duke3d-art    Version 4-09-2017   Release 8  33F / 20.4M (c) RTCM Corvin

.ART packs - Textures in the BUILD .art file format are compatible will all BUILD Games. Some Palette Conversion may be required.


Filename and author Size (kb) Description
300 This art-file replaces the Octabrain with his cool-looking older brother from LAMEDUKE for v1.3 only.






Dark Forces



compiled by Tempest
447 This art file contains textures and sprites with a medieval theme. You must have this art file to properly view my medieval levels. I ripped the sprites from Doom 2, Heretic, Hexen and WitchHaven. There are a few textures that I got from several websites.



Compiled by Captain Awesome , Hendricks266
374 The source of some of the tiles are Duke Nukem 3D, Extreme Paintbrawl, NAM, WW2GI, and Redneck Rampage.



compiled by Henry Werner (aka Phoenix; Hank)
1.67M imported from ZDoom, Quake, HexenII, VixenII TC, RedRum TC, ZeroHourTC



compiled by Henry Werner (aka Phoenix; Hank)
3.55M Duke 3D artfile set from Alun Bestor ported into the duke palette



Compiled by Usurper
assistance from Corv
221 animated liquid textures



Compiled by Usurper
assistance from TJ and Corv
347 misc. city art



Compiled by Usurper
401 the doom2 artpacks contain most of the doom2 art



Compiled by Usurper
589 "



Compiled by Usurper
218 "



Compiled by Usurper
421 Quality Q2 art, much of it optimized for Duke3d.



Compiled by Usurper
751 Almost all of the European art from H2.  Optimized for Duke3d



Compiled by Corv
231 signs from hospitals, restrooms, NASA, etc



Compiled by Corv
1.3M posters, album covers, etc.



Duke Nudes W
Compiled by Dan Reames aka the Mechanic and by W0rm
1.1M Remember the DUKNUDS series by the Mechanic? Well, I finished it! Thats right, (almost) nothing is left out!  Includes: Material from dukenudsx.zip.



Duke Nudes X
Dan Reames aka the Mechanic
1.0M Some modifications are considered X-rated adult stuff.
Some new girls have been added and almost all of the old girls have been updated in some fashion from version 3 (I can't leave anything alone)
Modified tiles include:

Dancer 2
Dancer 3 (on pole)
Cave girl
XXX rated video clip that replaces the chick with the white furry thing
Babe on TV with her back to you
Babe standing tied to...what ever that is
Babe sitting tied up on...what ever that is

Hot,Hot,Hot (poster)
Sister Act III (poster)
Bimbo (poster)

Erotica (poster)
Play (magazine)
Babe tied up hanging from ceiling



Plutonium Pak Nudes update 1a
Dan Reames aka the Mechanic
554 This installment of the new PPak nudes contains 2 new art tiles.
The old art tiles 002, 003 and 005 (from the Duknuds series) should work fine with PPak, so if you havem, usem. Anyway, on with the info...

Tiles017 contains:
Pirate girl with sword
Pirate girl with dual pistols

Tiles019 contains:
Sisters Act pair
Brigette with whip
Girl waving in blue bikini
Pirate Babes of the Carribean sign



315 Strippers are nude. Replaces TILES05.ART



Compiled by W0rm
12 This is still in beta stage, it is the girls from shadow warrior (also slightly modified)...



jose Herrera
112 this file turn your official liz trooper to extracool starwars stormtrooper ! , you only need to replace your tiles006.art file with this one. This pack also comes with Dethtoll.mid ! the empire song.



jose Herrera
107 what it does is to turn the duke3d reptiles troops to starwars empire commanders.



807 These art files have some tiles from Blood, Heretic, Hexen, and Witchaven. It has some pretty good tiles like a bridge and mountain sky.



399 TILES014.ART This is an .ART file for the game Duke Nukem 3D.
It contains additional graphics, that can be used in self built levels. NAMES.H This file contains the names for the inserted tiles.
It's not necessary but recommended to copy this file to your Duke3D directory. MUSEUM.MAP This is a map in which you can see all new tilez. README.TXT The text you read now.

Installation: Just copy the file TILES014.ART to your Duke3D directory.
You can now use all new graphics (they begin at tile no. 3585)
It is recommended to copy the file NAMES.H, too. This file
contains the names for the new tilez.

The new tilez are:

war_human_won - This is an image grabbed from the very famous
game "Warcraft II - Tides of Darkness". It
appears when the human side has won.
war_human_lost - This is also from Warcraft II. It appears when
the Orc Side has killed ya.
cindy1 - I assume you recognize her... Yes it IS Cindy
cindy2 - Cindy Crawford, too.
war_orc_won - Another picture grabbed from Warcraft II. This
time you were the Orc Side and won.
usmc - The logo of the United States Marine Corps.
An idea to use it would be in an orbital base or
in any other military building.
worms1 - This is taken from the really great game "Worms".
It's the cover picture.
worms2 - This is the cover picture of the "Worms
Reinforcements". It's an add-on for Worms with
additional features.
saturn - The source for this was a photo downloaded from
a NASA server.
indy1 - I like Indiana Jones, so I added this.
indy2 - Another Indiana Jones image.
galaxy - This was also a photo from a NASA server.
pam - This is an animation of Pamela Anderson. I ever
wanted her to appear in my levels - U 2 ?
kiss - Another animation. It shows a mouth moving as
if it's kissing. Maybe it can be used for the
door of a strip bar or something like that...
cindy3 - Cindy Crawford
cindy4 - I think you can guess it . . .
cindy5 - I never get bored of her...
cindy6 - Really never...
cindy7 - She's so sexy...
born_to_kill - This helmet was used in the movie "Full Metal
Jacket" - a really great one. I thought it
might be used as decoration.
hacker - Got this image by a friend. Some like it, some
heaven - Unfortunately it wasn't possible to use this
as daylight sky. But it looks nice anyway.
NOTE: If you wanna have a daylight sky, you can
use texure no. 1083. Put in on the ceiling,
give it the blue palette (no.1) and make it
parallaxing. It looks just great.
the_ducks - Who does not know 'em? Hewey, Dewey and Louie,
the nephews of Donald Duck...
nasa - The original NASA logo, taken from the NASA
independence - The cinema poster of the movie "Independence Day".



1.5M This has lots of cool graphics and maskable walls.



1.2M my very first weapons patch.
The art isn't all that great but it is kind of cool... :)
I think the stripper weapon is pretty funny... :)

Replaces: Tiles009.art and Tiles010.art



66.6 ...will replace the TROOPERS of DUKE NUKEM 3D V1.3d (full version) with IMPS from good old DOOM...



534 Some nice wall textures



109 makes all the usual enemies to Duke guys!



219 Girls and stuff



822 DOOM, Wolfenstein 3D and egypt textures



270 misc evil artwork