nam-cons    Version 3-16-2004   Release 2  6F/ 3.4M (c) RTCM Corvin

NAM BUILD Game - CONtrol files


Filename and author Size (kb) Description
Sniper Rifle Conversion
422 Includes new art plus:

Default2.con....Adds Realism, Health,Ammo,Damage and Several onscreen
Messages have been changed.
Game.con........Modifies AI Medic to Heal you to 200%. Should not be
Used without the Above Default.con file.
Chain.wav.......New M-60 Sound that someone made for Duke3d.


NAM trainer -CON
Ray Hicks
10 In case you didn't know, NAM started as a a TC for Duke Nukem 3d called platoon 2. But Gtgames picked it up and is now NAM. Anyways because it does not need Duke to run all the cheats were taken out.

So I made this con file that gives you 9999% health When you pick up ammo for a weapon it gives you 999 rounds so that should make it easier.



AK-47 Weapon Patch for NAM
702 This patch will replace the M-60 with an AK-47 Assault Rifle.

The art for the AK is from the game Redneck Rampage, but it has been modified quite extensively to work with NAM.



Castor Troy's Gold .45 Automatics
1.2M We all love the dual .45 automatics that Castor Troy hefts in John Woo's Face-off.



NAM Goodies Pack - Version 1.0
Jonah Bishop
354 This set includes a changed sound for the M-60, a new M-60 gunner con file, and a new crosshair.

Altered M-60 Sound
This change replaces the existing M-60 sound
with the cooler sounding "heavy" M-60, which
can be heard when firing the stationary M-60s
on Tanks, Helicopters, or in embankments.

M-60 Gunner Con File
This new con file allows you to carry 900
rounds of ammuntion for the M-60. But you
can only carry 4 Claymores, 6 frag grenades,
and now up to 360 rounds for the M-16. Makes
battles tougher, and places you in the shoes
of an M-60 gunner, usually part of a 7 man
SEAL team. Ammo for the M-16 is now picked
up 2 clips at a time. Ammo for the M-60 is
now 225 rounds per box. Can also carry 1
M-72 LAW.

New Crosshair
This new art patch changes the crosshair from
a yellow cross into a small red dot (much like
in Quake 2). The dot is *very* small (1 pixel
to be exact), but it makes seeing the environment
somewhat easier, and it serves as a nice change
to the large yellow crosshair.



768 The purpose of these files is to create more realistic game with increased playability and atmosphere. Realistic Tweak.