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Various tools that have helped or aided BUILD users. MOD creators alike.


Video Resolution Changers | Misc Tools | Visual Basic / Required Files


Filename and author Size (kb) Description
Grafik-mode-changer for Duke3d
7 You can change to any grafik-mode you want but keep in mind: 1723*945 is no supported screen-resolution (don't try unnormal numbers)



Duke Nukem 3D Resolution Changer v2.0
Jason Clay
38 A program that allows you to run Duke Nukem 3D Shareware v1.3d or Duke Nukem 3D Full Version v1.3d in any resolution you want to just as long as your monitor and video card can support the mode you specify.



Resolution Raiser v3.0
78 Lets you choose a resolution for duke all the way up to 1280x1024. Duke normally on 320x200 and can only raise to 800x600. This will work for atomic and duke 1.3.



SciTech UniVBE and Display Doctor freeware
SciTech Software
18.4M For use with DOS and Windows 9x. A universal VESA driver.

Included are:

SciTech Display Doctor 7 Beta - Windows and DOS
SciTech UNIVBE 6.7 - DOS
SciTech Display Doctor 6.53 - Windows and DOS
SciTech Display Doctor 6.53-d - DOS ONLY
SciTech Display Doctor 5.3a - Windows and DOS.
SciTech Display Doctor 5.3a-d - DOS ONLY
Scitech SVGA Kit

SciTech Display Doctor 5.3 - Windows and DOS
SciTech UNIVBE 5.1a - DOS



CRC32 v1.30.0024
Cyberdyne Software
188 for Windows 9x/NT

CRC32 calculates the 32-bit cyclic redundancy checksum (CRC-32)
of a file and displays it along with other useful file information
in a window. The checksum calculation algorithm used in CRC32 is
exactly the same as that internally used by PKZIP and WinZip, i.e.
the 32-bit CRC values calculated by PKZIP and CRC32 are identical.



Andreas Bauer
10 Fixes a bug appearing in all programs that have been written using Turbo Pascal when such a program is run on a Pentium Pro 200MHz or a faster computer.
This bug causes a runtime error 200 when the startup code of Delay() is executed. The bug appears when a DIV instruction is executed and the result does not fit into the destination register. ...

-This program is used for various BUILD Game patch's and installers.



ctbppat V1.2
Andreas Stiller
49 A patch program that corrects the Run time error 200 on faster systems (starting from PII/III and Athlon 266 MHz, K6-2
525 MHz)

This program is used for various BUILD Game patch's and installers.


BUILD Game Template v3.1
1.40 Simply an updated version of a map authoring template to include with your maps, mods, addons and cons.



.SSI File Unpacker (C source included)
Jonathon Fowler
12 This is a small program to extract the files from the .SSI package format which Sunstorm Interactive expansion packs for games like Duke Nukem 3D are distributed in.
This updated version includes the ability to extract the SSI revision 2 format as used in Duke Caribbean.
70 Duke It Out in DC (for Atomic Edition)

This small patch will convert DUKEDCPP.SSI to DUKEDC.GRP

Unpack the zip to where you have DUKEDCPP.SSI and run patch.bat

The DUKEDCPP.SSI must have md5: F0BFA5B956C8E3DBCBA1042118C1F456
35 Duke Caribbean Vacation (for Atomic Edition)

This small patch will convert VACA15.SSI to VACATION.GRP

Unpack the zip to where you have VACA15.SSI and run patch.bat

The VACA15.SSI must have md5: 22C8CD6235FC2B7ECEFEFC2442570D68



GameHack-BUILD 1.4M Saved game hacks for Duke3D , NAM, Shadow Warrior, Blood, Witchaven2



2 Fill in your Mods info and it makes an installer.

pause -gives you the message "Press any key to continue..."
echo your text here -makes text show up
echo. -skips a line

getting your tc running:

open the program in textpad and edit it as follows:

1. where it has /xgame.con , if you have a different game.con name , enter it after the x.
2. where it has /gnew.grp , change new to the name of your .grp file
3. you can add some extras too if you want, like text.



TextExtract V1.0.0
Simon Kewin
538 TextExtract is a small and simple programette that scans a file for text strings, extracts them and saves them into a separate file. Useful if, say, you have a corrupted word processor file, or if you just want to see what text, if any, is inside a file.



