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Blood Shareware

Note: See Blood patches to patch existing shareware.


Filename and author Size (kb) Description
Blood Internet Shareware v0.99
Monolith Productions
16.2M This is Internet Shareware, Blood Version 0.99a
(with installer: 3-06-97)

Note: Installer says v1.00, this was a common mistake by lith. You have to check in game to get the correct version.

Featured on (not exclusive):
1996-1997 Dataquest Top 20 CD (India) and
99 Games Computers Today CD (India) (ALT)



Blood Retail Shareware CD v1.0 (v0.99b)
Monolith Productions
183M This is Retail Shareware CD, Blood v1.0 (actual version 0.99b*)
(with installer: 3-11-97)
Includes: Some SMK and AVI Videos
*Monolith pressed the wrong version; the intention was to ship v1.0 but they pressed v0.99b, an oversight.



Blood Internet Shareware v0.99c
Monolith Productions
0 I believe this was released as a patch only, for v0.99b



Blood Internet Shareware v1.0
Monolith Productions
16.5M This is Internet Shareware, Blood Version v1.0
(with installer: 5-14-97)



Blood Internet Shareware v1.01
Monolith Productions
16.5M This is Internet Shareware, Blood Version v1.01
(with installer: 6-14-97)



Blood Internet Shareware v1.02
Monolith Productions
16.5M This is Internet Shareware, Blood Version v1.02
(with installer: 7-02-97)



Blood Internet Shareware v1.10
Monolith Productions



Blood Internet Shareware v1.11
Monolith Productions
16.5M This is Internet Shareware, Blood Version v1.11
(with installer: 9-23-97)



Blood Beta Demo v0.91 Pack
Monolith Productions
27.3M This is a three level Demo of Blood 3D version 0.91 Beta
(with installer: 1-02-97 and without.)



 and Alpha Tools (src inc)
Q Studios
18.5M Alpha Compiled: Feb 17, 1996 (1994-1996)

This is the full leak that occurred back when 3D Realms was going to publish Blood through FormGen. One of the developer's computers was sent to a PC repair shop, and this shop found the Blood Alpha in development game and copied and leaked it to BBS's and the web. It was mentioned the next time a PC goes in for a repair, someone is going along with the computer and is not going to take their eyes off of it during the process.

Anyways, this is a very early look at Blood, complete with interesting documentation like Change Logs, early map designs, tools and even the (now open source) BUILD Engine source code.

Among many tools and src included the following require passwords: - The game source code.
Archive Password: elcycer (recycle) - The communication src.
Archive Password: jello - Setup src.
Archive Password: jello

-Alpha .RFF format is v1.48 use ReBUILD's RFF extractor tool.

-This package contains also among other helpful tools (w/src) the
Blood Alpha Map Converters by Q Studios Corporation.

These converters where used during development of Blood.
These converters may work with other BUILD Games.
The convdbx.exe converters may have been custom updaters
prior to Map File Format v4.

convdb3.exe - Blood Map 3 Converter (38kb) 7/11/95
convdb4.exe - Blood Map 4 Converter (71kb) 7/11/95
convdb5.exe - Blood Map 5 Converter (39kb) 8/9/95
convdb6.exe - Blood Map 6 Converter (78kb) 11/29/95
convmap5.exe - Map v4 to v5 (27kb) 9/16/94
convmap6.exe - Map v5 to v6 (27kb) 1/6/95

Search in the text files for the names of the
converters, to find out more about what they do.



Blood Manual
Monolith Productions, Inc. / GT
1.7M A PDF



Blood Plasma Pak Manual
Monolith Productions, Inc. / GT
5.27M A PDF



Cryptic Passage Manual
Sunstorm / WizardWorks
2.02M A PDF



Early Screenshots and Concept Art 24.3M A collection of images and text.