general-tools-voxel   Version 5-23-2013   Release 2  6F/ 4.60M (c) RTCM Corvin

Tools for BUILD Engine games that use Voxels.


Filename and author Size (kb) Description
SLAB6   03/22/2011 (w/src)
Ken Silverman
297 SLAB6 is a highly optimized, purely software-based renderer and editor for voxel models. The maximum grid size is 256x256x255. Supported formats:
VOX: Simple uncompressed grid of 8-bit values
KVX: Voxel sprite format used by the Build engine (Shadow Warrior/Blood)
KV6: Voxel sprite format used by Voxlap, Evaldraw.

Includes: .KVX File Format specs.


POLY2VOX  07/09/2009 (w/src)
Ken Silverman
90 A polygon to voxel model converter. Supported polygon formats: 3D Studio: ASC/3DS, or Quake: MD2/MD3. Supported voxel formats: VOX, Build Engine KVX, Voxlap's KV6/VXL format. POLY2VOX recognizes the following texture formats: PNG,JPG,GIF,TGA,CEL,BMP,PCX. Includes source.(Win32)


V3B2VOX 5/30/2007 (w/src)
Ken Silverman
8.88 Converter between SLABSPRI/SLAB6's VOX format and EveryGraph Voxel3D's V3A/V3B formats. V3B2VOX converts V3A or V3B to VOX, while VOX2V3B converts VOX to V3A. (Inconsistent names, I know). Source included.



560 Converts a image strip to voxel and model* formats.

Use a image strip(series of images in one vertical or horizontal tile) to create a VOX file(a raw 3d voxel model) which can be converted in Slab6 to be used with build engine or whatever else.

Also exports a DDD file, glbasic model file and a OBJ w/ MTL files for use in other projects.

I'm planning to allow it to reverse a VOX into an OBJ/DDD models as well.

*This is just a beta, so the OBJ doesn't have proper normals defined, nor is it optimized much.



strip-to-voxel 01/23/2011
453 A program I create to convert an image strip, or series of pictures in a long film strip like image, into a raw voxel model for later editing and use in the build engine, Duke3d and all.

Current features:
1) Convert a PNG or BMP into a raw VOX file
2) Choose a custom transparent color(black default)
3) Mirror finished model (good for cylinderical objects, or things with symmetry)
4) Read an image vertical or horizontal, sometimes its easier to build a strip vertically vs. horizontal so I added this.
5) Limits of 255x255x255, however there are bugs for images exceeding a certain width, 3000 pixels wide or tall I think. So technically you can't quite hit that limit yet.



3.32M It moves the Voxel model up so that it sits right on the floor. This is primarily useful for Animated Voxels.

The problem is when you have animated voxels and you need to set the origin/pivot opening them all up in Slab6 and aligning them is time consuming as hell.