nam-maps    Version 4-03-2014   Release 6  48F/ 2.74M (c) RTCM Corvin

NAM BUILD Game - Player Maps

S/Single, G/Grunt Match, CTF/Capture The Flag , FT/Fire Team, C/Co-op


Filename and author Size (kb) S/G/CTF/FT/C Description
59 S  



7.01 S  



24.5 S  



32.4 S  



1 Sneaky
35.3 S Lots of enemys in a bunker



Dog Chow
Jon Hunt
44.7 G  



Operation Overide
18.5 S Lost contact with Company D. Reports on serious NVA movement
near their parimeter. It is most likely they are all dead, but
it is your job to get the remaining men outa there. A.S.A.P.



15.6 S Your mission is search and destroy, kill em all, then get the
hell outa there.



421 S Up ahead you see a checkpoint, beyond that hostile territory, and plenty of enemys. Kill em all!



Beach Head
90.7 S We lost contact with 3rd platoon, charlie company
it is were taken prisoners by the 2nd NVA regiment. A
radio transmition was made earlier by the NVA, on the
transportation of four prisoners in Hue. Your mission
is to get these men outa there alive. You'll be given
four men, Enclosed in this file you will find two shots
one of the holding facility, and the other of the
extraction point. Good Luck!



The Village
Ford Prefect
32 S Capture the VC village. A Chopper will pick
You up on the far side.

THIS LEVEL REQUIRES NAM from GT Interactive as well as the
ART and CON files from tour of duty III.



An Airport Too Far
Ford Prefect
61 S After being shot down on the way back to base
You have to reach the airbase on foot and defend
it against the VC (oh, and survive doing it ;)
Report to the HQ when the Airport is secure.

This Map is a conversion of toofar for PLATOON
with only minimal additions.



Yer Toast!
Ford Prefect
18 S After being shot down on the way to your
mission to capture the enemy HQ, You have to
reach it on foot.
Base: Etention of TOAST for PLATOON.



Tin Hi
Ford Prefect
19.4 S A New NAM Map



Into Hell (TH2)
Ford Prefect
17.6 S This Nam map was created for Platoon as part of the upcoming TODIII for Platoon. It may or may not be included with TOVIV.



The Canyon
Ford Prefect
28 S A New NAM Map



Duke PLATOON TC maps Converted to NAM
301 S/C/G/CTF/FT The original Duke Nukem PLATOON TC maps Converted to NAM/Naplam Game(aka Platoon II)



Platoon User Maps for NAM
538 S/C/G These Maps are Platoon user made maps now converted for use in NAM.

Maps Include:



116 S Your patrol has been ambushed while you were clearing a path to the An Lao valley. Follow the patch to extraction point. Good luck.



25 S/C VC is attacking the US camp on Tet cease-fire. Defend the base. Based on a scene in "Full Metal Jacket".



The Fate Of Company C
52 S Heres the situation, 18 Hours ago Company C reported a heavy NVA attack on the command bunker,the radio messages became more frantic untill contact was lost 16 hours ago.You have been ordered assist in locating Company C (if anyones still alive) and get them to the extraction point where Gunboat 255 is waiting.2 Hours ago our Gunboat 43 arrived to deploy your team,you have been assigned a medic,radio operator and a grunt
is waiting for you on the beach.These NVA...



Boot Camp
85 S VC have invaded your Boot Camp! Take 'em out so you can reclaim your base!



NVA Holdout
Terrell "Shogun" Brown
9 S 2 days ago, a squad from 1st Platoon entered a rather
sophisticated bunker complex. These WERE the best in
the entire division as far as being tunnel rats. Since
being sent in, we have not heard from the squad.

1st Platoon has located a entrance possibly to the
bunker complex. There is also a opening on a hill side
that we believe turns this complex into a fire base as
recon gunships have spotted artillery.

Your mission is to move inside this bunker complex and
gather information on it as well as clean it out. We
may use this to help set down a new FSB and supply center.
If you complete your mission and save any possible survivors,
you may hopefully find a squad knocking at the front door.
Good Luck!



Jungle Mayhem 1: Ambushed!
Erik Wray
18 S Your squad leader sent you to this jungle to find the secret enemie compound. But they know your coming. So now, there isn't any secret work, just shoot and kill anything that moves. The enemy will try to set up a trap for you. But if your smart you will get through it.



2009 for Nam
Matt Harris, Logan3000
32 S/G/C A Duke user level fixed for NAM



Ahood for NAM
Larry Turner, Logan3000
10 S/G A Duke user level fixed for NAM



paintball for NAM
Charlie Wiederhold , logan3000
21 G A regular sized level for Multiplayer gaming. Based on a paint ball building that I have been to. But, with LOTS of really cool features. Ideal for any number of players. Very dark and thought provoking level.
A Duke user level fixed for NAM



Sweep and Clear
15 S/G/C  



Roads to War
Chad Ackerman
23 S A map were strategy is the key, and ammo is of the essence. Keeping an open eye is vital to staying alive.



NAM Island
12.7 G  



Pow Resuce
56.5 G  



27 G  



9.51 G  



28.8 G  



Freek van der Heijden and Remi Bosman (THE DARK ONE)
93.8 G Large map with a base a village and a jungle.



Death Valley
Ford Prefect
18 G A 2 to 3 person Death Match.



Attack and Defend
41 G Level with dropzone and a fortess.



Two Tower War for NAM
Sebastien girard, Joshwua
9 G A Duke user level fixed for NAM



Don G aka ddimitri
37 S/G Gruntmatch in a dark town with a church belfry. Can anyone say SNIPER ? I thought so.....



Don G aka ddimitri
18 S/G Gruntmatch in a small well-lit town better ?



Don G aka ddimitri
25 S/G Gruntmatch in a darkened town. What could be better ?



Nam Arena
Randy "BeeMan" Bee
17 G Plain and simple, a great GruntMatch Arena layout. This one is good for 2-4 players, might be kinda cramped for 5-8. This one is packed with lots of weapons and tons of ammo (and a few secrets, so look everywhere).



2atwar for NAM
DANIEL , Logan3000
11 G A Duke user level fixed for NAM



World War Veteran for NAM
Simon , Logan3000
42 G Three player DM level A CRAP load of secrets "sniper spots" great "bottle necks" for trip mines, note: a huge amount of invisable wall crawl spaces.
A Duke user level fixed for NAM



Zonewar for NAM
PAIN_ , Logan3000
38 G/FT Set not too far from now. The last of two great powers have come face to face after a devastating war that has wiped out all but their finest soldiers. These soldiers have come to this battleground with the understanding that the fate of the war rides on their shoulders. There will be no other battles, this is it and there is no turning surrender!
A Duke user level fixed for NAM



The Two Tower Battle
Logan 3000
70 G/CTF There ar two towers, of course. a chasm in between them with a bridge. and a tunnel system with a couple of secrets. The sniper rifle sould be useful in this level. And each  team has a "secret" base with there team color in the bar.



SABAL-1 Saving Private Ryan
Carlos Antonio Sarmiento
45 G Great Multiplayer only game in whitch Red team attacks the beach and the Blue team Must Defend the beach or protect a pre determined player.



Carlos Antonio Sarmiento
46.5 G