general-tools-dosxp    Version 9-13-2020     21F / 25M   RTCM Corvin

Tools and Patches to allow BUILD Engine games to run in Windows NT, 2000, XP, Vista, Win7, Win8.1, Win10. 32 bit and 64-bit OS's etc...



Filename and author Size (kb) Description
DOSBox Emulator
DOSBox Team
1.38M A Full DOS Emulator for Windows NT,2000,XP, Vista, Win 7. This tool replaces all the old methods listed below in the next section. Allows you to play and run BUILD Games and tools. For full Frames Per Second use a 2.0GHZ processor.
Narech K.
211 DOS/32 Advanced DOS Extender, version 9.1.2
A replacement for the internal or external DOS4GW.EXE file. Its smaller and faster.
DOS/32A is a free, open-source DOS Extender which can be used as a drop-in replacement for the popular DOS/4GW DOS Extender and compatibles. Being fast, small and flexible DOS/32A can be used in many environments, from embedded systems to DOS emulators, by both developers and end users alike.

For External: simple copy the dos32a.exe to your games folder and rename it to DOS4GW.EXE

For Internal: Example: You have installed the game DUKE NUKEM 3D into directory C:\DUKE3D. In the same directory is located file duke3d.exe which is the game's executable file.

STEP 1) Use SUNSYS Bind Utility (sb.exe) to bind DOS/32 Advanced executable file dos32a.exe to a program, type at DOS prompt:

cd C:\DUKE3D
sb -r duke3d.exe

The Bind Utility will report its actions and show the final size of the file duke3d.exe. You will notice that it had changed and became smaller by almost 200KB. The game can now be started as usual.



AmpShell v1.1.3.1
237 DOSBox front-end, requires .NET Framework to be installed.



D-Fend-Reloaded 15.3M DOSBox front-end, includes DOSBox EMU within it.



dosbox74SVN_Bloodcdloop (src inc)
DosBox Team?
2.43M This is a SVN Build version of the DosBox.exe so Blood CD Tracks Loop in the game, tested on OUWB v1.21 It also allows the in-game CD Audio volume slider to work. Same functions will work with Shadow Warrior and Redneck Rampage.

Just replace your dosbox.exe from v0.74 with this one.



6.46M DOSBOX SVN 0.74 with Glide support(3dfx) for Windows.

For use with Blood and Shadow Warrior 3Dfx. Best used with the nGlide wrapper, See the 'RTCM 3dfx Online documents' for setup procedure.



Zeus Software
2.51M For Windows coupled with a custom version of the DOSBox emulator for DOS applications. It requires also the Blood 3DFX or SW 3DFX patch installed...

nGlide (freeware) is a 3Dfx Voodoo Glide wrapper. It allows you to play games designed for 3Dfx Glide API without the need for having 3Dfx Voodoo graphics card. All three API versions are supported, Glide 2.1 (glide.dll), Glide 2.4 (glide2x.dll) and Glide 3.0 (glide3x.dll). nGlide translates all Glide calls to Direct3D. Glide wrapper also supports high resolution modes.

Blood and Shadow Warrior require a special version/build of DOSBox that supports Glide to run under 3Dfx. See the 'RTCM Online 3DFX documents' for instructions.



Gravis Ultrasound (GUS4.11)
Advanced Gravis Computer Technology
5.89M This is the ULTRASND folder installed. You copy the ULTRASND folder into your BUILD Game's folder to use. If your game has built-in GUS support.

The DOSBox emu has GUS sound built-in so you only need the minimal install to add MIDI. See below for minimal install.



Minimal ULTRASND(GUS4.11)
Advanced Gravis Computer Technology
4.27M This is the ULTRASND/MIDI folder installed, minus all the un-necessary files if you want to hear GUS MIDI in DOSBox emulator.

Place the ULTRASND folder in your BUILD Games directory.
Tested with Blood v1.21.



Minimal ULTRASND (PPL1.61)
Advanced Gravis Computer Technology
5.44M PRO PATCHES LITE(1997 update)- This is the last version issued, some games may have problems with this archive. (some percussion instruments will repeat loop) If so use the above standard GUS v4.11 Minimal Install or the now included instruments.

This is the ULTRASND/MIDI folder installed, minus all the un-necessary files if you want to hear GUS MIDI in DOSBox emulator.

Place the ULTRASND folder in your BUILD Games directory.
Tested with Blood v1.21.



BUILD Game GUS Patches
Lee Jackson/3DRealms, Capstone
27.9 These are ULTRAMID patches from the game CD's. Place the ULTRAMID.INI file in the ULTRASND\MIDI\ Folder.
Witchaven I believe all you do is load up GRAVIS.EXE first then load up SETUP.EXE or WH.EXE

Includes: Witchaven1 (use with WH2 also), Duke3D, and Shadow Warrior.

