Communicating with Team-Mates  v7-24-2000  Release 4 RTCM Corvin

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RTS Files

Problem: They are not very useful for communicating with Team Mates the way there used now. The Duke RTS system requires all players to use the same RTS file inorder for them to hear what you want them to hear...

So what would happen is nobody wants to have your RTS file or hear your Taunts. What will happen here is, the otherside may use his own RTS File or none at all. See you will think your screaming a Taunt at everyone...but there actually hearing there own rts snd or nothing at all.. Very unreliable in this case.

Below Hopefully I can expand our minds on how we can communicate effectively with our team mates. The following will consider only 2 teams(4 players a team)...TeamA and TeamB..simple.....

Workaround: We can use the RTS files in somewhat a useful way to give commands or warn our team-mates. We'll consider the RTS feature as a Single Band(or Channel) Radio. Set the RTS files up as follows:

Team A

RTS 1-5
Team Messages HERE

RTS 6-10
Fake Radio Chatter Here

Team B

RTS 1-5
Fake Radio Chatter Here

RTS 6-10
Team Messages HERE

So what this means is each team gets 5 slots to use for team commands. The "Fake Radio Chatter," this is heard when the other team is sending messages to each other...Will Simulate voices coming over the other players radio off in the distance ...or perhaps just static an essence your adding to the atmosphere of the game in real time.

To use these RTS files effectively and at there full potential....Someone will have to come up with 5 Radio chatter/static or other noises to be added to an RTS file according to the chart the RTS files TeamA.rts and TeamB.rts. Then send a copy of the RTS to the other team....(Only the static channels should be added)
Once each team has a copy of the RTS...each team decides what type of voice commands to the given 5 empty slots. After each player in your team receives a copy of the finished RTS file.(Just Make sure your teams copy of the RTS isn't given to the other team..this will obviously lead to cheating and unfair game play.)

Notes on making RTS Files: Keep them short and a small file size. RTS Files can produce poor game performance if used during peak activity. The radio chatter should be muffled to an unrecognized level.(Since the words are not important..just the effect). and Try using one of the Great RTS utils that are in the Download section to make things easier.

Here are some examples of the RTS files(The Chatter noise is included and a Mic Squelch SND is included)
Chatter Examples from Quake2, See 334KB File


Problem: Pre-programmed text messages that get sent to everyone. The Combat macros text are actually sent over. CPU overhead is nearly unaffected by Macros.

Below hopefully I can expand our minds on how we can communicate effectively with our team mates. The following will consider only 2 teams(4 players a team).. Team A and Team B..simple...

Workaround: We'll consider the Macro feature as an Open channel Radio display, since both teams would see the messages coming across. Set the Macros up as follows;

Each player can have 10 of there own messages. The team leader (if there is one) Could issue Commands while the other team-mates have macro replies for each order. To make this more effective its best to use a common name with your players name...such as TeamA-Rocko. This way every time Rocko sends a macro, it will inform everyone which team he's on. If you Don't want to mess with the players names, then add the team name at the beginning of each macro.

An alternative is to set the macros up with some simple Team "encryption"..Like: TeamA-Code1 or TeamA-Maneuver Alpha. Thus only your team mates would know the true meaning...either by a "Code Sheet" or by modifying the two F1 Help screens in the .ART files and sending them to each of your team mates with the list of codes.

The 'T' Key

Problem: Simple and straightforward... you type and send your newly formed message. This will go out to each player(everyone.)

Below Hopefully I can expand our minds on how we can communicate effectively with our team mates. The following will consider only 2 teams(4 players a team)... Team A and Team B, simple...

Workaround: Well, this is pretty general....this is used for communicating with everyone on a live basis. This is were naming the player name with the team name included would help..since it would bring attention to what team is "speaking." You can also use Code signs within the text to "encrypt" messages to your team.

Other Forms of Communicating

Other Audio products that transmit Voice during a Dukematch such as the one made by Echo. This file is available in the Download Section, However it has a short timer on it, that closes it. Its software that you can't register anymore. This program actually ties into the commit driver. Supposedly you can talk while playing the game. I don't recommend using this software other than with Real Networks or 2 player modem games due to bandwidth requirements needed for the game.

Maps and artwork can me modified to fit communication needs...flashing lights for Morse code..color lights indicating commands..etc....