INSTALLING BUILD TOOLS    v9-24-2017  Release 3 RTCM Corvin







This document assumes you know how to use Windows Explorer or DOS copy commands.
Also the reader should refer to various related RTCM documents for help as noted at the end of this document.

Note: The BUILD Map Editor is not required to be installed for the Game to function normally. 



Note: The 1.5 CD has a CD Installer, unlike v1.3d

  1. Insert the 1.5 CD in the drive (with no autorun)
  2. Locate your CD Drive and duke CD along the drive paths, you should find the CD title marked \Atomic15
  3. Now locate the file INSTALL.BAT, and run it.
  4. The Installer programs Duke Atomic Image should appear. (if the program won't run correctly see below for Manually Install Instructions.)
  5. Advance to the next screen by clicking or pressing a key.
  6. You will now see a Blue Screen with a Red Bar on top indicating v1.5, Press Enter
  7. On the Install menu un-toggle all boxes.
  8. Now toggle the "Install Build Editor for Duke Nukem 3D" with an X in the box.
  9. Before installing it will ask for the path and name of the directory, with default displayed. Make the Path to your Duke3D game directory and add \BUILD at the end. (The program does not have a browse feature so you will need to know where you want it) (v1.5 has a separate BUILD folder provided).
  10. You have completed the install.



Note: These steps are for both v1.3d and the v1.5 CD.

  1. Assuming you now know the contents of your CD...
  2. You will want to locate the folder \GOODIES
  3. You will notice many sub-directories, (most are useful for the newbie, since portions of the .grp file are already extracted.)
  4. You now want to copy the \BUILD folder over to your Duke Game folder on your Hard Drive. In order for you to use BUILD and its Tools properly (1.5 users can have a separate BUILD folder by default, no need to move them)
  5. Now UN mark the file attributes so the Read-Only box is UN-checked on all files you just copied over. (If your using Windows Explorer then simple hold the shift key down and click the first file and the last, this will highlight all the files. Clear the Read-Only attributes.)
  6. You have completed the install.



Note: These steps are assuming that you have performed all steps to installing BUILD as listed above.

  1. If after installing BUILD and you enter the 3D mode (via the ENTER key) and the graphics are all garbled. Make sure all files are present and all Read-only attributes are unchecked on those files.
  2. If after installing BUILD and your 3D mode is still garbled, switch back to 2D mode and make sure the brown arrow is within a valid playing space, just put it in the center of a room touching nothing. Now switch back to 3D mode and hopefully your problem is solved.
  3. --more info needed here?--


BUILD SETUP 1.3d / 1.5

The bsetup.exe (equivalent to Kens setup.exe that comes with his source code pack) file was left over from Kens development kit and actually was used to setup his game and Build. 3DRealms included default custom settings located in the SETUP.DAT file. (Its been recommend not to use bsetup.exe at all but rather stick with the default settings provided.)

The default settings are as follows:

  • Graphics Mode Selection:  Screen-Buffer mode VGA compatible 320*200 only
    Digitized Sound Selection:  No digitized sound
    Music Selection: Music OFF
    Input Device Selection: Keyboard & Mouse
    Communications Selection: IPX network - 4 Players


Changing The BUILD Editors Resolution:

This is the only setting you'll want to change. Increasing the resolution in BUILD will help you see how the textures will look during the actual game. Typically you'll only want to do this to touch of the visuals and take full advantage of any custom art you may have included.

If you switch to VESA Mode 800*600 you'll have a higher resolution than the Default Textures.

  1. Save your Map, make a copy and store it in a safe place, Exit the BUILD Editor.
  2. Run bsetup.exe
  3. Enter the Graphic Mode
  4. Select the VESA Mode
  5. Choose 640*480  or  800*600 for Hires Textures.
  6. Save Changes and Quit
  7. Now run build.exe, if you get a black screen try using windows ALT+TAB feature to cycle to windows then back to BUILD
  8. Once back into BUILD you may find that the graphical interface is corrupted
  9. Load your Map and enter 3D mode to see the level at the new Resolution.




Here are some final notes and steps you may find usefull.


It is not recommended to read the Buildhlp.exe-Build Docs (or the User Faqs that come with the Atomic CD) found on the CD. The information in those docs are outdated and incorrect in some areas. Current versions of similar or the same docs are in RTCM's Download Section.


The RTCM setup-default-components Document for cleaning and removing unused and outdated files. (v1.5 will install some TEN Network files even if you haven't selected it.)

If you want to run under Windows, and need additional support, please see one of the following RTCM documents: "setup-windows-buildgames" or "setup-windowsxp-buildgames" or "setup-windows-dosboxemu".