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Redneck Rampage Frontends and Launchers

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Filename and author Size (kb) Description
Redneck Rampage Map Launcher Release v2.05
Krado / KradoVision Software
274 Launcher for RR and RA, based on specs given from Jon Hunt.

Requires: VB5 Runtimes File.



Redneck Rampage MAPPER v1.0
Lars Heimann and Markus Ansmann
35.9 * can be placed in any directory (does not have to be the Redneck-Directory)
* all options are saved in a seperate file (remembers last usermap etc.)
* usermaps can be launched from any directory (or directly from a Level-CD)
* can show up to 384 usermaps at once in a sorted list
* quickly find a Map by pressing its initial letter
* choose from a list of all resolutions your video card supports
* a variety of options:
skill, playername, number of players, socketnumber, multiplayer type, original map warping, usermap selection, toggle monsters, toggle demo, change resolution, edit textmacros, launch external program (e.g.: MAKEMAP)
* if external program is MAKEMAP.EXE (that's what I added this for), MAKEMAP is automatically launched with the selected usermap to be edited
* you can send and receive Maps using IPX without leaving RRMAPPER
* you can enter comments for each usermap (description/rating)
=> these comments will be stored in RRMAPPER.DSC in the Mapper-Directory
* can show you maps in a 2D-Preview 640x480 (like in Makemap)
* you can add commandline parameters to RRMAPPER.EXE, which are automatically passed to RR.EXE or COMMIT.EXE