Game Tips and Bug Exploitation  v2-26-2002   Release 4    RTCM W0rm , Corvin

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-When you turn and shoot a target that's off screen, turn quick and stop directly aimed at the target and shoot.
The game knows this is a very accurate shot and it does the most damage(critical hit). If you stop in the wrong place or shoot before your will consider it a wild shot.

-If you're at a great distance from your opponent, use the pistol since it will hit him almost always if you face his direction.

-In setup, redefine the key to use your portable medkit as the same button as your fire button, so you will heal while you battle.

-Use nightvision if your opponent uses holoduke frequently, holoduke doesn't change color when nightvision is used.

-Shallow water (the water you can't duck down in to swim) is the perfect place to hide pipebombs...

-Squat when throwing trip bombs, they don't make noise that way.

-Ducking while you're shrunk and moving around increases your chance of not being squished.

-To eliminate the shrinkers effect quicker than normal, use steroids.

-Change F10 macro (not rts sound) to "Killed whatever-your-name-is" ...then in the middle of  battle use it to make your opponent think he has killed you, then unload on him.

-When falling from great heights without a jetpack, click a trip bomb onto the restarts your fall. I suppose its something like grabbing hold and then loosing your grip. This does use up your tripbombs.

Bug Exploitations

-Get parallel to a wall, turn about 20 degrees toward the wall, throw a goes THRU the wall.

-If you are in an angler hallway, or duct, squat and place tripbombs along the walls. If the angle is right, both the tripbomb, and the laser will be invisible.

-Ever notice that Night Vision Goggles work when looking through monitors?

-Record+K "Spy" Bug - Bug Exploitation for v1.3d and below (Removed from Atomic)
  • In cooperative mode, Duke3d lets you see through your partners' eyes. This is supposed to be disabled in dukematch, but there is a way to re-enable it. When the game first loads, go immediately to the "Options" screen, then turn "Record" on.
  • IMPORTANT: You have to turn record mode on before the game starts!
  • This will record a Duke3d demo file of your game. The cool part is that you can now use the "K " key to cycle through each of your opponent's views while you are playing the game (Honest).
  • This is priceless information during a dukematch game: You can see where your opponent is, what weapons and ammo he has, what his health is, etc. Hear the "click" of a laser trip mine being placed ? Just hit "K" and see where he's leaving it.
  • When you have record-mode turned on, you'll see little floating cameras throughout the level. Don't worry, your opponent won't see them (unless he's using the same trick). This also applies when you are looking through your opponent's eyes you WILL see the cameras, but he will not.

-Alternative Steps-

Here is the same cheat that will let you see what your opponents are doing in dukematch. You can see them, but they can't see you. This is how the cheat works:

  1. Go into DOS
  2. Go into the Duke3d directory
  3. Type setup /r
  4. Do your normal setup
  5. Now when you play, you can press k and see where your opponent is. Out of his eyes.

WORKAROUND! : The k function can be disabled in two ways to prevent cheating.

  1. While playing a level and if the nukebutton is activated then everyone goes to the next level... thus disabling the cheat.
  2. You're better off creating a "gathering" room for all players to start in. Once everyone's in the room, the nukebutton can be activated to disable the cheat. (If by any chance someone was using it)

-Invisible In Dukematch  Bug Exploitation

This is what you have to do...

  1. Ask someone(s) for a dukematch
  2. You must not be the master of this dukematch, ie, you must ring him for the modem game etc
  3. Start a dukematch as normal, either on network or serial, or modem etc - make sure you are not the master though
  4. When in the middle of a game ask your friend if you can try a little trick which makes the colours change, or something like that. If he asks why, then just tell him a friend told you about something, just so he isn't suspicious
  5. Tell him to press F7 - tell him it is part of the trick
  6. Press F7 when he has view mode on (view mode - so you see duke in front of you), and then restart any level
  7. Viola - you are now invisible to him !
  8. Carry on playing, but be sly, or you will give the game away !
  9. Tell him about the cheat after he has figured that something is up

-God Mode on Damn I'm Good Setting
  1. Start a new game on the "Come Get Some" setting.
  2. Next, enter the god mode code and start a new game in "Damn I'm Good" mode. Enjoy!

-Standing on Deep Water  Bug Exploitation
  1. Enter a pool of deep water(over your head).
  2. Press F7 to get the external view mode.
  3. Press space to raise yourself up and out of the water. Once you move you will 'sink'
  4. There are two height levels you can achieve on water surface in deep water, Waist and ankle deep water.

-PipeBomb and Water  Bug Exploitation
  1. With this bug, you can toss a pipebomb from under water, up, and it will float as well as be invisible.
  2. Get into the water.
  3. Center your view on the screen.
  4. Now go under, so your JUST UNDER water level.
  5. Toss a pipebomb or two....They should just skim the water level.
  6. If you did it right, The pipebomb will vanish once it hits water level.
  7. This bug works the same if you are just ABOVE water level.

-PipeBomb Trap  Bug Exploitation

If you want to set a trap somewhere and there's a box of pipebombs nearby and you have all the pipebombs you can carry then do this:

  1. Toss one pipebomb where you want to set the trap.
  2. Then go grab the box of pipebombs, it should say "PIPEBOMB!" at the top of the screen.
  3. Then when you back off the box will still be there!

You can do this over and over until you absolutely cannot stand not fraggin' aliens anymore and then you step back and watch the carnage.

-Looking through walls & doors (Improved in Atomic?)  Bug Exploitation
  1. Stand in front of the door or wall you want to look through.
  2. Press F7 to get the external view mode.
  3. Press escape to get the menu. Now wait a few seconds. The longer you wait, the further you'll look.
  4. Press escape again. And you can even look up/down left/right while the camera moves...

-Tripbomb Toss Bug Exploitation

Duke Nukem doesn't really care how far away the wall is you're looking at. It can be far away, you can still put a laser-tripbomb on it. The point is, that a wall must be near in the direction you WOULD be looking at if you WEREN'T looking up or down.

  1. Face a Wall thats at some distance
  2. Look up and press fire. You placed a tripbomb far away.

-Another way-

  1. Take a laser-tripbomb (type DNSTUFF to get one) and aim somewhere.
  2. Now press the "duck" key for a VERY short time. So short, that Duke doesn't even duck. The bomb will be far away...


The third eye, Turn on view mode (F7) once in awhile, you can use it to peek around corners, duck near an edge or in a crate. Use up/down/turnleft/turnright to view around. You can observe almost everything while you're safely hidden. Great if you've hidden pipebombs and need to watch where your opponent is going. Very useful in single and multiplayer-modes for corner peeking. Kinda like glancing your head around a corner.

Turn on weapons mode (w) to see your opponents weapon icon above his head. This is good for strategies such as turning on steroids when you see he's using the shrinker. It's also good because you'll know if your opponent is ducking behind something trying not to be seen. This is a very tasteless cheat.
Bug Exploitation

Use the map (tab) once in awhile and check for extremely thin walls. Overlapping sectors, doors, the walls that are only divided by 1 white line in the map, or two that are close together are good choices. Face the wall/door and throw a pipebomb, it should pass through the wall, try different spots along the wall, ducking, standing, jumping. Don't get frustrated if it doesn't work, it just doesn't work in some spots. Here are some examples in E1L1, the first is in the bathroom, facing the small room behind the counter. The second is in the secret room you enter from outside by the flashing red sign, facing the arcade.
Bug Exploitation