redneck-rra-maps    Version 7-05-2013   Release 2  84F / 7.16M (c) RTCM Corvin

Redneck Rampage Rides Again User Maps

How to play:
Unzip into your Rides directory. At the Rides prompt type: ra [space] -map [levelname] then hit enter



Level Name




Hick Mart & Prikston
Steve Elliott aka Duktape
651 S Hick Mart story line :
Our hero Leonard, (that's you) thought he would go to Hick Mart &
get the personal hygiene products he will need for the next world,
before world war 3 & he's off to them happy hunting grounds in the sky.
Hick Mart's CEO. decided that since the city was growing, he would build
the mall on the outskirts while the land was cheap. But at the town
meeting he forced the strip joints to build on the other side of town,
so the town grew in that direction instead.
In deep thought he decided on a "worlds first" to attract customers, &
"THE WORLDS DEEPEST MALL" was born, which stands alone in it's field.

Prikston story line :
Constant feuding for centuries has caused the separation of the
fine folks in the area, creating two close, but different towns.
Centurys of separation & small town breeding has created genetically
unique folks in the neighboring towns of Hickston and Prikston.
The residences of one town all strive to be one of the towns finest
and join the police force, yet the other town,
Hickston doesn't have one single power hungry corrupt public servant
and has completely avoided having a zero tollerance police state.
Any way, our hero, Lenard, finds himself in a unisex lavitory
after hearing a rumor of coloning being done by aliens. Will he
conquer this evil or just drown in the crapper ?
It's all up to you now, & good luck.



Frater Diatonica Dracona
87.8 S Leonard and Bubba are out shooten stuff one day when the unspeakable happened. They ran out of beer! So Leonard decides he's too drunk ta find his way so against his better judgement, Bubba sets off fer the house ta get some more suds. 4 hours later, Leonard wakes up with a nasty hangover, its a getten dark, and no sign of Bubba means its time ta figure out a way thru the forest ta get some much needed libation.



Erick Halvorson
98 S A funny little level based on a cinematic masterpiece.



El Gringo Loco
T.S. Bolton
42 S In the southwest desert, after too much Texas loco weed and mescalito juice, Leonard sets off to find Bubba.



County Mall
Jack Gibson
46 S/M Our heroes are bargain-hunting at the County Mall outside Hickston, and the cashiers' don't have a friendly smile. After a dispute at the gun store, Leonard and Bubba get separated and the fight is on. Finding Bubba and saving yer buns is the order of the day. Whiskey shots wouldn't hurt.



Jack Gibson
17 S/M Bubba and Leonard are rock collecting near the Hickston caves and get separated. Help Leonard thru the corridors and rescue Bubba from the underground alien factory.



4 M A real good multi player level. Fun to play.



El Peso city
Tom Bolton
66 S Back in El Peso City, each time around it gets even stranger...



Crapflow for RA
Tom Bolton
57 S Well, when the Shit hit the fan someone had to do something



Space Feudin'
Erick Halvorson
92 S An exiting space adventure, slightly resemblin' something I read in a children's book when I was a child.



EJ's House
Erick Halvorson
62 S A pretty darn accurate depiction of my house and some of the town I live in.



Dean Newman
21 S Harleys and jack-o-lopes, what more could you ask for.



Lost in the Sewer 2
Bruce Hamilton
460 S/C/M Bubba got himself lost in the sewer again... Up to you to find him as usual.



Lost in the Sewer
Bruce Hamilton
570 S/C/M Bubba got himself lost in the sewer and its Up to you to find him as usual.



Vernon Elder
7 S Iffin' ya likes a killin' Billy Rae's, this level gots Billy Rae's aplenty.



Hoot Owl Hollow
Jon Hunt
132 S Leonard and bubba, hopped a train to see thier cousin Billy Joe in Hoot Owl Hollow. After jumping from the train, Leonard hit his head and got knocked out. When he woke up, Bubba wasn't anywhere to be found.



Tom Bolton
45 S A pleasant little level, nothing more than a mere walk in the park for all you



Tom Bolton
20 S Leonard wakes to find everyone he knows gone, the town streets covered in shit and his buddy Leonard no place to be found. He suspects a vast Democratic conspiracy and sets off to rescue Bubba from the evil liberals from space. Remember, not all stories have a happy ending...



Hickston Ritz
Tom Bolton
15 S The once grand Hickston Ritz, world class resort and spa has fallen on dark days, deteriorated and infested with aliens it's become a mere shell of the grandeur it once represented. Bubba has checked in none-the-less and it's Leonards job to find his ass and get him out of there before them aliens do.



Drop In
17 M A very well done multiplayer level, for 2-4 players.



The Pond -Rides Again version
Jon Hunt
93 S Continuing thier vacation, Leonard And Bubba visit a small fishing village, Where Bubba gets lost again.



