and will spit a greenish gooey substance all over you. They are very hungry and need food to grow.  
shadoww-guardian.gif (3109 bytes)Guardian - These 10 foot tall 'guardians' are very tough indeed. You will need many shotgun blasts to bring one down. As if that's not bad enough they can shoot fireballs from their eyes that deal a lot of damage. At close range they will switch to using a sword that will cut you to pieces very quickly. These guys are best dealt with at long distances. (You can sometimes kill them and then use their HEAD as a weapon.)
shadoww-femalewarrior.gif (3110 bytes) Female Warrior - She can do many of the things the base ninja can do, but she is much more deadly. Carrying a crossbow, she will shoot bolts in your direction at high speed. She can also loft sticky mines your way, making it very difficult to stay in one place. Treat these ladies with some respect.
shadoww-sumo.gif (7571 bytes)Sumo - This giant nightmare of a Sumo wrestler will meet you with a vengeance. His mass alone will cause damage as he stomps on the ground, sending shock waves your way. Getting too near will yield a Sumo hand clap that will do great damage and leave you disoriented. There are other attacks you will have to discover on your own.

shadoww-zilla.gif (8527 bytes) Master Zilla - Master Zilla is the final boss of the game. Master Zilla, though merely human, rules his evil Zilla Enterprises empire from the safety of a virtually indestructible samurai cybersuit. Inside his titanium alloy carapace, Master Zilla commands a powerful arsenal. He shoots multiple heat-seeking missiles from his stretched fingers; fires metal projectiles at piercing speeds, with the aid of his helmet-mounted rail gun; and, finally, he's also able to spray uzi fire with the built-in machine gun.


  • shadoww-yingyang3-anim.gif (7170 bytes)While playing hit the 'T' Key and Enter the following codes.
Code Description
dumpsounds Dev Only; Creates a "" debugging file, dumps sound listing.
sound# Dev Only; Plays a [sound number] (e.g. sound10 )
swsave Debug Mode; Saves a .map file for BUILD, helps find errors in user maps
swquit Quits game
swchan God mode, Fly is then available; -Press "j" to "jetpack". (To go higher press "a" to go lower press "z")
swgimme All items and weapons
swgreed All cheats; god mode, all items, ammo and weapons
swtrek## Warp to Episode and Level - [episode number][level number] EX: swtrek02 = First Episode , Level 2
swloc FPS - displays frame rate (Use it again for your Location in level)
swres Change the resolution on the fly (F5 Key will also)
swmap Reveals full map ON or Off, with TAB Key
swstart Restart current Level
swghost Clipping mode Off or On - walk through walls
(can cause a crash if you walk out of the level, the exterior walls/boundaries)
swtrix Bunny Rockets for (Weapon #5)
winpachinko Win Pachinko game each time for an item
swname Change multiplayer name, during game.
config Load another .CFG file
clear Clear saved game files
config Disply Help Config
help Display help menu
shadoww-yingyang-large.gif (1664 bytes)
CD-ROM Controls; To play your own CD!
cdon Play CD music (enables CD Audio Control)
cdoff Stop CD music (disables CD Audio Control)
cd reset re-initializes CD Audio System
cd play# Play a CD [track number] one time
cd loop# Play a CD [track number] continuously
cd stop Stops the music
cd resume Resumes stopped music
cd eject Eject CD from device
cd remap ... Select desired tracks
cd info Reports info on current CD in device

Commanline parameter options not mentioned in the manual:

The built-in command line help in v1.0 mentions two command line parameters,
-commbat# and -coop#, which turn on fake multiplayer and fake co-op modes in single-player game. Version 1.1 removed the description of these parameters from the built-in help, but they are still listed in the electronic manual (SWHELP.EXE). Version 1.2 removes all mention of these from its electronic manual as well. Nevertheless, the those two parameters work in all three versions. There is no parameter that would actually turn on bots in "fake multiplayer" single-player games, it is not mentioned in any of these versions.
There is a Win95 compatibility mode for MIDI music in early versions which can be activated with the -win95 or -win95awe32 command line parameters. Version 1.2 also makes no mention of this whatsoever.


