build-copy-sectors-sprites  Revised 11-25-2003  Release 2 RTCM Corvin


Introduction | Cut and Paste | Copy Finalize | Sector Convey | Copy Sprites


The method for Copying Sectors isn't done like you would expect. Its BUILD so its a bit unique. If done wrong it could cause errors in your map that are irreversible and will cause a chain reaction of errors. Weird things will happen like lines from across the map joining up with other vertices in another sector. In effect rendering the map unrecoverable.

If you do things the correct way this will save you allot of time. You will be able to copy a single sector or a group of sectors at will. You will also be able to copy from one level to the other in no time at all. During these copy sessions everything copies over, sprites, sprites size, shading, hitag, lotag and height, walls, tags, lifts, doors and sector effectors copy as well. You may have to re-assign switch tags and check weapons, ammo and items.


Cut and Paste

Lets start you off in 2D mode working with the Green Selection Window.

  1. Go in 2D Mode and BEFORE you ever do any copying save your map. If you do several copies during one session you will want to save your maps every couple of copies or so.
  2. You need to start by moving your mouse pointer near the area that you intend to copy a sector to.
  3. Once your there you will need to create a premade sector that exceeds the size of the sector you intend to copy. Just draw a square or rectangle. This will be a single sided wall sector, white lines.
  4. Now move your cursor near the top left of the sector you intend to copy then hold down the [right-alt] key and you will see a small green window form. Drag the window until it surrounds the sector your copying, make it a bit larger than the sector.
  5. Once you have your sector completely enclosed release the [right-alt]. You should not see that the green window is filled with green flashing diagonal lines.
  6. Now move the mouse pointer to the center of that green window and hold down the left mouse button. Don't move your mouse yet. Keep the highlight sector in its original position.
  7. While the green window is still in its original location and your holding the left mouse button down, hit the [Insert] key. This will insure that the original sector remains intact. Otherwise if you move the highlighted sector out before pressing insert, white lines will replace the original red ones. In effect destroying that sector. If you accidentally move the highlighted sector, just move it back in place and hit the [Insert] key.
  8. Now that you replace the original sector you can now move the green window around. Continue to hold the left mouse button down and drag the green window over to the premade sector you made earlier. Place it inside and make sure its not going to touch any of the premade sectors walls or vertices. If it looks like there going to touch, perhaps you may want to start over by reloading your last saved map.
  9. Once you have the green window in place you can do one of two things A)If you intend to make more than one copy, keep the left mouse button down and hit the [Insert] key. Then move to another location and hit [Insert] again. B) If you are only making one copy or are on your last copy, RELEASE the left mouse button and press the [right-alt] key. This will drop a copy of your sector and turn off the green window. Note if you don't release the left mouse button before you press the [right-alt] then your sector will connect to another sector, in effect corrupting it. Also always insure your last copy is done so as example (B) explains to you. If your on your last copy and you Insert then release the mouse button and hit the [right-alt] you just inserted a copy over a copy. This will place lines over lines, causing weird errors that are irreversible. To check if you have done such a mistake, simply goto one of the vertices and drag it away, if you made the mistake you will see other lines underneath. Reload your map to recover from this.

Copy Finalize

Making the copied sector walls double-sided. There's two methods you can use, a Tracing Method or a Vertices Merge.

Method - Trace

In this method you will be tracing your your copied sector walls and you'll be starting from the premade sector that surrounds it.

