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a.k.a. - WW2 GI

Developed by the NAM team for GT, WW2GI followed the military theme of its predecessor, bringing it back to the time of the Second World War. For this release, programmer Matt Saettler made vast improvements to the con scripting language to enable more advanced weapon controls and introducing custom variables into the language at last! He also did the autorun and installer for it. GT originally recruited Matt to help with some budget titles.

The game itself benefits from a higher percentage of original art than NAM, usually at a higher size (allowed mostly by the higher average system specs in the market). Most of the art is passable. Enemy and ally art is very well done, using larger actors and scaling them down. Game play is similar to Duke 3D and NAM.

WWII: GI (Blast Your Way to Freedom) Take to the shores during the storming of Normandy beaches in WWII GI from GT Interactive. Fight the German-occupied forces in this first-person D-day shooter whose story revolves around the Allied invasion. Explore German bunkers and underground trenches through two battle campaigns that include seven missions each. Play against the computer or link up with a rival in a head-to-head competition mode that boasts an additional 16 multiplayer-specific maps.



You're in the 101st Airborne. One of the first wave of allied troops to touch down in a no-man's land of twisted shrapnel, dead bodies, and heavily armed Nazi-infested machine-gun bunkers.

This is D-Day. What you've been training for as one of 101st Airborne. The battle that will decide the war. Now you must fight your way through hostile beaches. Abandoned country roads with tall, sniper-infested hedgerows. Open fields with no cover. Thick, challenging woods. And the narrow streets of devastated villages.

YOUR MISSION: Destroy the Nazi war machine or die trying.

Your country has given you all the training and equipment you need to win:

  • 30 single and multi-player Nazi-infested levels developed by the creators of NAMô.

  • Authentic WWII standard issue weapons and military paraphernalia.

  • Use true-to-war strategies to successfully complete genuine WWII Normandy military scenarios. Close combat gunfights. Sniper strikes. Village shoot-outs. Bridge assaults. And more.

  • Up to 8-player multiplay including 8 GI Match levels, 4 capture-the-flag levels, and 4 co-operative levels.


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WWII GI uses the NAM Game Engine ( which uses the The Duke3D Atomic Engine). The source code was tailored for the needs of this game. Matt Saettler is the man behind the source code update. He has worked with Blood in the past and work on NAM as well. At Saettler's WW2GI Info site you'll find a compressive list revealing Matt's talents as a Build Engine programmer! It's amazing what he has done. If you're interested in Matt Saettler's latest (Build Engine Game) project head to the Enhanced Duke Site

  • 30 Levels
  • 14 Co-op Levels
  • 4 CTF Levels
  • 8 GI Multiplayer Levels
  • 4 Fireteam Levels
  • New Weapon Rate of Fire System
  • Morale Status Bar Indicator
  • Morale system affects your shooting accuracy.
  • Booze and Smokes increase Morale.

  • See Saettler's WW2GI Info
  • New CONS
  • Rate Of Fire CON control
  • Helper Bots (Explosive Expert, Medic etc..)
  • Fly overs and Air Support
  • First Aid (You need to stand still to bandage yourself, you can look around.)
  • Plenty of new High-Res tiles.
  • Some Recycled art from Duke3d and NAM

  • The BUILD map editor is not bundled on the CD... apparently if you don't have Duke3D Atomic map editor, you'll need it. There is a special Map FAQ for this game available online.
The TNT Team (now known as Reactor4) WW2GI was their last Build engine game, the project started in fall '98 and was finished in spring '99. Tuco and Lado were the main authors for this project as Heikki spent his compulsory time in the Finnish armed forces. WW2 GI is of course the best they have done. The TNT group have made an a Official free add-on for their WWII GI game, titled: Platoon Leader. (see below)
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created by Heikki


* Three exciting single-player-only 
  levels: one WWII Pacific and two 
  Vietnam War scenarios.

* 11 weapons including BAR, Colt 
  pistol, Bazooka, M-16 Assault 
  Rifle, White Phosphorus Grenade 
  and M60 Machine Gun.

