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Blood Frontends and Map Launchers


Filename and author Size (kb) Description
Spill Some v1.0
17.2 A launcher and demo utility for Blood/Cryptic Passage written to run under DOS / DOSBox. Useful tool for DEMO usage (improves demo support) and now you can pass DOS command line arguments to the core game exe.

-the default Blood demos have to be renamed (or deleted) in order to enable the playback of user recorded demo files. Blood also loses the ability to play the introduction demo once user recorded demos are enabled. This launcher fixes this to allow better will enable the playback of user recorded demo files by automatically renaming the default demos so you don't have to.

Also when used as a launcher for Blood or Cryptic Passage, you can specify an introduction demo to play every time Blood or Cryptic Passage launches. No more boring static screen. With Spill Some you can enable user recorded demo playback WITHOUT disabling the intro demo, the way it should be! And you can set the intro demo to any demo you want, easily.

You can even specify an introduction demo for Cryptic Passage, something that was impossible to do until now! A Cryptic Passage demo file is included for this purpose.
If you want to use it:
spill.exe -setintro cp01.dem -c 
cryptic.exe -setintro cp01.dem
if Spill Some is standing in for cryptic.exe. More on that later.

-Every Blood command line argument passed to this launcher will be passed on to blood.exe, so it can also be used as a way to enable the usage of DOS command line arguments with Cryptic Passage; something that was missing from the original cryptic.exe.

This launcher executable can take the place of blood.exe and cryptic.exe using the
 -mime argument (-unmime to undo it).
By standing in for the original executables, spill.exe then becomes easier to use (it can be run by entering blood.exe or cryptic.exe instead of spill.exe for Blood or spill.exe -c for Cryptic Passage) AND it becomes compatible with all Blood mods.

As an extra bonus, Spill Some also enables the playback of CD music rips under Dosbox.

Run spill.exe with the argument -help for all the commands and more info




CD Music Without CD
4.36 BAT script that mounts OGG files instead of the CD and launches Blood.

Note: OGG files are not included, you need to get them elsewhere. There are 8 tracks (2-9) from the CD.



Random Blood Map
55.5 Randomly picks 1 map out of all episodes. There are 2 versions; 1.00 and Plasma Pak/OUWB.



42.5 The browser will only catalogize maps with a proper 8.3 filename (SFN).
Filenames simular to "MYMAP~1.MAP" are ommited.

- Refresh (update) the browser each time maps are delete outside of DOSBox.
Do this by pressing [U]

- If you press [P] or [M] the browser will try to find the Initialization file
with the exact same filename as the map.
A temporary one will be created if no Initialization file is found.

- If you press [\] no Initialization file will be used.



Blood Launcher V1.6 beta
Benoit Boismenu
1.35M -Load Blood In Multiplayer or Single Play
-Choose a MAP and Run It from the Launcher
-You can delete the Map from the Launcher (Registered Only)
-You choose your Player Name from the Launcher in Multiplayer



Blood Tool v1.02b
Daedolon, Radioactive Interactive
1.6M A frontend for launching and using tools for Blood. Including console commands.



Bloody Shell v0.1beta
143 An easy to use launcher for loading up user-made Blood maps and Mapedit.



Blood Loader v7-13-2001 (w/src)
Mathieu Oliver and Timothy Hale
30.4 Blood launcher with a nice GUI and many options
This is a front-end for most of the Blood console commands.




BloodBath v1.0b1
Simply Silly Software
194 designed to allow different players on the same machine to have their own settings.