  1. Start drawing from the top-left vertices of the premade sector. Then draw down to the lower-left corner and plot a point with the [Spacebar] Continue to the lower-right point.
  2. Now this is where you will be tracing the copied sector inoder to get it to become double-sided walls. From the right-lower vertices continue the line to a point on the copied sector. The closes one will do.
  3. Now that you have started tracing the copied sector, continue to the left until you have half of the copied sector traced. This should end up somewhere near the top-left corner.
  4. Finish drawing the line to the point you started at. Half of the copied sector should now be red, confirming double-sided.
  5. From the same vertices you finished your last line on, start a new line and move onto the right-upper corner and then down to the right-lower corner.
  6. You should now be at the vertice where you started heading for your copied sector. Trace the line that you made earlier that leads to the copied sector.
  7. Once your on the copied sector continue to trace the second half all the way around going right. You'll eventually end up meeting your line you made earlier, finish drawing your line so it meets the point you started on.
  8. Now both halves of the your copied sector should be red.
  9. Now we need to rid the map of the premade sector, both halves. Move the mouse pointer outside of the premade sector and press [J] then move the pointer into one of the halved sectors, but outside of your copied sector. Press [J] again. The half sector should now be gone, do the same from the other side. Insure you move your pointer outside of the premade sector and press the first [J], then go into the premade sector and press the second [J]. This will retain the first sectors floor/ceiling heights, shading, tiles, etc.
  10. Your all set, if you did everything correctly.

Method - Vertices Merge

In this method you will be dragging in the premade sectors vertices.

  1. You first need to count how many vertices your copied sector has.
  2. Once you know the amount you need to insert some vertices along the premade sector walls. Move the pointer some where along the wall, and hit the [Insert] key to plot a point. Try to match up the vertices, there should be one for one. Include the corner vertices in the amount you require.
  3. Now that you have all the vertices inserted and matched up. Drag each vertice from the premade sector to the vertices of your copied sector. Once completed all the way around the single side walls will turn red and become double-sided.

Sector Convey

Copy Sectors from one map to another.

This allows you to scavenge parts from one map and place it in the map your working on. The method used to do this is not exactly as you would imagine it. You start off with the map with the sectors you want to copy then load the map your working on.

  1. You start off in 2D mode just like you would doing a normal copy. You need to load up the map with the sectors you want to copy. Press the [ESC] key that brings up the file menu. Load up the source map with the [L] key.
  2. Once you have it loaded you copy the sectors like you normally would. Highlight them with the [right-alt] and once you have the green flashing window press the [ESC] key that brings up the file menu. You don't need to bother with the mouse button or Insert key. Load up the map that you been working on, the target map with the [L] key.
  3. Once you have the target map loaded you'll find that the green flashing window is still present. If you don't see it try zooming out.
  4. Now you can re-position the green window with the left-mouse button. Place it where you want. If you need to you can rotate the sector before placing into position with the [<] and [>] keys.
  5. Once you have it in position, release the left mouse button and press the [right-alt] key.

Copying Sprites

Coping sprites alone if fairly easy. There's two methods you can use. Using either one will always copy the sprites size, shading, hitag,lotag and height.

Method - Buffer

  1. Go into 3D mode and move the mouse pointer onto the sprite you want to copy.
  2. Hit the [Tab] key to place a copy of the sprite into the BUILD buffer. This includes the and other properties of that sprite.
  3. Now you can either stay in 3D Mode and point your mouse pointer on the floor and hit the [S] key to place a copied sprite. You also can opt to go into 2D mode and place the sprites where you want with the [S] key. When placing sprites in 3D mode is a good idea to point at the floor so you don't accidentally place the sprite on the wall.

Method - Window

  1. Go into 2D mode and move the mouse pointer just above and to the left of the sprite or group of sprites you want copied.
  2. Press down and hold the [Shift] key and drag the window that appears over the sprite to surround it. Insure your not highlighting any vertices or they will get dragged.
  3. Once you have the sprite or group of sprites highlighted you can do one of two things. a)Go into 3D mode and adjust there height with the [PGUP] and [PGDWN] keys or you can b)While in 2D mode hold down the left mouse button and hit the [Insert] key. This will copy the sprite. You can then drag your mouse around to the locations you want the sprite to be copied, then press [Insert] to each location. Remember to just press the [Insert] key once or you'll end up placing sprites on top of each other. This type of error can be recoverable. Simple drag the sprite you suspect has additional sprites under it and if nothings there ever things fine. If you find more sprites there you can simple delete them by moving your mouse pointer over them and pressing the [Delete] key.