Ben Smit
13 Build modification for Total Conversion maps,   You can now Build maps in a directory for whatever TC you have. The modified   BUILD.EXE will now only work for this TC and nothing else - Maybe rename it to some other name like BUILDP.EXE for example.
In this way you can have a directory for each Total Conversion and not clutter up your main Duke3d directory. For duke 1,3d/1.4/1.5



DN Recorder
10 If you run dnrecord in your duke dir, it will record a demo evertime you launch duke, until you run dnrecord again.



DN Stat Manager
12 If you play duke on a network with your friends,   you copy down the score on the end page. Then you type in that score page to the stat manager, and it does an analysis of ratios and stats.

You need a unix machine with python to be able to use it.



David P. Kirschbaum
4 DOS tools for coding binaries <--> ASCII. It was also used to extract the from Klaus Breuer's Editing FAQ v1.3?



DN K-Key Cheat
Robbie Branting
3 This great program will let you use the co-op option of seeing through the other players eyes with out having to be in co-op mode! And your enemies can't use the key, unless they have this program running too!



HACK v1.1
Eternity Software
126 Game Save File Editor



Options for MS-DOS and DOS boxes
5 So small it nearly doesn't exist, this tiny piece of executable code does nothing more than tell you what command-line parameters have been passed to it. You use it to spy. You simply rename OPTIONS.EXE to the filename of the executable you want to spy on, and then carry on as normal. For example, to spy on the Duke Nukem 3D setup program.......



MatchDemo v1.0 for Duke3D 1.4+
6 Little prog to record and play Duke DMO's Record and play Duke Nukem DMOs with the MatchDemo for Duke3D 1.4+. This is a simple little program you can use to record, play, and auto-record DMOs.



Episoder v2.2(Includes Source Code)
Charlie Wiederhold
56 This program is really for people who want to select lots of levels for Dukematch. It combines a bunch of maps into one episode. -parses your USER.CON


Tc killer v. 1.0
Shay Golan
73 What it does is , it takes all of the *.art *.con duke3d.grp and *.dmo files and puts them inside an arj file that will not be affected from the tc changes. And when the user is done with the tc it extracts the files back.




John McSorley
39 ----Using with Duke3d---This program must be included in your startup config. This util will allow Duke3d to have more Conventinal memory to use on some systems.



Duke Benchmark II 12 Here's two performance benchmarks of Duke Nukem 3D for comparison(txt files)



More saved Games for Duke Nuke'em 3D
Josh Reynolds
2 It Renames the save games so the games thinks there are no save games. So you have room to store more; even when your list appears full. When you run it (Batch File) again it will backup the new save games and restores the original save games.



Duke Nukem 3D as a Fantasy Role Playing aid
Jeff Howell
21 Fantasy role playing games (FRPG - such as Dungeons and Dragons, by TSR inc) often involve complex maps. These must be constructed by the game master and communicated to the players as the game unfolds. I believe that both activities can be helped by using a polygon-based perspective graphics engine as found in several computer games. Duke Nukem by 3D Realms is an example of such a game. This comes with a comprehensive map editor.
 Example of combining Duke 3D with an FRPG included. Map and Adventure.
This idea will also work with any time period RPG with the correct map.



Show 30 This util will display .pcx image files and with the press of any key, it will fade the image to black. TC teams can use this to display there Team logo during install.



Gif2exe 26 Converts .GIF files to .EXE files so you can display logos and for TCs.



Joe Barta
6 This is essentially a menu to play fake multiplayer in the Atomic Edition.



FakeMatch for D3D 1.4+
9 Set Fake mltiplayer with a menu(3 options)



Map Author v2
Shannon Cornish
117 A Duke Nukem 3D level template writer.(win95)  Helps you write the level templates that comes with Duke Nukem 3d User Levels.



MAKE3D for Duke3d
13 Automatically Modifies duke.cfg file for Red/Blue Glasses



Visual Basic Files - Required files for some Programs as noted.
 place in your programs folder, it that doesn't work place in the C:\windows\system\ folder.
vbrun300.dll 225 03.00.0538 May 12, 1993$
VB5 Runtime Files 1.3MB Visual Basic 5.0 Runtime Service Pack 3
COMDLG32.OCX 54 5.00.3714 January 14, 1997
MSVBVM50.dll 687 05.00.4319 (SP2) July 19, 1997
381 4.00.2422 August 22, 1995