* Many new effects and features 
  not seen in the game WW2GI.
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* 38 MB free hard drive space

* The game "WWII:GI" by GT Interactive

* A fast Pentium recommended
  for 640x480 and 800x600
  graphic modes

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1> Run the file PLATOONLEADER.EXE,
   it's a self-extracting file
   with an installer
2> After installing, run 
   PLATOONL.BAT to play	

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ww2gi-head-anim.gif (23311 bytes)NOTE: Even if you have installed 
Platoon Leader, the game WWII GI 
works normally with WW2GI.EXE.





 ww2gi-thompson.jpg (2928 bytes)M1 Thompson Sub-machine Gun- good stopping power but not very accurate at long range. Thompson ammo is usually plentiful but it is limited in D-Day and Atlantic Wall. This weapon is best used at short and medium range.


 ww2gi-mp40.jpg (1867 bytes)German MP-40 "Schmeisser" - better at long range than the Thompson but not as powerful. Ammo is plentiful in German territory and getting one of these in D-Day really helps you in Atlantic wall. This weapon can be used at a slightly longer range than the Thompson.


ww2gi-bar.jpg (2152 bytes) Browning Automatic Rifle (BAR) - US light machine gun very accurate very powerful. Use this weapon mostly for blasting Germans from far away to save rounds in missions where there are not enough like Hunt For The 88's, Finding private McCurkee, and Saving Private McCurkee. In missions like Seaside Sweep, and Paperwork you have a lot of BAR ammo so this is your weapon of choice.


ww2gi-bazooka.jpg (2879 bytes) M2 Bazooka - Used mainly against tanks this weapon is limited and should be saved for killing tanks. You will get hurt if you shoot a wall or soldier close to you.


ww2gi-grenade.jpg (2022 bytes) US fragmentation grenade - Standard grenade, when thrown kills anybody in range of it. Unfortunately Gerardi can't throw these too far so I mainly use them to throw into a room where the Germans are waiting for me. These are somewhat plentiful in the game. Grenades can clear away barbed wire and destroy artillery guns. The longer you hold down CTRL the farther Gerardi throws the grenade. In combat it takes to long to hold before you can throw at faraway Germans.


ww2gi-mauser.jpg (1909 bytes) Mauser 98K (Sniper Rifle) - This weapon is extremely accurate and powerful at long range. Your best use is to take out enemy snipers and machine-gunners. This gun's ammo is limited and should be used wisely. You really need it at the beginning of Hunt for the 88's and throughout Finding and Saving Private McCurkee.


Grenade Garand - This weapon is similar to a bazooka but you only get one shell. When you fire there is a short delay so you should stay up until you see the shell fly off. This is disadvantageous when there are tanks shooting at you.


ww2gi-colt.jpg (1075 bytes) Colt 1911 Pistol - Twin .45 handguns, it's a good weapon for fights in a small room, bad at long range.


 ww2gi-tnt.jpg (1723 bytes)TNT Explosives- An explosive charge, it can be slapped onto a tank or certain walls or doors and blows them up. There is a short fuse so you can get away.


 ww2gi-flamethrower.jpg (2783 bytes)Flamethrower - Besides to fry Germans this weapon can be used to clear away barbed-wire faster than grenades. If you are too close to the item you are shooting at you will get hurt.

ww2gi-mortar.gif (1952 bytes)Mortor Tube- This is a stationary weapon and you must have mortor ammo to use it. To operate the mortar just aproach it and fire by pressing the use button. You change the range by crouching and pressing spacebar.





Explosives - These are like TNT but can be placed on the ground instead of a wall. These can be used against artillery, some walls, and probably tanks.


Medkit - These bring back some of your health points but you must stand still to heal. You can have up to two. packs have either one or two per pack.


ww2gi-atrocket.gif (1425 bytes) AT Rocket Mortar shells - There is a mortar in the mission Defend. To use it you pick up the box of shells, walk up to the mortar, and fire by pressing the use button. You change the range by crouching and pressing spacebar.


