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Filename and author Size (kb) Description
Build Mouse Fix v1.0 (src inc)
-=CHEATER=- , Drog Black Tooth
6.18 A replacement for bMouse listed below. This patcher tool patches the game.exe of the Build game that it is applied to. This will allow both axis of in-game mouse sensitivity to be set (amplified) at the same time. Also to correct the update rate movement of both axis at the same time.

The archive contains the source code for TP7, as well as the executable file for DOS. Before you run the program must necessarily be placed in the catalog of the game!

List of supported games (ONLY original DOS versions):
Duke Nukem 3D
Shadow Warrior
Redneck Rampage

The program is universal - it looks for a specific code and replaces it with another, so it should work with any versions of these games (including demo, beta, etc.), and, possibly, other games using the MACT386.LIB library for mouse operation. The fact is that the movement of the mouse in the specified library is processed by the following code:

// original MACT386.LIB code (disassembled)
void CONTROL_GetMouseDelta (int32 * x, int32 * y) {
MOUSE_GetDelta (x, y);
// artificial priority for bigger delta axis
if (abs (* x) <= abs (* y)) {
* x / = 3;
} else {
* y / = 3;
* x = (* x * 32 * CONTROL_MouseSensitivity) >> 15;
* y = * y * 96;

As can be seen from the example above, the priority for the mouse movement is given to the axis that had a large increment value, while the value of the other axis is artificially reduced by 3 times. Because of this code, the movement along the diagonal was very inconvenient, in fact, it was reduced to either vertical or horizontal movement, whichever is larger. This program corrects the work of this function and changes its code to the following:

// new code (after this fix)
void CONTROL_GetMouseDelta (int32 * x, int32 * y) {
MOUSE_GetDelta (x, y);
* x = (* x * 32 * CONTROL_MouseSensitivity) >> 15;
* y = (* y * 96 * CONTROL_MouseSensitivity) >> 15;

Separately, it should be noted that in some games on the Build engine, such as Exhumed / PowerSlave, Witchaven, NAM and some others, they use their own algorithms to work with the mouse, so this program is useless for them - it just will not find anything to fix it.

Working with the program is very simple - installing the fix:
buildmfx.exe duke3d.exe

Rollback and undo all changes back:
buildmfx.exe duke3d.exe / u

Instead of "duke3d.exe" it is necessary to enter the executable file of the desired game.



bMouse v0.6 (src inc)
56.5 Fixed mouse driver for (some) Build Engine games.
Blood, Duke3D, Shadow Warrior and Redneck Rampage all have this crappy mouse filter that allows only one axis to be updated at a time. This program removes that limitation. Please read the included readme file for information on how to install it.

- Supports Redneck Rampage, Blood, Shadow Warrior and Duke Nukem 3D
- Fixes the crappy mouse filtering
- Correctly maps all controls from default CFG file
- Independently configurable axis sensitivity



sMouse v1.0 (src inc)
26.3 An alternative and an "update" to bMouse above. Its been 'optimized' so the mouse works better at lower / low sensitivity settings. Tested with Blood and Redneck Rampage. Start with sensitivity values at 1.0 in SETUP.EXE.



16.1 This is a TSR that allows you to change between the nine levels of sensitivity within the game you are playing (Duke3D/Doom etc) it calls the mouse driver directly. You can define the nine levels of sensitive as well as the keys you want to switch sensitivity with.



PS/2 mouse sampling rate changer v0.4
Juha Kujala
111 For Windows 95/98 - Virtual Driver.
It writes a rate-change command directly to the mouse hardware.



Andrew Koptelov AKA Kaa
611B Forward  /Backward Mouse Disabler. Used in games where mouse movement moves the player. Like Witchaven1 and II, Powerslave / Exhumed and Tekwar (remember you won't be able to aim up/dwn in tekwar with the aim button/key on).

