duke3d-tools-build   v6-08-2017   Release 12  32F / 7.48M (c) RTCM Corvin

Duke3D BUILD Tools - Most of these tools where designed for Duke Nukem 3D using BUILD map Format 7.
Also, some tools only require you to do some renaming of your files to get some of the tools to work with other BUILD games/versions.


Map File Editing | Map File Support
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Lameduke Tools


Filename and author Size (kb) Description
LEBuild v1.0.3 INT (src inc)
Maxim Chinyakin
an unique product which had been developed and is currently being accomplished by me. LEBuild (spelt out as Lezing Entertainment Build) lets you achieve another grade of mapping and, possibly, reveal the whole potential of Build engine. By some aspects it is similar to Build and Mapster32, but it isn't based on them. The general distinctions are the GUI and powerful tools including the built-in scripting system.



Ryan Hamshire (SirCruller)
5 "NeoBuild is a program I designed to handle ordinary level-building functions, but with an easier to use interface. It reduces the typing needed in MS-DOS to a click of the mouse. I don't have a screen shot, but I will attempt to describe it accurately here for you. It's a small window, equipped with a listing of all map files in the current ( Duke ) directory/folder. After selecting a file or typing a new filename in the text bar near the top of the window, the user may click any of the many buttons to start build, play the map with or without monsters, load the corresponding text file in the MS-DOS text editor, make a backup copy of the current map, restore the map from a previously made backup file, or delete the selected map.



HackMap v1.02
Karel Blaskovic
90 HACKMAP is an MSDOS based MAP file editor for DUKE NUKEM 3D. It was designed and created to assist in the production of top-quality DUKE3D levels. HACKMAP is an extremely powerful tool that is intended to supplement the BUILD level-editor for the serious level builder as well the novice who wishes only to take advantage of a few important features or to save time while making levels.
"Everything that isn't possible with Build, is possible with Hackmap"
(works with Atomic edition map files aswell)



OpenGL Build Touch v2.1(Win) (src inc v1.9.1)
James Ferry
823 A program that is used to perform functions and create special effects that BUILD does not have included in it.  It uses a Windows Explorer style dialogue box, and more functions have been implemented. Win32, uses OpenGL, compiled for Pentium processors.

Features include:
  • Palette editor - the only palette editor publically available, anywhere. Able to edit all six base palettes, all 25 alternate lookup tables and all 320 shade lookup tables.
  • Group file management - extract, add, delete files in group files, and create new archives. The fastest available group manager around.
  • Map editing - manually editing of all values
  • Map optimization - cleans up some map features to optimize run-time speed
  • External program management - manages external exceptionable and can run them
  • Patch file creation - creates patch files for Duke3D v1.3d (updated)
  • CON file optimization - cleans, shrinks and speeds up the CON code
  • Vastly increased performance speed and data handling
  • Requires Win95osr2 or compatible
  • src for v1.9.1 (src unlocked) 682KB



Build Touch v1.0(DOS)
James Ferry
115  "This program was developed for v1.3d, it might work on Plutonium and Atomic, I would not know. It should work on Atomic though, they seem the same." -James Ferry

Editing utility for Duke Nukem 3D version 1.3D Registered user maps. A program that is used to perform functions and create special effects that BUILD does not have included in it.

Effects include: -Sector on Sector effects such as translucent water surfaces.



for DOS Mapster and DOS BUILD Editor to work together.

In Mapster and Build they are mutual hostility (at least, with me it was).
They did not desire to use one and the same file TABLES.DAT (it is located in the composition of GRP file for the game, but during the editing it must lie/rest at the folder with the editor as with the entire Art and Date files from the game.) It was necessary to devise the alternate route...



Camera Remover (src inc)
6.88 This will remove all the cameras from a specified map.
This is useful for watching demos in the map, since you
won't have to worry about the game switching to a 3rd-person view.
It basically replaces the sector effector with lotag of 27
with a blank sprite. It prints a message stating how many
cameras were removed. Expects a version 7 map file.



Duke map generator beta release (src inc)
Jeff Howell
61 This package will generate a playable pseudo-random map for the game Duke Nukem 3D.
Includes: Pascal Source Codes



Map Flipper v0.92 (src inc)
Type flip_map in the command line and read the instructions.



