redneck-maps-rr66    Version 10-27-03   Release 1  5F / 1.7M (c) RTCM Corvin

Redneck Rampage Route 66 User Maps

These user levels work just a little bit different than regular Redneck levels.
Please read the text files accompanying each level. They contain special instructions on how to play the level.


Filename and Author Size S/M/C/D Description


Bruce Hamilton
527 S Bubba gets lost while waiting for a tour at the white house. Its up to leonard to find him.



Jon Hunt
93 S Continuing their vacation, Bubba gets lost at a lakeside community.



Jon Hunt
522 S After visiting the whitehouse in grabass. Leonard and Bubba continue their visit to Washington DC.



Du Mall
577 S Since I don't have Microsoft Word, I couldn't read the Text file.



The Haunted Mansion
25 S While drivin' the truck around, Leonard and Bubba stops and sees the mansion that everyone says is haunted, and Leonard dares Bubba to spend one night in it. So like the dumbass he is, he does it. But the next day, Bubba is still gone so Leonard goes in after him...