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Filename and author Size (kb) Description
Shareware v1.0 to 1.1
Joe Siegler/3Drealms
701 dn3d11pt.zip (618,443 bytes) - v1.0 to v1.1 shareware patch - Revised
NOTE: Some copies of the v1.1 patch had a typo on the initial install screen. This one does not!



Shareware v1.1 to 1.3
Joe Siegler/3Drealms
1349 dnsw13pt.zip (1,381,580 bytes) - v1.1 to v1.3d shareware patch



Australian/New Zealand v1.3 (Adult Lock) to (unlock)
Joe Siegler/3Drealms
579 ozpatch.zip (593,014) - lock removal - Full U.S.
If you have the earlier censored Australian version, and would like to change to the un-censored US version.
Please note: This patch will work ONLY with the Australian version of Duke Nukem 3D, and only with the installed files from the complete version - not the shareware version



v1.4 to v1.5(2nd release)
Joe Siegler/3Drealms
696 ppack15.exe v1.4 to v1.5 registered patch (713,030 bytes)

Revised - runs on faster computers without the runtime 200 error.
This small update to v1.4 fixes some bugs in the game, as well as corrects an install program problem for people with computers that have 64Mb of memory or more.
Please note that this will only update a game that has already been updated with the Registered Plutonium PAK CD.
If you do not already have the Plutonium PAK CD-ROM, this patch is not for you.
For Use ONLY with the Plutonium PAKv1.4 (aka the v1.3d to v1.4 registered patch)



U.S. v1.5w (Adult Lock) to Unlock
Joe Siegler/3Drealms
382 dnsepat.exe (393,216 bytes) - v1.5w lock removal-Full U.S.
Revised- runs on faster computers without the runtime 200 error.
If you bought the Atomic Edition CD in Wal-Mart and can't "unstick" the Parental Control. Fixes the Atomic Duke3d Special Addition and now will allow Adult Mode ON!



Duke Nukem 3D HQ sound replacement
compiled by CeeJay
23.5M The goal of which is to replace all Duke Nukem 3D (Atomic Edition) sound effects and Duke talk with either perfect matches or suitable replacements of higher quality than the originals. This is an on-going project and as such is yet incomplete and not perfect. I know the Jetpack sounds are a bit lousy and some of the looping sounds are a little too lengthy...



Duke3D "echo" crash patch (src inc)
Ken Silverman
8.17 duksndfx.exe (5,654 bytes) Revised - 4-26-2000

v1.0 (Shareware)
v1.1 (Shareware)
v1.3D (Shareware)
v1.3D (Registered)
v1.4 (Plutonium Pak)
v1.5 (Atomic Edition)
v1.5 (Australian version)
v1.5 (Walmart version)

If your system has a PCI snd card, and it crashes the game.
This patch is a workaround. Disables the ECHO and Reverb sound effects in the Apogee snd engine.
(if required, read text. Not required for DOSBox Emulator Users.)



Echo Disable
Joe Siegler/3Drealms
36.4 dnsndfx.exe (37,303 bytes) Revised - v4-22-2000
Supports 1.3 shareware, 1.3reg and 1.5
3DRealms copied version of the above patch.(if required)



names.h replacement v1.3
Ken Silverman/
3D Realms
4 13dnames.zip - Lost or damaged your names.h file? Sets your names.h back to default



names.h replacement v1.5
Ken Silverman/
3D Realms
5 ppknames.zip - Lost or damaged your Atomic Edition or Plutonium Pak names.h file? Sets your names.h back to default



Help file v1.4
3D Realms
77 dn3dhelp.exe - During Installation (German), this help file may not install.



DukeCDMusic 32 Adds the ability to play your own music CD's while playing the game.



Atomic Editart Workaround
Ken Silverman/
141 Allows 23 Art tiles to be used with Duke3d 1.3d. AND Replaces the Atomics(v1.5) Crippled Editart to allow full use of the Atomic Editions Art.



DN13PAT - Duke 3D v 1.3d TC Patch
Ben Smit
190 This program enables Duke3d version 1.3 users to design their Total Conversion's and Addons so as to include:
-new Episode
-Skill names.
-Some of the more popular Cheat codes can also be changed to whatever you like.
(never before done, until now...Some features similar to what the Atomic edition has in its cons)



TooL13 v1
1.08M A DUKE NUKEM 3D v1.3D total conversion installation util.
Tool13 will modify duke3d.exe using an ini file for instructions.
Some variables that can be changed;
-con rename
-grp rename
-episode rename
-skill rename
-Global sound change
-uses script input
Similar to Dn13pat util above by Ben Smit, but better.



Duke 3d 1.3d Global snd modifier
11 -modifies the three global snds in duke3d.exe

Sounds 9, 14, & 17 are built in global sounds. (rpg explode, pipe explode, & laser trip explode) So you can replace those sounds to have your own global sounds. The problem is, when an RPG explodes the sound is activated internally. To have exclusive control over a global sound you need to change the flags in the exe. (or at least that's the only way I have found) In duke3d.exe I found a 9, 14 & 17 that when changed, the new sounds are global. The d3dg.exe will modify those numbers in duke3d.exe.

base# is 0-253, it and the next 2 sequential numbers are used.
Normal Restores the standard numbers.
Status Look only.
# is 0-255, Manual setup



EXEPatch v1.20
Photon Man
30.7 Universal file patcher (designed for executables) Used to patch BUILD Game EXE's, you must know where to patch of course. Includes data for Duke3d.