Mines - These are only available in multiplay but are used by "Jerry" in single player missions. They come in packs of five. Lay by pressing enter. Any foes and yourself will get hurt if you step on one. You will hear a click if you step on a mine and can try to disarm it. Mines can be cleared by tossing a grenade on it.


Mine Detector - When one of these is turned on it beeps when you are too close to a mine and you can go around the mine.





Wermacht soldier - These are the most common enemy, they are armed with a Schmeisser and wait for you in parts of the playing field, when they see you they will shoot at you or even go after you. In missions where you are on the defensive they will walk towards friendly positions, sometimes shooting, until you or a friendly kills them.


Wermacht officer - These are armed only with a pistol and are harmless unless you are too close to one for too long. You get a morale boost for killing one and sometimes they tend to make their men go after you more readily.


SS Grenadiers - These are a little smarter and tougher than the Wermacht soldier. When there are more than one they tend to go after you in groups. Sometimes it seems as though I can't hit one even if I'm aiming right at him.


SS Officer - These are also armed with a pistol and you get more morale for killing one. They are also tougher than the Wermacht officer.


Sniper - These hide somewhere like in a window or bombed out building or sometimes in a hedgerow and wait for you. One shot can kill you and you should look out for these and use sniper rifle or BAR to kill them. There are a bunch in Saving Private McCurkee.


Machine gunner - These are usually in positions like bunkers or other protected structure and wait for you or other soldiers to move on their positions. These shoot rapidly and can put a quick hurting on you. They are more accurate than regular soldiers but do not move. Their assistant can't shoot at you.


Tanks - In this game the tanks do not move but they can turn their turret and shoot at you. Their shells explode and even a hit close to you may kill you. You can only kill a tank by shooting it with a bazooka or running up to it and laying a TNT or satchel charge on it.


Artillery Guns - Several missions have artillery guns. These are harmless but one mission requires you to find and attack the guns. The guns are usually hidden in a bunker or camouflaged earth emplacement, they are manned by at least 2 soldiers and usually are manned by 3 soldiers and an officer. There are also artillery vehicles like the SP gun and "panzerwerfer" rocket launcher. These are also harmless but you can not destroy them. They are also accompanied by some infantry.


Artillery barrages and air attacks - Enemy and Friendly air attacks are preprogrammed in some levels. In D-Day enemy artillery randomly falls until you get to the wall, then US aircraft bomb the installation be careful. In 88's a barrage starts when you start walking out of the forest. Urban rush has extensive barrages and you must be careful or pay the price. Sometimes enemy aircraft are triggered to make a strafing pass at you, you can sometimes see them but you can't shoot one down. If you hear a diving engine sound, duck for a wall, foxhole, building, or anything.





ww2gi-usgi.jpg (5018 bytes) Friendly soldiers Sometimes these advance with you and sometimes they even actually kill a nazi. These boys are very likely to get shot and usually do. In some missions you are assigned to defend an area with these guys. If you get in the path of these men there is a chance that one will try to shoot through you, not around you  to get at a German and you will get hurt. If possible stay out of their line of fire. Sometimes it seems as though one of the men is a Benedict Arnold because he keeps shooting me even when I get out of the way. If this happens, go ahead and shoot him.


Commander The commander gives you valuable information at the beginning of most of the missions. If you did not fully hear the orders you can press spacebar to hear them again.


Interactive soldiers In D-Day and Saving Private McCurkee you have an interactive soldier. In D-Day you have a medic and Demo man you make them follow you by pressing spacebar. Pressing z+ space makes the Demo man place a mine or explosive. The medic will heal you when you walk up to him if you are injured. All private McCurkee does is follow you when you try to get him to safety.


Artillery and Air Support Sometimes you get US artillery and air attacks in some levels. In Defend you can call one attack by pressing space next to the radio in the friendly trench. The air attacks in D-Day and Atlantic Wall hamper you more than help you. There is also an artillery barrage in Under Fire and Urban Rush. If you attack too soon you will die in these missions. Hell From Above has some artillery that hits a few enemy positions.


