Packaged Saved Game  v7-18-2001  Release 3 RTCM Corvin

Introduction | Saved Game File | Possible Usage | Tech Notes | Examples


The .sav file is one of the most powerful features and resources available with the stop game. Not only can you save a game in progress (anywhere in the game) you can also use it for archiving small mods and maps. In result you can actually add "features" to the game expanding the capabilities of the SAVE and LOAD Game functions.

A Saved(.sav) Game File

Upon saving a game to 1 of the 10 slots available, The file will retain:

  • Current Map
  • Cons(changes)
  • Current Weapon
  • Current Items
  • Current Health
  • etc..

Its more or less the same as pausing your game, and returning to it, At the same exact location/settings you left off at.

Possible Usage

Presented here are many useful features you can use to enhance your games Save and load functions.


10 Favorite Maps:

You can "install" 10 maps/con sets permanently, be it reg. maps or user levels. This is useful for staying in the game and picking your levels at will. This procedure completely avoids the use of the setup front-end and any command line switches, and you don't have to exit the game.

100 Favorite Maps:

Modifying the User.con by replacing the names of the levels and then taking a snapshot( a sav. game) Upon load you will beable to access 100 levels without exiting the game.

Map Recovery:

Any game you save. It also saves the current map. With this in mind you can extract the saved map.

Instant Action Usage:

If your a mod or conversion creator, you can package a set of cons and a map into a single saved(.sav) file and title them Instant Action1 , 2, etc. These Instant Action Demo's can be a featured level with no exits or a single exit that would simple end the level and return the player to the menu. Such it would provide instant action under the control of the conversions creator.
You'll want to copy and modify one or or a few of your levels, offer a highlights of conversion. Once you have your map modified and ready to go. Enter the level and setup which weapon you want to first in hand. Which way you want the player facing and his location on the map. Save the game as Instant Action1.
To avoid accidental overwrite of the Interactive Demo by the player, I recommend you use the last (3)few slots. this way they will ensure they are saved with the proper filename. This way they will load up on the players game in the last few slots and still provide room for them to save games in progress.

Interactive Demo Usage:

This is pretty much the same as Instant Action usage above, BUT you distribute these before releasing your Conversion.
The map and cons will be "scrambled" and compressed a bit more than standard .zip programs. You also will only be handling a single file. this is a small alternative to releasing a Full Demo of your conversion or actual .demo movies.
However if your Interactive Demo requires .art or sound files, they must be present. They are NOT saved with a .sav game file.

Using with Standard/restored original CONs:

Upon loading a packaged saved game, the cons within the .sav file will be loaded. This allows you to use different cons per map, and saves you exiting the game and replace the cons manual with another effect you may want.

Using with DNSCOTTY:

The DNSCOTTY level warp cheat CAN be used to access another level with the maps located in the episodes. The CONs from the saved game will stay loaded.

Technical Notes about Saved Game Files

-There is no specific file format.

  • The data structures are just saved out on save, and then read back in on load.
  • They contain all the info needed to restart the game. (except sound and tiles).
  • There's no limit on the file size, however the components saved have upper size limitations.
  • Anything you change (player health, sprite info, etc) will show up when the game is loaded.


Try Greg Fox's DeathTrap package in the Duke3D Map download section.