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This Front end list covers all BUILD game types since many of these game loaders themselves support more than one BUILD game. For more Frontends see each games specific download section.

Do a browser FIND command to search for your particular game.

Required Files = Refer to  general-tools  downloads.


Filename and author Size (kb) Description
katmenu v5.01



Battle Browser 0.40beta
110 With this front end for Duke3d and Shadow Warrior you can launch maps, launch modem and network games, launch build and do everything needed to play and enjoy Duke3d and Shadow Warrior all from Windows 95. The registered version will allow an unlimited amount of maps to be viewed and will remember all of your settings you entered, it will also launch you straight from build to duke3d to test your map in progress.



GameMenu95 v2.14 beta
David Maisonave

A windows95/98 front-end loader for many popular 3d-games. Duke Nukem, Quake, Shadow Warrior, Doom2, Blood, Descent, RedNeck Rampage, strife, Heretic, Hexen, Rise of the Triads, Terminal Velocity, PowerSlave, etc..  

A front-end loader is a program that runs a second program with a predefine command and environment.  The main purpose of a front-end loader is to save the user from having to enter codes on the DOS prompt.  Windows95/98 front-end loaders also saves the user from having to maneuver around an antiquated, key-board-input, DOS based menu.

Many, Many more functions not listed here.



Game Guru 3.0
Steve Noonan
Game Gure Update3.5


Game Guru is a 32-bit Front End for Doom, Doom2, Heretic, Hexen, Duke3d, Blood and Shadow Warrior.
-Doom, Doom2, Heretic, and Hexen support.
-IPX/Modem/Serial support: For Doom like games only.
-Record and playdemos back with ease
-Easy to use WAD/MAP selection
-View txt files with a click of a button
-Blood, Duke3d, and Shadow Warrior limited support.
-Duke3d now works with Multiplayer
-Added response file selection
-'More External Levels' option
-EXE option
-Rewritten manual
-Blood works again
-Default map directory for every game: Just right click on the directory to set.
-Very much improved Multiplayer Support
-record demos with Duke games
-"Deathmatch Databases" (a list of your local deathmatch players, with a click of all the preset settings will appear)
-Saves config info in gameguru.ini
-Run MAPs/WADs from double clicking on them in the explorer
(This must be set up, see manual.html in zip)
-Use External CONs
-Use External GRPs

-Windows 95.
-24+ MEGs of RAM are recommended
[Required Files] VB5 Runtime Files but many are included already in the zip file.



DOOMIT95 v1.1
John Bayley/ BayStubb Innovative Technologies
3.2MB A professionally designed application to facilitate creating\managing and playing maps for DOOM, DOOM II, REDNECK RAMPAGE, BLOOD, SHADOW WARRIOR, DUKE3D PLATONIUM, DUKE3D, or any game based on the DOOM or BUILD engines.
  • FULL FEATURED Windows 95 application
  • Map file list popup menu "Edit" and "New"
  • Ability to create NEW map
  • Long filename support for map/demo files.
  • DOS buttons
  • Phone book
  • Game Auto Search function
  • Demo files no longer have to exist in the game folder
  • Searches and stores maps on any or all drives on your system (including zip, cdroms, network drives).
  • Automatically locates your games on your fixed disks with the click of a button.
  • FULL online help system with videos.
  • Sound effects
  • Ability for you to add your own games to the list of available games.
  • FULL multi-player support
  • Cheat codes available from the help menu for all games.
  • Incremental backups of your map files.
  • 2 Duke Nukem 3D Platonium maps (including demos)
  • And too many more to mention here!



Ninja Nukem v2.04
Anthony Langford
1.3MB For Win95
Duke Nukem 1.3d, 1.4, 1.5
Shadow Warrior shareware V1.0/1

  • Setup
  • Single Play
  • Multi Play
  • Build
  • Edit Art
  • Kextractor
  • Q-DukED
  • RTS Editor
  • Cheats
  • Total Conversion Guides