OTHER MISC PATCHES - These are generally patches that are not directly related to updating the game.
Compiled by perkristian
7.10M hi-res Duke Nukem 3D sounds. I've "only" found 55 sounds, so it's far from a complete pack. Still though; it's fun to listen to better versions of these classic sounds, like "mice3", "glass" and of course "squish" :-P



Duke-It-Out-In-D.C. Patch v1.01
33 This patch fixes the runtime errors associated with fast Pentium (or equivalent) machines. If this does not work then you need to use a slow down tool.



Duke Xtreme Hard Disk Install Utility
77 If you are having problems getting Duke Xtreme to run from CD, download this installation utility which allows you to copy and run Duke Xtreme from your hard drive!



Duke Caribbean Gamer Patch
34.6 GAMER.EXE patch for Duke Caribbean: Life's a Beach.



DukeDc Bat
Peter Fishwick
1.95 Purpose:

To launch Duke Nukem 3D and enable the Duke it out in DC episode when GAMER.EXE doesn't work. The user must Perform several steps to prevent conflicts between the extracted DukeDC files and the original game or usermaps. This file explains how to do this.



DEMO Patch
9 Patches a bug in v1.5 that plays back the demo incorrectly.



Nag screen remover for Build v1.4
1 No longer do you need to press <Y> etc... I don't think this works for v1.5



TenScreen Timer Patch
2 This lowers the timer of the TenScreen down to zero so you don't have to bother with it.



Duke Adult patch for 1.3
8 Duke3d v1.3d Aus/NewZealand versions ONLY.(Adult Mode ON!)
-unofficial alternative patch for the ozpatch.zip.



v1.3d to v1.5 USER.CON Converter
Ben Smit
6 This is a utility to convert a Duke Nukem v1.3d USER.CON file to run in version 1.5.



Converting Build v1.3 to v1.4
Ben Smit
11 If you already have Build vers 1.4 you can still use Bpatch to patch your Build so to execute in any directory you wish. The same goes for - if you only have Duke v1.3. I guess this patch allows build 1.3 to be used with 1.4 maps aswell. Note: This is not 100% conversion(read enclosed text)



The Original Con Files v1.3D
Todd Replogle
/3D Realms
33 Download the original 1.3D con files (Note: these are also in your duke.grp file)



The Original Con Files v1.4/1.5
Todd Replogle
/3D Realms
44 Download the original 1.4/1.5 con files(Note: these are also in your duke.grp file)



The Original Con Files
vShareware 1.3D

Todd Replogle
/3D Realms
33 Download the original Shareware 1.3D con files(Note: these are also in your duke.grp file)



Unofficial CON Fix
v1.4 and 1.5

Jonah Bishop
47 Unofficial con "fix "package. It fixes several problems in the Con files, such as having episode 2 and 3 mini-bosses, the unbreakable plate, Duke Nukem Cutout, destructible security cameras, and the "wackplayer" command. Some modifications are just the authors features, rather than fixes.

Note: Be sure to check out the upgraded "The Unofficial CON supplement" by Jonah Bishop and The Fly in the duke3d-cons download section. Filename: consupp.zip



Dos4gw.exe v2.01a
Tenberry Software
289 DOS based programs (such as many build games and tools) require the DOS extender DOS4GW to run. DukeNukem3D has v1.97 built into the games.exe
Includes: external v1.97



Wingroove v0.9E
Hiroki Nakayama
1.06MB Still have a Sound Blaster 16bit sound card? You can get a 32bit wavetable without having to upgrade your actual sound card. You will notice a BIG difference.



Sound Blaster MPU401 Fix v1.00
Creative Labs, Inc.
10 Adds support for Creative's MPU401 port to several programs which currently support Roland's MPU401 cards but fail to work with the Sound Blaster 16. If you have a Wave Blaster or an external MIDI module that you wish to use but your computer locks when you select Sound Blaster Pro digitized sound and MT32 or General MIDI music then this utility should fix the problem.



OLD VERSION PATCHES - Most suffer from the Pascal "runtime 200 error' Bug.
v1.4 to 1.5 (1st release)
Joe Siegler/3Drealms
673 v1.4 to v1.5 registered patch - 1st release



U.S. v1.5w (Adult Lock) to Unlock (2nd release)
Joe Siegler/3Drealms
255 2nd release v1.1



U.S. v1.5w (Adult Lock) to Unlock (2nd release.alt)
Joe Siegler/3Drealms
255 alternate 2nd release v1.1



U.S. v1.5w (Adult Lock) to Unlock (1st release)
Joe Siegler/3Drealms
304 1st release v1.0



Echo Disable (1st release)
Joe Siegler/3Drealms
42 1st release.  Only supports 1.5



Echo Disable (3rd code)
Ken Silverman
6.04 3rd code. Supports v1.0,1.1,1.3(& Shareware),1.4-1.5



Echo Disable (2nd code) (src inc)
Ken Silverman
8 2nd code. Supports Shareware: v1.0, 1.3D and Reg. v1.3D, 1.5
Its a C based program.



Echo Disable( 1st code) (src inc)
Ken Silverman
19 1st code.  Only supports 1.5
Its a compiled Basic program.