general-multiplay-drivers   Version 1-06-2014   Release 3  18F/ 13.4M (c) RTCM Corvin

General Multiplay Drivers - Tools to allow you to play verse an opponent.


Filename and author Size (kb) Description
Internet Commit Driver Demo v? Build 2
Online Gaming Technologies
418 iC replaces the COMMIT driver included with many of the BUILD games. This driver is the heart of the multiplayer code. Unlike somewhat generic IPX emulators such as Kali or Kahn, iC does not emulate an IPX network. Instead it interfaces directly with the game and sends the packets out over TCP/IP as soon as possible.

iC allows BUILD games to be played over a TCP/IP connection. Currently, it supports 3D Realms' Duke Nukem 3D and Shadow Warrior, Monolith's Blood, and Interplay's Redneck Rampage. Doesn't seem to work for AOL users. Two players produce the best results.



Ric Gates
3 Detailed instructions to workaround the INI bug of iC.



Alt IC INI File
2 The ALT ini is simply a workaround for some users that experience problems with saving some of the settings in iC. A FAQ on how to manualy edit your iC setup.



DukesterX Bundle
8.21M This application was designed to setup Duke Nukem 3D multiplayer games with ease. It allows players to connect to a host, then each will have the ability to play Duke Matches or Co-op play on the Duke Nukem Win32 ports by Rancidmeat, JFDuke3D, EDuke32 and xDuke. for multiplayer or single player games. The application has been designed to have the look and feel of Online Gaming Technologies Internet Commit application (IC).



Duke Nukem 3D Launch
1.99M A multi player launcher for the Duke3D_w32 Windows Port of the Duke Nukem 3D game.

D3dLaunch is a LAN metting place where players can join a game, send chat messages to each other and launch a Duke3d multi player game very easily. Any player is able to select a map that is on their own computer. Before the game is started the map will be transferred across the network to any players who do not have the map.

You can even play against each other across the Internet if you set up your router to port forward correctly.

To play Duke Nukem under Windows you will need the original Duke Nukem game and the Rancid Meat duke3d_w32 software port.



Multiplayer Setup v11.2.2005 (src/inc)
Jaakko Lukkari


272 Duke Nukem 3D Multiplayer Setup is designed for starting up a peer multiplayer game for Icculus/Rancidmeat's duke3D WIN32 and Linux port.


Automatically detect IP addresses and interfaces [Interface:].
Support for broadcast networking mode, where Duke3D sends broadcast packets for others on the LAN to pick up and reply to.
Support for specifying IP addresses that are allowed to connect to the Duke3D client, useful for playing over the internet.
Screenname [Nick:] used in Duke 3D can be set.
Support for peer-2-peer mode.
Port [Port:] used for UDP networking can be set.
Number of players can be selected if you're using broadcast mode.
Duke3D can be launched with the right command line options, and Duke3D's output is showed in a command line window so you can see the connection progress.
Your settings are stored in the same directory where the program is located so each time you play your settings will be restored.
Configurable Duke3D-directory and filename (Windows version only).



DukeWeb v0.17
Eric Cosky
210 This program provides a way for users to connect Duke Nukem maps together over the Internet, resulting in a Web-style hyperlinking system that allows players to end a map and load another from the net.
This program also provides organizational services for dealing with collections of duke nukem map zipfiles.



Dukenet v?
48.5 An irc based Duke Nukem 3D Multiplayer launcher.
Use as an ALTERNATIVE for Dukonnector.
Requires .Net Framework 2.0



Dukonnector v? (src inc)
962 My first TCP/IP Multiplayer Launcher.
Supports all Duke Nukem 3D ports, including the dos version (using dosbox) Shadow Warrior, and almost all build games, with the ability to add new dos games for multiplayer mode. works in both Internet and LAN modes, Servers are advertised on the master server. Requires .Net Framework 2.0

Includes: Master Server Program



Mark Dochtermann
37 This version of commit is a pre-release test version prior to the release of Duke Nukem 3D v1.4(Pluto) to test certain fixes made to the commit.exe file



Commit Driver v1.2
Mark Dochtermann
26 The commit driver from Shareware Duke Nukem 3d v1.2. This driver MAY provide connection solutions for some users using duke v1.3. Replace the newer driver with this one.
COMMIT.EXE (v.1.2, file size 25782 date 1/29-96) from shareware duke (not version 1.3)



Ken Silverman
299 Most Build engine games have files in their directory called COMMIT.EXE and COMMIT.DAT. If you copy both of these files into the 2draw directory, you can play network 2DRAW games! (I tested my high-level network algorithms for the Build games using 2Draw!). Many of the 2DRAW files are exactly the same as files for the Build engine.
For example, if you have the registered version of Duke Nukem 3D or Shadow Warrior, you can use the EDITART.EXE utility to change the .ART files.



Echo GamePhones Shareware Version 1.2
Joseph Ballantyne/Echo Corporation
146 Software that enables full duplex voice communication over a 14400 or faster modem or serial connection while playing DOOM, DUKE NUKEM 3D, DOOM II, Ultimate DOOM, Heretic, Hexen, Rise of the Triad and Terminal Velocity. No special version of the games is necessary.
Works by replacing the game's serial driver with a proprietary driver that enables voice communication during game play. This new serial driver is compatible with the original driver you will still be able to connect and play a standard modem game you just won't be able to talk to it.
Has a five minute timer on it. Also includes commit.exe



GAMER'S portable Radio (GPR) v 2.0.0 (Multipoint beta 1) 370 GPR is a voice chat program, designed to work in background mode. You may use it for example to speak with your friends when playing online games by modem, or performing other work. GPR offers you a set of features to make your communication with groups of users very flexible.- This is ideal for low bandwith requirements. Timedware



Network Duke
103 Network play with NE2000 compatible network-card.



Pipx v1.00 Test Drive Release
Parallel Technologies, Inc.
84 Parallel-port IPX driver: play Quake (or any IPX network game) over parallel ports: works perfectly with Quake and Duke Nukem 3D.



DukeGC v1.2(Bundle)
Pat Mccomack
125 A MS-DOS based program that allows you to play up to 8 player Duke Nukem 3D over any WorldGroup or MajorBBS system running Game Connection. (Includes: Shareware v1.0 and 1.2)



IPXGC v1.1
Pat Mccomack
204 A MS-DOS based program that allows you to play multiplayer games that use the IPX protocol over any WorldGroup or MajorBBS system running Game Connection.(Shareware)