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Sounds in various formats and packages.



Filename and author Size (kb) Description
Project: MegaDukeBoard
Richfield Duke

What is it, you may ask....
It's....... 720 sounds in wav format containing all the duke you need to humiliate or prank someone!
This is my final work and it compiles most of my resources to one single bundle. It contains; Duke 3D, Caribbean, Forever, Zero Hour, Critical Mass, some of Time To Kill and lastly Manhattan Project.



Talking Clock Sounds
Moose O'Malley,
John Carsey
1MB WAV   recordings of John Carsey's "brilliant and hillarious impersonations of Duke Nukem."
WAV files in this archive are for use with Registered versions of the Talking Clock program(read enclosed text)



55 WAV
Redneck Rampage



Blood 2 Caleb's Voice
17.5M WAV



Fate Sounds
2.54M WAV



Unreleased Duke Mids
Lee Jackson, Robert C. Prince, III
84.8 MID



Lee Jackson
3.87M MP3
Duke Nukem 3D theme song converted from Redbook CD



Grabbag Original Version MIDI
Lee Jackson
15.5 MID
General MIDI and Roland



Grabbag-Full Version SC-55 Optimized
Lee Jackson, optimized by SpooferJahk
19.3M WAV
the full Grabbag on the SC-55 with some more tweaks to make it sound a wee bit closer to the SC-88 recording Lee Jackson made years ago. It isn't exact, but this is as close I can get without significantly altering the original song. Much rather not completely overhaul a piece of history, since Lee made it perfect as it is already.