blood-tools-rff   Version 2-08-2017   Release 5  14F/ 4.20M    (c) RTCM Corvin

Blood3D Tools, RFF related

Also the Blood supported program Game File Explore can be found in duke3d-tools-grp.

Note: To make/compile an RFF file see BARF.EXE in the blood-tools-mapedit download section.



Filename and author Size (kb) Description
RFFEX v2.0b
Joe Wilcox / Simply Silly Software
123 RFFEX is a utility to extract lumps from the .RFF package files included with Monolith's Blood.

has the ability to rip out the .RAW files and save them as .WAV files. You will notice the extract dialog has an option to convert .RAW to .WAV! You can also select what Sampling Rate to save as.



XWE v1.16 (src/inc)
2.26M Blood RFF Support, Converts SFX/RAW to WAV and displays the SFX/RAW combo details such as original sample rate. Playback of SFX/RAW possible too.

BUILD Games Supported:
Shadow Warrior
Duke Nukem
Redeneck Rampage

Includes: Beta version too.



RFF Extractor v1.0
Cho-Yan P. Wong (Tempest)
22.6 Description:
Extract the contents of Monolith Productions' RFF files.

Usage :
RFF [filename]

This is very simple program, there are no other command-line options, or other niceties. I wrote this for Blood shareware v.99b. As of this writing  I do not know if this program will work with future versions of Blood.



Jonathon Fowler
8.5 Blood RFF File Browse/Extract Program

This program can extract and list files in Monolith's Blood RFF files.

RFFBRWS <op> <filename.RFF> [mask]

* <op> is the operation to perform. 'x' means extract files, 'l' means list files.
* <filename.RFF> is the filename of the RFF file to work on (incl. extension)
* [mask] is an optional "filemask". It is unlike conventional DOS filemasks. This is a substring to look for in the filenames of files to view/extract. eg. Extract all files with a .RAW extension: RFFBRWS x sounds.rff ".raw"



KBARF 05/18/2006 (w/src)
Ken Silverman
5 This program extracts files from a Blood Resource File (.RFF)
You can extract files using the ? and * wildcards.
Ex: C:BLOOD>kbarf blood.rff *.kvx *.mid
(blood.rff is the resource file, the rest specify files to extract)


ReBUILD WinGUI Barf (w/src)
Mathieu Oliver and Timothy Hale
22.4 Windows GUI
Windows barf v0.0.0.2 07-12-2001 Source
- Allows you to read RFF files and to extract
their contents. Supports Version 2.0 and 3.1
RFF files. WinBarf is the Win32 GUI version



ReBUILD Win RFF (w/src)
Mathieu Oliver and Timothy Hale
34.2 Windows Command Line
RFF v0.3beta
- Allows you to read RFF files and to extract
their contents. Supports Version 1.48(Alpha), 2.0 , 3.0 and
3.1 RFF files



Sound Add
1.32M A batch script that will generate a script file and installer for sounds. Comes with a 32 voice samples of Caleb from B2.



95 RenameRFF - utility for renaming of the RAW- files



Mathieu Oliver and Timothy Hale
6.18 Windows sfx2wav v0.0.0.1 7-12-2001 No source
- Convert a SFX/RAW pair into a WAV file.
This is the Win32 GUI version of Sfx2Wav.
You need to have all your raw/sfx files in
the same directory. Single file selection
only with this release.



ReBUILD Win SFX2WAV (w/src)
Mathieu Oliver and Timothy Hale
19.5 Windows Command Line
- Convert a SFX/RAW pair into a WAV file.



MODrff (inc src)
52 add new sounds in the Blood



Ripper V5.00
209 A Ripper is a program that let you extract different files out of Demos, Games or others so you can get all the MUS-midi files from Doom or all the MOD-files from the demo "Unreal".

Supported Filelibraries
XLink 1.x : The Coexistance
-EMF-Lib : Electromotive
-FC-Lib : Future Crew
-RT-Lib : RealTech
-Evitan : The Natives
-FLIB : Psychic Links
-GOB : Dark Forces
-DN3D : Duke Nukem 3D (Just 2 min coding .. so i support this flib) -Quake : Quake 3D (similar to DN3D just supported for fun :)
-Beyond : Beyond File Library
-and some other subformats



Tiles Extract All
39.7 Made for Blood 1.21: One Unit Whole Blood

A windows command line batch that will automatically extract
all the TGA files in Blood's ART files and sort them into useful

Requires ReBUILD's art2tga.exe Windows Command Line Version
(see blood-tools-artedit)