powerslave-abandon    Version 9-18-2017   Release 5  3F/ 491M (c) RTCM Corvin

Powerslave / Exhumed BUILD Game



Filename and author Size (kb) Description
Lobotomy Software / Playmates Interactive
271M This is the US title. (Dec 04 1996)

(CD Image format in 7z archive)



Lobotomy Software / BMG
208M This is the Europe, English title. (March 19 1997)

(Nero CD Image format in a RAR archive.)



Powerslave Early
Lobotomy Software / Playmates Interactive
11.3M This an archive I found from several locations. It's been around for decades, its before the official release and is older in design. (may have been a press release) LALT + V states its version as  Sept 24 1996 23: 10: 30

A number of the files are smaller and pre-date the official release.
CD patch applied, no CD required.

I'm assuming some bugs where ironed out after this version, since the EXE, STUFF.DAT and other files are larger in the final release.

This version also has an early Win95 executable. It seems unfinished and was dropped from the demo and retail release.