Simply load it before your game, for an example batch:




Istvan Pataki aka Deity
816B Vertical movement mouse disabler. Same as the above mentioned disabler. Use one or the other if your having problems.



DUKE.LES 03-14-97
19 This file is only for owners of the WingMan Extreme Digital joystick or the ThunderPad Digital gamepad. Joystick Config and button mapping.



Sidewinder Joystick Profiles for Duke3d
5 For All Sidewinder Controllers (default)



Duke3D SideWinder GamePad Driver v1.0
Steven L. Christy
18 This driver is intended to allow SideWinder GamePad owners to use their GamePad with Duke Nukem 3D. There is no guarantee that this program will work with other variations of the SideWinder products.



DOS driver for SideWinder GamePad. V1.10
Bret Johnson
32 Allows use of Microsoft SideWinder digital GamePad in DOS - no
need for Win95! Maps digital buttons on GamePad to Analog values in
joystick BIOS.
Includes: THRUST - A program to test your Game Port and/or your Joysticks.






TEN WinKey Killer v1.001
Kirk Kuzma
103 Lets you disable the infamous Windows key. It was written for use on TEN, where the WinKey's accidental use during a Duke Nukem game could wreak havoc...



3 Windows Logo key control for MS-DOS programs. Lets you configure your MS-DOS game so that Windows will ignore the Windows logo key while Duke3d is running. From the Windows 95 Kernel PowerToys Download



JoyToKey v3.7.4
Ryo Ohkubo
309 This software is a keyboard emulator for joysticks.
It converts joystick input into keyboard input (and mouse input).

Use it when you want to control an application with joysticks that
doesn't support joystick input.



MasterPilot #021
3.6M .BMP printable image of "display" #021 Duke Nukem 3D 1.3
from the MasterPilot(QS5600)-Stand Alone Model



MasterPilot Programmer
977 Program the Masterpilot keys
(you must have the QS5601 accessory and programmable cartrige)



VFX1 Supplies
FORTE Technologies, Inc.
1.70M Its Contains;
>Forte Technologies Site for VFX1
>Mindflux Site for VFX1
>BUILD Game Drivers for
    Blood VFX1 HEADGEAR driver v1.3
    Redneck Rampage VFX1 HEADGEAR driver v1.3
    Duke Nukem 3D VFX1 HEADGEAR driver v1.2 for DN v1.3(or later)
    Witchaven VFX1 HEADGEAR driver v1.0

>FORTE VFX1 SDK Release Version 2.13 (2/26/96)
>The "Official" VFX1 FAQ Release 2.0
> - enables feature connector on Trio32 and Trio64 video cards.



Duke Nukem 3D VFX1 HEADGEAR driver v1.2
FORTE Technologies, Inc.

37 You must have Duke Nukem 3D 1.3d (or later) to use this driver.
VFX1DUKE.EXE  7/19/1996



Redneck Rampage VFX1 HEADGEAR driver v1.3
FORTE Technologies, Inc.
21.6 RAMPVFX1.EXE  8/14/1997



Blood VFX1 HEADGEAR driver v1.3
FORTE Technologies, Inc.
22.3 VFXBLOOD.EXE  8/19/1997



VFX1 HEADGEAR Utilities 2.16
FORTE Technologies, Inc.
641 Win95 and Win98 drivers for the VFX1 Headgear



VFX1 HEADGEAR Utilities 2.15
FORTE Technologies, Inc.
662 Win95 driver for the VFX1 Headgear



Release Version 2.13 (2/26/96)

FORTE Technologies, Inc.
881 The Forte VFX1 SDK consists of 3 major components. The VFX1 MS-DOS drivers, MS-DOS example code and the Windows 95 Utilities. The Windows 95 Utilities include the Main, Head tracker, and CyberPuck VxDs, a Control Panel application and example code.



LCD CyberBoy Duke3D Drivers for SW and Full 1.3d 1.2M ( Includes: The shareware and full drivers.