Air Drops In some missions like Defend and Mop Up you get an air drop of ammo and you see a DC-3 fly by. The ammo crates are picked up like all ammo and give you plenty of ammo fast. The "gooney-bird" is a most welcome sight in Defend and Mop Up.


Wounded Soldiers In some missions there are some wounded men. Sometimes they don't say anything but other times they give you valuable information.


Dead Allies Being around the bodies of allied men decreases your morale.

  • While playing enter the codes, use the pause key if needed.
Code Description
ww2god God mode
ww2ryan God mode
ww2blood All items - all weapons and ammo
ww2level## Level skip - skip to level (e.g. ww2level104, skip to episode 1 level 4)
ww2rate FPS - displays frame rate
ww2matt Mad cow mode
ww2showmap Reveals full map
ww2clip No clipping mode - walk through walls (can cause a crash if you walk out of the level)
ww2debug Debug mode

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Project Manager:
David Nottingham
Senior Producer:
Dante Anderson
Tuoma Korva (aka Tuco)-con hacking, levels
Lado Crnologar (aka IceBreaker)-levels, con hacking
Hypnotix Inc.
Art Director:
Jason Shenkman
Mike Taramykin
2D Textures:
Vivek Saigel, Peter Sfat, Anthony Pereira
3D Art:
Jason J, Timmons, Marc Tattersall
Subject Matter Expert:
Dan Snyder
Product Management:
Martin Currie
Music and Sound:
Atom Ellis
C Programming:
Matt Saettler
Additional Art and Design:
Zak Golub, Heiiki Korva
Photo Credits:
The National Archives, Washington DC
Tech Support Documentation:
Jeff Siegel
Director of Product Development Services:
Mary Steer
QA Manager:
Steve Knopf
Test Lead:
Joe Shultz
Asst. Test Lead:
Tomasi Akimeta Jr.
Joshua Fassbinder
Scott Donaldson
Yume Gregersen
Randy Jones
Jon Marquette
Keith Moran
Doug Price
Replication Support:
Patrick Struhs
Director of Creative Services:
Leslie Mills
Art/Trafficking Manager:
Liz Fierro
Creative Director:
Vic Merritt
Sr. Graphic Designer:
Michael Marrs
Graphic Artist:
Jill Pomper
Graphic Designer:
Lesley Zinn
Manual Editor:
Peter Witcher
Special Thanks to:
Rich Robinson, Ron Chaimowitz, Mary Gerardi
Holly Newmann, Tony Kee, Alan Behr, Mike Ryder, Rick Raymo
 Scott Miller, George Broussard, Sarah Anderson,
John Stevens, Dan Harnett, Todd Steckbeck,
Jason Armstrong, Michael Arntz


ww2gi-box.jpg (5514 bytes) Title: WWII GI
Version: v1.0
GT/TNT (March 1999)
Distributor: GT
Media: CD-ROM






Is The Invasion of Normandy. The paranoia. The Fear. The Intensity that was D-Day. You will experience it all firsthand. You're in the 101ST Airborne. Part of the first wave of allied forces to touch down in a no-man's land of twisted shrapnel, dead bodies, and Nazi-infested machine-gun bunkers. Now you must fight your way through hostile beaches. Abandoned country roads with tall, sniper-infested hedgerows, the narrow streets of devasted villages and more. This is D-Day!


  • Close combat gunfights. Sniper strikes. Village shoot-outs. Bridge assaults. And more.
  • 30 single and mult-player Nazi-infested levels developed by the creators of NAM.
  • Use true-to-war strategies to successfully complete genuine WII Normandy military scenarios.
  • Realistic environments. Gut-wrenching, challenging gameplay.
  • Up to 8-player multiplay including 8 deathmatch levels, 4 capture-the-flag levels, and 4 fireteam levels.

Authentic WWII standard issue weapons and military paraphernalia.

  • M1A1 Thompson Submachine Gun.
  • Browning Automatic Rifle.
  • Fragmentation Grenade.
  • M2 Bazooka.
  • Plus authentic German issue weaponry and equipment

"WWII GI" successfully captures all the tactical military challenges of the real Allied Invasion."