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Blood3D Tools, ArtEdit related.

See general-tools-editart for more tools.
For more tools related to Blood see the general-tools-voxels and BUILD source download pages.

For the Official Blood ArtEdit / Editart tools see blood-tools-mapedit.



Filename and author Size (kb) Description
.SEQ/.QAV tiles id number fixer v1.0 (w/src)
12.7 This tool allows to shift Blood .SEQ and .QAV tile id numbers.
It's useful since Blood Alpha tools QAVEDIT and SEQEDIT can create
new files but didn't work with the tile numbers larger than 4095.

Note: This new .EXE file is a dual-executable: if you run it under DOS or DOSBox then DOS version will be executed and if you run it under Windows then Windows version will work. You can see what file part actually working by text "[DOS16]" or "[Win32]" after program version.



XQAVedit v1.2b
30.2 a DOS application that makes it possible to edit hidden frame parameters which normally can't be set and are not visible in QAVEDIT.
Just place it in your QAV folder.

Usage: XQAVED2B yourfile.qav

It can edit the hidden frame parameters like sound, volume, priority, type and ID.



hacked by NoOne
354 Priority now visible and qavedit unbinded from blood.rff and gui.rff from alpha. (it uses tls.alp now)

Priority is value of sound priority in QAV file. In original version it was not visible (it was behind the screen edges).

TLS.ALP is basically BLOOD.RFF and GUI.RFF from Alpha rebuilt with me using BARF tool from Alpha. I did it to unbind from using BLOOD.RFF and GUI.RFF from alpha, so you can use it safely with retail version of Blood with no need using bat files to rename temporary those files. Also file size was reduced.



Voxel Add v1.1
147 VOXADD reads from a script file and will then modify the appropriate files. In the script file there are 5 parameters on each line; Filename, Voxel ID, Spin flag, Tilenum and Surface type.

The script gives you a clear overview and easy way of editing of all needed parameters to make voxel models come to life. It will also generate a !SUMMARY.TXT file.

The main script has a Play'n'Edit menu and a Help page with further information.

It's recommended to start with a clean Blood folder.

Sprites as placeholders for the voxels in mapedit still have to be made manually and to be imported into the ART file with DUKERES (or EDITART) but the rest is very easy. No need for ARTEDIT anymore ;)



2.41M A Re-write from v1.0. A new superior browser that lets you not only edit but also test SEQ files with dedicated test maps! included.

A tool for the advanced modder but it's easy enough for the novice to dabble into as well.



QAV and SEQ Editor Suite v1.0
2.74M This application combines the previously separated versions of QAV and SEQ BROWSER, it does not need Blood Alpha nor the WINBARFing process. That's right!, you can get started right away from your Blood folder!

Catalogues QAV files present in the Blood Alpha folder and displays them in screens of 105 files each, lets you easily select and edit. For easy browsing and editing of QAV (weapon animations) files.

Catalogues SEQ files present in the Blood Alpha folder and displays them in screens of 105 files each, lets you easily select and edit. For easy browsing and editing of SEQ (actor animations) files.

Includes QAVEDIT readme and QAV ID table for scripts.
Includes QAVSND.EXE (for adding sounds to QAV frames).

1. Unzip all contents to the Blood folder
The easiest way is to create a DOSBox shortcut on the desktop and then drag QAVSEQ.EXE onto it to start.
- WARNING!: NEVER close DOSBox when still in the browser, editor or BAT file. ALWAYS end the session with QAVSEQ.EXE
- Read more about QAVEDIT or SEQEDIT in the QAVSEQ\DOC folder.
Have fun!

Special Thanks to NoOne for his help.



29.2 An easy to use editor to set the surface types of tiles. Assigns sounds to different tiles. Each surface type has got its own individual key!

So what makes the editor more handy is that now you can set a type with just 1 key press instead of having to use ARTEDIT where one had to cycle (with just one key) through 14 names :(

There's a file in the Blood folder called SURFACE.DAT. Surface types are needed to represent a certain effect when for example stabbed with the pitchfork, like blood leaking out when it is set to the type FLESH or a spark when it hits a stone or metal wall etc and it will generate a typical sound. Also when Caleb jumps on top of a floor with a surface type it will make a certain sound.



Burp! v12-20-2012
32.7 Alittle Blood tool called "Burp!", it extracts all information from a ART file and writes it to a TXT file of the same name.
Besides reading its X and Y size, X and Y offsets and the Animation Type, Length and Speed, it also checks the SURFACE.DAT and VOXEL.DAT!

It can come in handy for mappers/modders.



Re-Size  ART (src inc)
Ken Silverman
20.7 (tool from blood alpha, RSIZEART)

Allows you to automatically resize a file. You can assign any number of tile images to each file. I think 256 per ART file is the max.

Also you can extract the art tiles from SHARE000.ART from shareware blood allowing you to view the images in editart / artedit.



ReBUILD WinGUI Art2Tga (w/src)
Mathieu Oliver and Timothy Hale
20 Windows art2tga v0.0 12-19-2000 Source
- Windows art to targa converter



ReBUILD Win ART Tools (w/src)
Mathieu Oliver and Timothy Hale
  Windows Command Line


- The ART tools - 2 tools and their
documentation to convert ART files into a
series of TGA pictures, and the opposite.



Mathieu Oliver and Timothy Hale
7.94 Windows tga2art v0.0.0.1 01-31-2001 No Source
- Windows tga to art converter - Win32 GUI
version of Tga2Art. You need the animdata.ini
file if you intend to use animations. Create
your own art files!



30.2 Converts a 256 color Paintshop Pro palette to the Blood format.
Use "Palette Replacer 1.0" to add the palette to the game.



7.53 Lets you select 1 of 8 palettes.
Use "JASC Pal to Blood Pal 1.0" to convert your own Paintshop Pro palettes.



1.11 Blood color palette for Adobe Photoshop. (.act) Always better to convert the color is in this program! Moreover, using this palette in Photoshop, you'll be 100 percent sure that no one color is not distorted Editart'om (it happens very often when importing). To assign a transparent color, before indexing a palette of colors that just delete the background image.



The Blood palette.dat 30 palette.dat

This is the blood palette that gets used in art file extraction, creation, etc. Some BUILD/Editart or Blood utilities out there require it.



BloodPAL 26 Blood Color Palette in several different formats:




RAD Smacker Tools v4.2d
2.03M Use this older version of the Smacker Tools to CREATE cut scenes in Blood and Witchaven.

It requires a 16 bit system windows 3.1 or higher (32-bit WinXP) to install. Installs files into the windows system folder, registry as well at the install location.



RAD Game Tools
Bink1 v1.994i Smacker v4.2e
1.22M Plays video Smacker(.SMK) files found in Blood and Witchaven. And Bink audio.(.BIK)