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BUILD Tools, Group File related.

Group File Handling


Filename and author Size (kb) Description
Group File Studio v3.1
Gary and Jonah Bishop
293 A Windows 95 and Windows 98 utility that makes working with group files much simpler than ever before.


  • Create new group files
  • Insert files into an existing group file
  • Permanently remove files from a group file
  • Extract a single file, a file type (i.e. - *.map), or all files from a group file
  • Rename embedded files
  • Play embedded sound (*.voc) files from the group file
  • Auto-Play option for automatically playing sound files
  • Play embedded music (*.mid) files from the group file
  • View the attributes of the embedded art tiles (located in .art files)
  • View art tiles from the embedded art files
  • Specify a default names.h file for showing the associated names when viewing the artwork
  • Specify a custom palette.dat file to use for viewing art tiles
  • Specify a default directory to extract files to
  • HTML based help


GRPViewer v05.07.2010
Roma Loom
535 GRP Viewer is a Windows utility that allows the user to browse, play, extract, delete, add and rename files from the Ken Silverman group file [.grp].



Nils / UltraSoft
14 Here is the usage of UltraGRP and UltraART-

To use UltraGRP, first you have to place it in your Duke Nukem 3D
directory. Then, either in DOS mode or at the DOS prompt, Switch to your Duke3D directory, (for example C:\Duke3d) then type UltraGRP and press enter. Follow the on screen instructions for the useage of UltraGRP. UltraGRP extracts files from a Duke3D grouped file.

Example useage of UltraGRP- ultragrp duke3d.grp tiles008.art
| | GRP file name file to extract

You may extract any type of file from a Duke3D grouped file, like
.voc, .mid, .art, etc.

To use UltraART, do the same as above, except UltraART lists the index of an art file. Like tile number, dimentions, etc.

example usage of UltraArt- UltraART tiles012.art | ART file to index

Tip: UltraART lists the tile numbers within that art file. Example
tiles000.art starts at 1 and ends at 200 and something, while
tiles014 also starts at 1 and ends at 200 and something.



Game File Explore v1.32
254 GFE is a game resource file viewer and ripper.
- Aliens vs Predator Fastfile (FFL)
- Blood II REZ and DTX textures
- Conflict: Freespace 1 & 2 VP files
- Cultures LIB files (demo)
- Dark Forces LFD and GOB
- Delta Force Land Warrior Demo PFF
- Descent I , II & III HOG
- Doom, Doom II, Heretic, Hexen, Strife WAD
    - Duke Nukem 3D, Blood, Shadow Warrior, Redneck Rampage,
      Witchaven GRP and ART
- Half-Life and Gunman texture WAD3, MDL, SPR
- Heavy Metal: FAKK2 FTX textures and PK3s
- Heretic II and Soldier of Fortune M8 and M32 texture files
- Hexen 2 BSP, Lump, MDL, Pack, SPR and WAD2
- Jedi Knight GOB, MAT, BM, CMP
- Kyrandia I & II & III PAK, CPS, COL
- Mysteries of the Sith GOO, MAT, BM, CMP
- Nascar Heat TRK, RES and TEX textures
- Nocturne and Blair Witch 1 & 2 POD2 and RAW images
- Outlaws LAB
- Quake BSP, Lump, MDL, Pack, SPR and WAD2
- Quake II PAK, Wall, PCX and TGA
- Quake III Arena PK3
- Rainbow Six, Black Thorn, Ghost Recon RSB files
- Red Faction VPP
- Rise of the Triad WAD
- Serious Sam test demo 1 & 2 GRO and TEX
- Sin Pack and SWL textures
- Star Trek: Elite Force PK3
- Terminal Velocity POD and RAW images
- Terminator: Future Shock/ Skynet BSA and textures
- Thief, Thief 2 and System Shock 2 CRF
- Vampire: The Masquerade NOB



GRP Plugin for Windows Commander v1.02 (Includes SRC)
Stanislaw Y. Pusep
75 Extract/create support for GRP (Duke Nukem 3D and other Build engine-based games group file) file format in Windows Commander. List of some games that uses Build engine, and consequently GRP format to store files:

o Duke Nukem 3D
o Blood
o Shadow Warrior
o Redneck Rampage
o Witchhaven
o TekWar
o Extreme Paintbrawl
o Powerslave
o NAM/Napalm
o ...some sequels, some unreleased games, and a bunch of TCs.

Note: Requires a seperate program to run.



D3DGRPLite v1.0.0 (w/src)
Adrian Clark
293 A simple windows grp manager.



2 A small tool to allow you to Group all your files into a new.grp file of your own.



Duke Dead
Great Beard Creations
30 Unpacks GRP file from Duke Nukem 3D game... (MIDIs, WAVs, VOCs...)



dn3dcode1_2 (src inc)
Bo Yang
47 Here's a list of programs in this package.
dn3idx.exe list index of GRP files
dn3ext.exe extract files from GRP files
artidx.exe list index of ART files, you can extract ART files from GRP files using dn3ext.exe
dn3gv.exe view graphics inside GRP files; can also save them to hard disk
(source code included, now includes more src, 5-25-99)



GRPX v1.0 - .GRP File Viewer/Exractor
22 Is a menu-driven .GRP file viewer/extractor. This package also includes the Group (.GRP) File Format specs and someother grp programs (some source code included)



2 Made to help you in your extracting process. You need kextract.exe for it(On Duke CD). It is a menu driven "frontend" for kextract.exe, It is very simple to use as well.



GRP Stripper v1.0
Rex Engel
10 Extract by file names/types from the grp file. Includes source code.



Resource Compiler v1.0
Chris Field
13 It will compile all of the data to DUKE3D.GRP
This utility has been tested with:

- Duke Nukem 3D Shareware v1.0
- Duke Nukem 3D Shareware v1.1



Resource Ripper v1.1
Chris Field
12 Will take all of the data from the DUKE3D.GRP file and place it in individual files.
This utility has been tested with:

- Duke Nukem 3D Shareware v1.0
- Duke Nukem 3D Shareware v1.1



Decompiler/Compiler v1.1(w/src)
Daniel Mecklenburg Jr
172 This program will allow you pull the resources out of the DUKE3D.GRP file and store them as individual files so they can be edited and then Recompiled.

Can work with ART-files.
Includes: "example for DN3D-DC"
I do not recommend You using COMP.BAT and DECOMP.BAT files from this distributive. Instead of this use my example of how to compile files into ART-file.
This is an example of compilation of BMP-files into ART-file. This helps to make levels. BMP-files must have Duke`s palette.



by Joris Weimar / 4th Dimension Software
11 Usage: mapstuff <mapname> <oldmapname> <groupfile>
Example: mapstuff mymap.map $BULLET.MAP duke3d.grp



by Joris Weimar / 4th Dimension Software
13 Usage: SEXTRACT [switches] <group-file> [<filenames>...]
Wildcards are allowed in the filenames

Examples: SEXTRACT -l DUKE3D.GRP *.*



Group List
Ben Smit
2 A utility that will list all the files in a group file, and create a text file named after the .GRP file in question with a .LST extension. The lengths of each file will also be given. GroupLst will work with most .GRP files using the Build engine.



DukePlay v1.10 DSP
Chris Jones
26.8 This utility allows you to play Duke Nukem 3D sounds directly from the group file, simply by typing in their Build sound number.