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Community Authors | Source Code Credits


This document is to display the names of authors in the community that have developed special effects.

If you have an effect that you have created or perfected and wish to be on this chart of heroes, please contact me with your example of work or a link where I can find it in the e-mail, please provide some text explaining the effect.

I ask that the authors and community to review the charts below. If you have information I can add, I would appreciate an e-mail. Title the subject "RTCM Author Board" Also please inform me of any errors.

Effects may be from any given game that have been achieved with TCs/Cons/Maps/Art/Utils/Externals.

Community Authors

Currently this page only lists Duke3D, however if your still working on one of the other BUILD Games without source code, please let me know your achievement(s). EDuke will not be covered do to the fact that EDuke is much easier to create an endless amount of effects.

Author names are presented in order of advancement from the original author, typically only three authors will be shown unless there's a major advancement with the particular effect.

Conformation of each effects was done by the authors sending in there examples and explaining them in detail. When authors had moved on and unreachable there effects where examined during the early development of RTCM when we found many of the authors products.

Version Advanced Effect "Inventors"
1.3 True Ladders James Ferry
1.3 True Flame Throwers James Ferry
1.3 Transparent Water/Looking out of James Ferry
1.0 Room over Room (w/sprites) Duke Team
1.3 Prox mines unknown, Corv
1.3 Hurt levels Jordan Gans, Corv
1.3 Zoom View(1 step) Conan/TerminX,  James Ferry
1.3 Foot Steps Roope Paakkonen, Corv, nyk
1.3 Alt/Deactivate internal key flags James Ferry
1.3 Basic Particle "code" ?, Conan
1.3 by-Pixel-height (build) Jens Ådne Rydland
1.3 Scuba Mask full screen: uses the scuba mask graphic. You just have to use a bigger image to get it to mirror correctly. TerminX
1.3 Sprite Overlay (Could be use for sniper crosshairs) nyk, Conan
1.3 Multi-frame skies w/o changing defaults: If you use a multiframe sky and a standard sky in the same level, you'll either get the standard sky repeating, or the multiframe sky behaving as a single frame sky. So depending on which is the most recently modified sector, you can make multiframes not repeat or reg skies repeat. Usurper
1.3 CTF, KoH, Team, DM  True Coding nyk
1.3 Trip Flare Bad Karma
1.3 ARTILLERY Bad Karma
1.4 Variable Sub Way Speeds TerminX
1.3 Lighting Effects "glare" James Ferry, James Tan
1.3 External Weapon Holding Appearance James Ferry
1.5 Enemy Cone Vision/ Forward looking James Tan
1.5 Smart Doors James Tan
1.3 Transparent Water Simulated In/out James Tan
1.5 LEVITATION: All inventory, ammo, and weapons will levitate toward you Garrp/Wumpus
1.3 Trigger wire James Ferry
1.5 Neck snapping James Tan
1.3 Controllable Slopes (ramps) C3PO
1.0 Simulated 3D Art Usurper, W0rm
1.3 Grappling Hook Jezreel, James Ferry
1.0 Transparent fire Duke Team
1.0 Fog (w/sprites) ?
1.3 Weather/Snow/Blizzards/Rain ?-Nuclear Winter team
1.5 Over Head Messages EX:Quake Michael Clark
1.3 Character Classes Ivan Petrosevic
1.3 Burst Into Flames That Go Out When You Jump In Water! GraniteMan
1.3 Have Sub Fights And Copcar Fights! GraniteMan
1.3 Become Steroids Invisible With A Flash Of Light! GraniteMan
1.3/1.5 Multiplayer Skin/Object Chooser Garrp, Wumpus
1.3 Multiplayer Skin Jos' Ignacio Rodr guez
1.3 Map Display Tracking Marker nyk, Conan
1.3 Alt/Deactivate internal snd flags nyk
1.3 In Game Purchasing Jezreel, James Ferry
1.5 Advance Particle "engine" Cyborg/Conan
1.3 by-Pixel-height(util) James Ferry
1.3 Two Character (FONT) Sets "fix" TerminX
1.3 Full Bright colors for the NVG actor palette: to make them visible from far away, looks good for the Infrared. TerminX
1.5 CTF "con code" Bad Karma, Conan, Mighty7
1.3 CTF "advanced code" James Ferry
1.3 Fly overs Bad Karma
1.3 Variable running speeds
Elaborate nests of ifpinventory commands,
Setting the player's default run speed to a low value,
and then giving the player tiny boosts of steroids at certain times,
depending on how much the player is holding.
Some of the inventory slots are used as variables in combination
to try to track how much the player is holding.
James Ferry
1.3 Man Traps James Ferry
1.3 Simple surface Damage James Ferry
1.3 Ammunition levels ?, James Ferry
1.3 Zoom IN Conan/TerminX,
James Tan
1.5 True Environment gas mask James Tan
1.3 All of the inventory, ammo, and weapons may be kicked around, and broken. Garrp/Wumpus
Several types of Anti-grav (floating) automated shooters sector-based shooters:
laser, shotgun, chaingun, rpg, shrinker, freezer.
They have three movement modes (stationary, oscillate, follow)
which may be set by palette number in build.
1.5 ATTACK BLOOD: the blood of some aliens can sometimes remain animate even
outside the body.
1.5 MIND CONTROL: The mind control aspects of the weapon offer a whole new
realm of fun to duke suddenly you can MAKE AN ALIEN DO YOUR BIDDING.
1.3 Enemy Rounds Eject-visual research in progress
1.3 mines, Anti personnel mines Bad Karma, James Ferry
1.5 Toxic Air Sectors James Tan
1.3 Dynamic RGBW Lights Cyborg
1.3 True Skin Charactor Chooser Mighty 7
1.5 falling/water deaths to LIZTROOP, PIGCOP, OCTA, LIZMAN, COMMANDER, DRONE Garrp/Wumpus

Source Code Credits

 Thanks goes to them for releasing and or preparing the source code for release.

Ken Silverman
DOS Duke3D v1.5
Charlie Wiederhold  
NOTE: If it wasn't for Charlie taking up the task of preparing the src, we never would have gotten it.
DOS Shadow Warrior
Charlie Wiederhold
DOS EDuke 2.0/2.1
Matt Saettler 
NOTE: 3DR said; The only reason the source code was released to Matt is because he asked,
not because the fans asked.
DOS Tekwar
Les Bird
DOS Witchaven
Les Bird
DOS Witchaven II
Les Bird
DOS Corridor 8
Les Bird