duke3d-tools-con    v2-08-2017  Release 4  17F / 3.66M (c) RTCM Corvin

Duke3D Con tools - Most of these are for making slight modifications to the user con file or helping you navigate your way through the con files themselves.


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Filename and author Size (kb) Description
Notepad++ CON syntax highlighter
71.3 I created it on NP++ 6.3 so if you're using the latest version....



CONstruct v1.1.0 (w/src)
Jonathan A. Conway
2M CONstruct is a script editor for use with Duke Nukem 3D CON files.
CONstruct includes the following savvy features:
  • Easy to use editor
  • Tabbed/Multiple Document Interface
  • Browsable code tree, Helper dialogs, Primitive generators and more to make your life easier
  • Several handy-to-have tools such as Bulk Indenter and Filter



Game CON Hacker Editor GCHE v1.1
Devastator's Production
165 CON file editor, designed for novice .con editing while making the process simple and efficient. Requires: VB6 runtime library.



The Duke Nukem Con Editor beta v1.7.2.9
James Hughes
415 DNCE is the only 32bit Windows Duke Nukem source con editor available. It introduces a friendly and effective, visual IDE (Integrated Development Environment) way of editing Duke Nukem *.con files - resembling closely to the screen of modern HTML source editors.

DNCE is designed for editing *.con files, and it has many features that will make con hacking, testing and Duke launching easy, as opposed to some of the often used editors, such as WordPad (Windows) or Edit (DOS).

  • filesize is not limited
  • built-in Duke and Build launcher - test your work in a snap!
  • syntax checking
  • configurable color coding of primitives
  • primitives list - point and click to insert
  • built-in calculator - convert count ticks to seconds and vice versa
  • small independent EXE - no DLL's
  • and finally it's free!

A Con/text editor. With color coding. Includes a Built in Game Launcher. Auto Indent, Color Files, Goto Line, ect...



WDiff - Windows File/Directory Difference Viewer  V1.49
Chris Sitte
198   A windows(3.1/95/98) application which displays the differences between two text files(Cons) or between two directories or ZIP archives. The two text files (or directories) are displayed side by side. Common and different sections are clearly marked with separator lines and different colors. The display window is scrollable in all directions. The middle line which separates the two sides can be moved in either direction to see more of the left or right side. It is also possible to jump between common and different sections. This utility is especially useful for programmers who wants to see the differences between two versions of a source text file or to show the differences between two sets of files, where one or both sets can reside in a ZIP archive. There are various formatting and comparison options available.
  -I use this program to compare 2 cons files, The original cons and the modified cons. it shows precisely where the modifications are in the cons.  -Corv



CONgreen 9
92 CONGREEN converts Duke v1.3 .CONs to v1.4/5 Cons (1.3 to 1.4/5). This beta version has only been tested on the original duke 1.3 .CONs, but should work with custom Con's.



v1.3d to v1.5 USER.CON Converter
Ben Smit
6 This is a utility to convert a Duke Nukem v1.3d USER.CON file to run in version 1.5.



James Ferry
66 This util optimizes the con files the same way Duke3D does just before a game is run. All CONs are merged with one complete con file.
(an updated version is built into the OpenGL Build Touch tool)



EditCON Version 2.0(Full) (Source Inc)
Charlie Wiederhold
172 This will edit player items, weapons, and enemies...etc in User.con/also includes the ResetCON- program resets your .CON files for Duke Nukem 3D to their exact original factory settings.
(Includes Source Code)



DN3D Power Menu v1.02
Lau "Qty" Taarnskov
36 A batchfile menu, you can use to edit your user.con file without screwing everything up. You also have fast acces to the cheat codes, setup.exe and other things.



User Con Maker v1.0
12 For use with Shareware DN3D.



DUKE 3D UserEditor V1.2O
119 It will edit your USER.CON that contains the user data. you can change your starting health, enemy strengthes, weapon strengths, blow radiuses and alot more!



Duke Nuke'em 3D User.con editor Ver 1.4
Frederik Heick
18 It will edit the options to Duke himself and his inventory.



Duke 3D Customizer
71 This will edit player items, weapons, ...etc in User.con



CON-Create v1.00
Steve Sutton/Tickersoft
146 This is a very nice User.con  variable modifier..has everything!



FireZone Ent.
12 For Duke 3D v1.3d, Alters/replaces your USER.con



Con-Artist v1.0
Eric / Sherlund Software
103 Win32 Trainer for Duke3d Shareware and Full Version.