Pallete Map 25 A .map For Duke3d



4 This file is a BUILD 'utility' map for Duke Nukem 3D that allows you to sample the game's various sounds. Numbering was done in increments of 10. Simply write down the number of the sound, then tag your corresponding item in Build.
The sounds are based on what is available in your DEFS.CON file. Not all switches trigger a sound.
All switches are triggered at the same time, but the sounds occur individually.



MapTrans - The Duke3D Map extender!
Andrew Wyllie
25 With MapTrans, you can create levels any size you want - limited only by your patience and endurance. (Yea but Sprite and Wall limits are still there) Once you have mastered MapTrans, it's use will become automatic. For Duke3D v1.3d Only



JOINER v0.1 (alpha)
Karel Blaskovic
83 A program that takes many small pieces of Duke3D levels (structures) and connects them together to make a playable, single or multi-player level.
  • Adding to your library: Making new structures
  • Designating walls as connectable
  • Adding monsters and items
  • Sector, Wall, and Sprite Tags
  • Structures to avoid using in Library maps
  • Respawns
  • Water
  • Sloped floors
  • Relative floors/ceilings
  • Library map numbering
  • Start maps and Nukebuttons
  • Library file size limitation



The WOrm
9 Automatically clear the screen after build crashes.
A newer version of my build crash handling program. This time it uses HBreak so you can close build even if it freezes completely!



Duke Nukem 3D Atomic Map Checker
6 This utility will check if a map is meant to work in Duke3D Atomic only. It will check to see if a map has tiles beyond the limit of the original 1.3D game. This may not be a guaranteed method, but it should be accurate most of the time.



Duke Nukem 3D Viewer v1.0 (src inc)
Matt Tagliaferri
286  This program appears to be a prelude to a Full working DukeCAD program. This version merle views Duke MAPS v1.3d/1.4/1.5 (Includes Source Code)



Check Duke3D Map V1.0 and v1.3
Peter Hardie
89.4 This program performs several "sanity" checks on a duke3d map and prints out some information about the map. It can be useful for either a map builder who wants to check that their map doesn't contain common errors, or it can be used by duke players who download maps and use cdm to tell them whether the map has errors and also whether the map is for Single, Dukematch, and/or Coop play (because either there's no documentation for the map or, as sometimes happens, the documentation file is wrong).

The program only performs some fairly simple tests at the moment but I hope to make it do more extensive tests in the future. It does test for one of the most common and frustrating errors in a map - water transports which kill Duke.



Duke 3D Bitmap Generator (V1.06) (src inc)
Oliver Kraus
194 This program produces PCX or laserjet maps of Duke3D levels, extracted from GRP or MAP files.
Generate PCX-Bitmaps or print Duke Maps on your HP LaserJet (150-600 dpi).

The Duke Nukem 3D Bitmap Generator is a great addition to the toolkit of the Duke Nukem player or creator of add-on MAP files. With it, you can output from MAPs or GRPs to a LaserJet printer or save the output to a PCX file for viewing. The output created gives you a complete view of areas, the positions of monsters, access cards and other items, along with the numbers of each item. Using command-line switches, you can customize the output to include starting level, size of output, no access cards, no monsters, and a host of other options. If you play or design MAPs for Duke Nukem 3D, you'll want to check out this easy-to-use command-line program.
"A little secret,
 There is a commandline switch "-info" that generates a one-line-description of a specific map. With "dn3dmap -info *.*" you can generate a complete overview over all files in a directory. One could easily see which levels are dm, coop or single player maps." -Kraus
Support for the plutonium pak aswell. {Source code is included.}



Duke 3D Map to HPGL convertor
Jeff Howell
21 This utility converts any Duke Nukem version 1.3 map file into a Hewlett Packard Graphics Language (HPGL or HGL) plot file. This file can in principle be plotted directly but it is intended for importing into a drawing or DTP package.



Photon Man
21 Designed for reading Duke Nukem 3D map version numbers.



Simon Crawshaw
29 Readuke is basically a simpler version of build, but with an added feature of telling you how many of each sprite there are in a particular level, ie 5 atomic healths and so on !



Simon Crawshaw
23 Sectduke basically tells you how many secotrs or sprites with a certain lotag or hitag (useful for you level creators). You merely specify the numer and it will tell you how many, and other bits as well !