Shadoww-button-type1.gif (1869 bytes)
shadoww-yingyang2-anim.gif (8298 bytes)

shadoww-shot26.jpg (41793 bytes)

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shadoww-shot12.gif (8156 bytes) shadoww-shot24.jpg (12335 bytes) shadoww-shot12.gif (8156 bytes)
shadoww-shot14.gif (7113 bytes) shadoww-shot22.jpg (5803 bytes)
shadoww-shot15.gif (7942 bytes) shadoww-shot16.gif (7591 bytes)
shadoww-shot11.gif (7954 bytes) shadoww-shot17.gif (7470 bytes)
shadoww-yingyang.gif (1222 bytes) shadoww-shot24.jpg (12335 bytes) shadoww-yingyang2.gif (1112 bytes)
shadoww-shot9.jpg (5023 bytes) shadoww-shot7.jpg (5051 bytes) shadoww-shot8.jpg (6762 bytes) shadoww-shot9.jpg (5023 bytes)
shadoww-shot3.jpg (5261 bytes) shadoww-shot5.jpg (6833 bytes) shadoww-shot21.jpg (5722 bytes) shadoww-shot19.jpg (7462 bytes)
shadoww-shot3.jpg (5261 bytes) shadoww-shot1.jpg (4705 bytes) shadoww-shot22.jpg (5803 bytes) shadoww-shot5.jpg (6833 bytes)
3drealms-logo.gif (4246 bytes) shadoww-shot18.jpg (6738 bytes) shadoww-shot19.jpg (7462 bytes) shadoww-shot2.jpg (5610 bytes)

shadoww-bar.gif (1984 bytes)

shadowwarrior-logo.gif (4507 bytes)


Game Design:
3D Realms, Frank Maddin, Jim Norwood
Project Leader:
George Broussard
Game Programming:
Frank Maddin, Jim Norwood
"Build" 3D Engine & Tools:
Ken Silverman
Map Designers:
Stephen Cole, Keith Schuler
George Broussard, Jim Norwood, Randy Pitchford, Eric Reuter
Stephen Hornback, Brian Martel, Jim Norwood, Michael Wallin
2D Artist - Animator:
Dirk Jones (uncredited)
Music & Sound Effects:
Lee Jackson
Voice Talent:
John Galt as "Lo Wang"
Lani Minella and Rose Schuler as "Anime Girls"
Print Manual:
George Broussard, Joe Siegler
Install, Technical Help:
Joe Siegler
Special Thanks:
Chuck Jones & Doug Wood for supplemental art.
[Shadow Warrior Level Design Credits]

1. Seppuku Station
Finished/Modified by Stephen Cole
Started by Randy Pitchford

2. Zilla Construction
By Stephen Cole

3. Master Leep's Temple
By Keith Schuler

4. Dark Woods of the Serpent
Finished/Modified by Keith Schuler
Started by Randy Pitchford

5. Rising Son
By Keith Schuler

6. Killing Fields
By Stephen Cole

7. Hara-Kiri Harbor
By Stephen Cole

8. Zilla's Villa
By Stephen Cole

9. Monastery
By Stephen Cole

10. Raider of the Lost Wang
By Stephen Cole

11. Sumo Sky Palace
Finished/Modified by George Broussard
Started by Randy Pitchford

12. Bath House
By Keith Schuler

13. Unfriendly Skies
Finished/Modified by Keith Schuler
Started by Jim Norwood

14. Crude Oil
Finished/Modified by Stephen Cole
Started by Eric Reuter

15. Coolie Mines
Finished/Modified by Keith Schuler
Started by Eric Reuter

16. Subpen 7
Finished/Modified by Stephen Cole
Started by Eric Reuter

17. The Great Escape
Finished/Modified by Keith Schuler
Started by Eric Reuter

18. Floating Fortress
Finished/Modified by Keith Schuler
Started by Jim Norwood

19. Water Torture
By Keith Schuler

20. Stone Rain
Finished/Modified by Keith Schuler
Started by Jim Norwood

21. Shanghai Shipwreck
Finished/Modified by George Broussard
Started by Randy Pitchford

22. Auto Maul
By Keith Schuler

23. Heavy Metal [DM]
By Stephen Cole

24. Ripper Valley [DM]
By Keith Schuler

25. House of Wang [DM]
By Keith Schuler

26. Lo Wang Rally [DM]
By Stephen Cole

27. Ruins of the Ronin [CTF]
By Stephen Cole

28. Killing Fields [CTF]
By Stephen Cole



sw-box.jpg (5691 bytes) Title: Shadow Warrior
Version: v1.2
3D Realms
Media: CD-ROM