Note: Duke3D patches can be used with NAM / WWIIGI.
Blood didn't come with one.



DirectDraw Compatibility Patcher
182 Fixes the 8bit color problems some ports like xDuke have in Vista and Win7. This will examine your the games exe and save a .reg file for you to add to your registry.

Note: Once the Reg Fix patcher program writes the information to a reg file or to the registry for a specific game.exe, you should not move that particular game folder or exe.

How it Works; Those entries are understood by Windows Vista and 7 as they are determined by the exact game.exe used. The 'patching' programs gather the games filename, folder path, the process ID, and sets the registry keys accordingly, it does not patch your game.exe directly.

So one game.exe version and another game.exe version are determined by the patching programs to be different specifically by the various attributes of the exe, and Windows reads those differences when launching the Game. These variables, along with the needed flags makes a compatibility profile in the Registry for Windows Vista and 7 to use with that application, only. It won't affect other parts of your registry or other programs.

If you made a mistake and need to delete these entries in the registry file, here are there locations written by the program:




DirectDraw Patcher (src inc)
43.6 Fixes the 8bit color problems some ports like xDuke have in Vista and Win7. This will examine your the games exe and write the fix directly to your registry.



(intended for the  setup-windowsxp-buildgame  RTCM online document, read it first before using these)
shortcuts-vdmvlp.rar 4 These are your pre-configured VDMSound VLP Shortcuts.

    Place these in C:\bldgames\blddos\ and copy them to your desktop.



shortcuts-xpmsdos.rar 9 These are your pre-configured XP MS-DOS Shortcuts with included ICONS.

    Place the correct files into the corresponding game folders.
    C:\bldgames\duke3d\ and C:\bldgames\blood\ etc... (inc src)
Software Systems
493 This is the last resort and should only be install if all else fails.
Now free and open sourced (12-30-2009) , includes no time limit reg file. (3-05-2010) 1.8M This is the Free open source modular, extendable soundcard (and other "legacy" hardware) emulator for MS Windows NT/2000 DOS boxes.

    Install this into c:\bldgames\blddos\vdmsound\ 203 LaunchPad is a graphical front-end to the VDMSound 2.0.4 backend 37 This is a special edition of CLI2NOP. An original can be found in the SoundFX archive. Disables the sound interrupts in the game.exe



NOLFBLIM v3-22-2005 (src inc)
Ken Silverman
4.08 An update to KenS previous TSR program (listed below). Not only does it disable the Linear frame Buffer, but also limits the frames per second allowed to be drawn. This is to prevent Screen Tearing when using VESA 1.2 modes at higher resolutions.

>Can be used with the DOSBox emulator.


NOLFB  v9-21-2002 (src inc)
Ken Silverman
3 This is Ken Silverman's WinXP VESA workaround. Allows higher video resolution to work, like 1024x768 but the game with be using the slower VESA 1.2 video mode, rather than the games intended VESA 2.0.

A TSR that patches the VESA driver by fooling DOS programs into thinking the VESA 2.0 linear frame buffer modes are not supported/available, the games will then fallback to VESA 1.2 if they support it.
Simon Hradecky
40.2 (formally

This is a XP High-Vesa patch workaround.
patch's vga.sys on Windows 2000 SP3, Windows XP SP2, Windows XP SP1, Windows 2003 Server (Media Center) SP1 (32bit) (src inc)
13.3 Videoport driver patch for VESA in NTVDM, for W2K SP4, XP SP1 (32bit)

A patched version of the videoprt.sys driver for XP.
Using it, I can run Blood, Duke Nukem 3D, etc at 1024x768 with no problems (Without this file, you can only attain 640x480 without the monitor going in standby mode.)
Ken Silverman
7 VESA patch for high res modes on GF4 cards. For WinXP SP2.



SolVBE 1.3b, 9-15-2004
Jari Komppa
99.6 This is to be used without NOLFB.

a VESA v1.2 driver for WinXP SP2/Win2k command prompt.

you will be able to run some old DOS games that require VESA support on your Win2k/WinXP PC, even if your display adapter doesn't support it (or if the support is broken).

enables you to run the above mentioned programs in windowed mode. VGA 13h mode (320x200x256) is also supported, and there is also some limited tweaked mode support.


- Large part of VESA VBE 1.2 specification implemented
- VGA 13h support
- 320x200 and 320x400 un-chain4 tweak mode support (no page
flipping support though)
- VGA palette port registers support
- Mouse support
- OpenGL scaling output
- Bilinear filtered and nearest-pixel modes
- Full-screen mode (uses 640x480x32 always)
- Optional 4:3 aspect ratio locking