Map Effectx (src inc)
Steve Bennett
105 Start of a map editor, no editing ability I think.
This is a readout of a map, after exiting the program.
****** STATISTICS ******

Number of sectors: 317
Number of walls: 1937
Number of sprites: 639
Highest floor: 50176
Lowest floor: -411648
Highest ceiling: 8192
Lowest ceiling: -465920
Total of 73 brown (texture 0) walls
There are 637 two-sided (red) walls (19 maskable)
5 Video Screens connect to 7 Video Cameras. (5 Demo Cameras)
There are 133 solid (blocking) sprites.
There are 138 flat sprites vertically, and 8 horizontally.
In netgames, there are 14 start points, and 14 extra sprites
44 of the 317 sectors are tilted
There are 2 mirrors in this level
Widest Sprite: 168 Thinnest Sprite: 4 Tallest Sprite: 168 Shortest Sprite: 22

Core left now is 407696    (Source Code Included)



BUILD Map converters
v4/25/2012 (w/C src)
Ken Silverman
25 How to use these Build Map converters:

Use CONVMAP* to convert Build maps to a NEWER format.
Use BACKMAP* to convert Build maps to an OLDER format.
I realize there is no BACKMAP4. It doesn't exist and I don't plan to make it.
You may refer to CONVMAP5.C for hints.

Study this chart:
EXE name, old map version -> new map version:
>CONVMAP4 [map name(s)] 3 -> 4
>CONVMAP5 [map name(s)] 4 -> 5
>CONVMAP6 [map name(s)] 5 -> 6
>CONVMAP7 [map name(s)] 6 -> 7
>BACKMAP6 [map name(s)] 7 -> 6
>BACKMAP5 [map name(s)] 6 -> 5

Includes: Ken's Instructional text



Map Conv v0.3 (src inc)
63.1 Converts any Build Map from one version to another, supports versions 3 to 7. Since v.3 of the converter, it also supports Capstone's TekWar extensions and BuildMap5 extensions.



oasiz, Ken Silverman
750 -> Eats in '.map' files from Duke3D and Lameduke, possibly other versions as well.
-> Outputs a '.html' that has SVG in it.
-> Able to do some basic comparisons between two .map files
-> All this with a pretty UI that belongs to the 80s!

SVGMAP: one should type map name without the extension.
TROR: When asking for extra params, select "black on white", I recommend using with autosize.


WAD2MAPpack (src available)
Ken Silverman
137 These tools are from the V1.3d and v1.5w Duke3D CDs.

WAD2MAP - For converting Doom level maps in WAD files to BUILD map files.

WAD2ART - For converting Doom art resources in WAD files to BUILD ART files, PALETTE.DAT, and NAMES.H

Also includes: TRANSPAL, it generates shading/translucence tables from a palette.



DOOM/Heretic to Duke

Olaf Wendlandt
1.5MB Level converter, now allowing you to run Duke with the original DOOM textures. The textures can be used in BUILD for levels from scratch too.



FIXWD2MP v1.05
J Forster
34 FIXWD2MP(accessory to Duke3D BUILD WAD2MAP converter) is designed to fix those HOM you sometimes get when using WAD2MAP to convert Doom WAD files to Duke3D MAP files. That and a few other useful things like changing all sprites from one tile to another,
fixing all the doors tracks, sounds for doors and elevetors &c. It can
also be used to paint walls, floors and ceilings that have that awful
tile 0 that WAD2MAP did not do a good job with (assuming you don't wantto edit DUKE.TXT).

To use it you must use Build to examine the area with the HOM, then using TAB and ALT-TAB ascertain which walls have been assigned to the wrong sector. FIXWD2MP then can be used to assign them to the right sector.



Doom Textures TO .art file format (C src only)
3 Exports Doom textures to Duke3d format. For use with the Doom wad to Duke3D map converter that comes with Duke3D.

With Duke3D is delivered a converter of maps Doom towards Duke. It is very well. But when one sees textures on the grounds and the walls, it is less better! The converter that I wrote, exports all textures of a Doom Wad towards a tiles0??.art of Duke3D.



Adereth & Ken Silverman
133 Set of utilities to ease creation of LameDuke maps with a BUILD 7 Editor, includes Ken Silverman's BACKMAP and CONVMAP tools available above separately.



LameDuke to Duke3D tile converter (w/src)
Mark Jaskolski
29 Basically, this program converts the tile numbers used in Lameduke to their equivilent numbers in the Duke 3D tileset. Where no close match was available, I have simply picked a tile which I thought was close enough (Which doesn't always look as good).

The program expects to find the original lameduke maps (Converted up to version 7 format) in the directory.