Lo Wang is Shadow Warrior.

Lo Wang is Shadow Warrior. #1 Assassin. #1 Yakuza Abuser. #1 Freak fragger. #1 Mutant mutilator. #1 Reason to be scared of the dark. So say sayonara to all the Ninja wannabes that have gone before and put on your combat sandals...Lo Wang is coming to the land of the Rising Sun to turn out the lights.

  • Throwing stars, katanas, 4-barrel shot guns, rail guns, nukes, enemy body parts
  • Swim, duck, drive vehicles, climb ladders, go anywhere, do anything
  • Drive heavily armed vehicles through walls and over enemies - tanks, bulldozer's, forklifts, boats and more
  • Hand-to-face combat mode lets you kick butt and slice 'n' dice in true ninja style


sw-wdlogo.jpg (12424 bytes) Title: Wanton Destruction
Author: Sunstorm Interactive
Media: DL





Never Published, but Completed. A free download for Shadow Warrior.


Title: Twin Dragon
Wylde Productions
Media: DL



Never Published, but Completed. A free download for Shadow Warrior.


Title: Deadly Kiss





Never Finished, but old resources/data found. A free download for Shadow Warrior, Assets and v0.01.

This add-on focuses on Tensi Yoka (That's No-Wang to your friends), the baby sister of the famous Shadow Warrior.



sw-additionsfor.jpg (4119 bytes) Title: Level Pack 14 Additions For Shadow Warrior
Distributor: PMR International
Media: CD




The CD Contains: Aprox 76 levels, A few midi's and tools, Two desktop themes, 3DFX SW pictures, SW Shareware and CD launcher...


sw-unlockthesecrets.jpg (5555 bytes) Title: Unlock the Secrets to Shadow Warrior
Author: GameWizards
Media: CD-ROM





GameWizards Interactive Strategy Guides Series. Full motion video! View actual game play! Jump to any trouble spot and get answers quickly! Printable game walk-through! Also includes these exclusive collectible features: Hear Lo Wang's wise words that never made the final cut PLUS all of those that did! See early artists renderings of Lo Wang!


Need Image, please send one in. Title: Shadow Warrior: The Unauthorized Strategy Guide
Author: Prima Development Staff.
Prima Publishing ISBN: 076150933X (Jan 1998)
Publisher: Boxtree
Media: Book





Who wants to know Wang better? 240 pages


sw-offstrat&secret.jpg (5006 bytes) Title: The Official Shadow Warrior Strategies & Secrets Guide
Author: Jonathan Mendoza,
Ronald Wartow (October 1997)
Distributor: Sybex ISBN: 0782117953
Media: Book





256 pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 0.75 x 9.25 x 7.75

Secret codes, insider tips, and interviews with the game's developers make this exclusive, official book a must for serious gamers. Written with the full support and cooperation of the development team at 3D Realms and Apogee, it contains cheat codes, special hints, and interviews that are available nowhere else.


sw-survialguide.jpg (3633 bytes) Title: Shadow Warrior: The Complete Survival Guide
Author: The Wylde Team
Sandwich Islands Pub ISBN 1884364357 (Dec 10, 1997)
Media: Book





128 pp, 8.5 x 11, illustrated

  • Complete maps for every level, including the secret levels.
  • Detailed and easy-to-read chapters with strategies for beginners and advanced players alike.
  • Learn combat strategies that will give you the upper hand in Wang Bang games!
  • Over 200 extra-large screen shots that illustrate the most important strategies and secrets in each game.