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The Original Section is a compilation of files from the old Dukeworld web site (aprox 1996 up to 2001).

The Updated Section is a compilation of files for after Dukeworld closed down and several decades later from various sources.


Quick History of the Original Section:
This is originally from Elitegames, then 3DPortal and the web sites Dukeworld by Brad W (Including the Shadow Warrior site Wangsdojo). Some of the site material and files where from approximately 1996 to about March 2001. The DW site was connected with 3DRealms in some fashion.

The DW forums in 1999 became increasingly barren for a year or two, and many of the remaining members jumped ship too early to 3DRealms own forum, making things even worse at the Dukeworld Web Site, it was the 3DR Forum moderator and general snake, TerminX that initiated this jump. Shortly after when DNF failed to be produced, DW closed down as there was no new Commercial News for Duke.

During 3DPortals operation, the file portion of the site(s) where officially mirrored by several servers designed to actively update the mirror during schedule times. Most of these servers remained online for several years later, including decades. This hosted mirror archive located here is of the last update of the real DW archive. However, you may find a few extra files in the old archive that where added afterwards by an unknown Duke Nukem 3D fan operating their server.

During the operation of DW, most of the early files where submitted by the authors of the zip archive. Later mass maps (and other files) where submitted by visitors to the web sites forum in hopes to re-new DW's presences. These where of random quality and where considered poor in comparison to the previous years when authors submitted maps in 1996-1998. Eventually the descriptive details about new files eventually became just links to the downloads without descriptions at all. They where no longer being reviewed before posting. Afterwards Brad W said he lost interest in DW and working on it. Probably because of the lack of a new Duke game being released, 3DR kept press releases hushed then.

DW was also a Hosting service for TC sites. They had a public file storage area for mirror archival in one location on the DW server and they had a private directory space for members of the hosted site. Unfortunately many hosted TCs where caught off guard by the closing of DW and this led to the private (in progress files for some) designed for the hosted TCs to become lost.

Quick History of the Updated Section:
This section is not really Dukeworld at all, but files from the past, downloaded and dumped from various sources, including torrents and archived packs un zipped from mail in files. This shows the favoring of the lack of work the people at that server location where willing to actually do.

Their sources where already worked on by others for others and not them. The primarily sources included from known resource sites including mine, RTCM. Either directly or third party repacked files, even both. The server has some files irregularly inserted into this archive as they where submitted to the sister site. There was no server self organized / produced or worked archive that spanned the date of 2001 to present, that is an inaccurately indicated statement.