Bertram Redneck
14 S Leonard's lost in the netherworld, not here nor there. While stuck in this limbo he keeps seein' his friend Bubba, he's having one hell of a time getting to him.



Stankys Truck O' Stop
Big Rodge
69 S Stanky's set up a Bar and Grill outside Hickston so Leonard and Bubba go to check out their old buddy's new place. Except Leonard knows there's something wrong when him and Bubba are attacked at their campsite.



46 S This is a fairly easy level. I wanted to hone down a few tricks but decided to keep it not sooo hard. Unless them aliens got to me and I'm just being another "Son of a bitchin' fugnut" !!!



Big Rodge
63 S Well, Leonard and Bubba bin runnin' roun' the country for near on who knows win. So they find the Hickston High Bus on its way back to good ole Hickston and Leonard seys "I do miss J.Clucks Chicken Eclairs!" So theys hitch a lift....



10 M A nice multiplayer only level.



Tom Bolton
30 S A very nice single player level, with lots of pig killin'.



Hickston Police Dept.
Jon Hunt
49 S/M/C The alien clones have kidnapped bubba and taken over the Hickston Police Dept. Can you save Bubba and return control of the police dept to the real Sheriff Hobbs??



Moto Mania
Big Rodge
11 S/M A large, circular track with some ramps and two bridges. Its a motorbike track. There's also a circular swamp. Its not as 'detailed' as the track, but its not bad for speeding around. Plenty of equipment! 8 bikes and 8 swamp buggies!



35 S You saw the movie didn't you? Well Leonard was out-back in the crapper and when he dun finished readin', Bubba was gone and there was some wierd shit going on. Hope ya like the motorcycle.



551 S Leonard knows there ain't nothing sadder than a bunch of tract houses by a closedout, flooded out rendering plant. "4 Sale Cheap ! See Old Coot"



548 S Welcome to Golley's nightclub in beutiful Pasadena Texas. If ya ever were in the real Gilley's nightclub afore it dun burned down, yer gonna get a extra kick out'a this level.



Yer Fort
Taras Kreslavsky
20 M After returning from sunny shores L&B decided to go to the Old Fort - local place of interest. They were not to interested in American history - just wanted to have a small picnic with a lota' beer and pork rings. One the last miles B asked L to let him to drive their pickup (the only thing he drived before was a tricycle)...



39 S What do we do with a drunken sailor, earl-eye in the mornin'. Well that ain't half of it... Leonard has been know'd to spin a few fishin' stories hisself, but thar ain't no way in tarnation anyone's ever gonna believe this'n.



29 S Leonard stumbles upon the shitass shit of all time, the ACME SHIT MINE... After wasting Assface a couple/three years back he thought that little problem was out of the way



The Train to El Peso
Bruce Hamilton
127 S Bubba and Leonard were walking through the darkness when they came across what appeared to be abandoned railroad cars. Being tired and such, they decided to catch some Z's on the caboose, when Leonard is suddenly awakened by a loud crash followed by an equally loud train whistle. Now he finds himself standing on the back of a caboose and Bubba is nowhere to be found.



Perdishn Mines
83 S/M When you was a wee one your ole Grampa Goolie would ta tell ya that if ya kept being bad ya would end up slaving in Sheriff Hobbes Perdishn Mines. You would laff and stick his beard in the butter churn...



Bertram Redneck
6 S A kinda whacky, kinda crazy, kinda Cory kinda level



Wackyland 4
17 S  



15 S Leonard wakes up face down in a ceptic situation, sorta stinked and definatly stinky. Where's Bubba? Well that's the name of the game hoss. Ya gotta find him.



Pine Stump Junction -Multiplayer Version
Speeed and Mac
39 M Speeeds Pine Stump Junction level converted to multiplayer by Mac



17 S By now Leonard's used to finding the damndest things commin' out of the sky, but when he finds himself standing alone on a dock he just can't believe what he's a see'n. Note: This level borders on hardass, but if you use your weapons wisely, you just might survive...



43 S Leonard wakes up, hungover as a Nun on sabatical, and figgers he better find his buddy Bubba. Other than the red chickens he finds, things seem ok, and after the pink elephants he saw last month, he doesn't give it a moments thought.



21 S Leonard got drunker than usual last night watching one of his favorite movies on tv, "Gone With The Wind". He wakes up around three a.m. and just doesn't believe he's a seein' what he's a seein'. Makin' matters worse Bubba ain't no-where to be found...



Arc of Doom (for Redneck Rampage)
12 M Multiplayer Deathmatch Circle Many weapons and lotsa fun Lotsa places to attack from



Wackyland 3
4 S Continuation of the wackyland series.



John Weber
25 S Take leonard through the ruins of terror in this level.



John Weber
31 S Walk or ride your way through this level on your hog blasting everything in your way.



John Weber
16 S A desert theme level.



Bruce Hamilton
93 S His Alcatraz for Redneck, updated for RRRA



Rednecks In Space
Bruce Hamilton
453 S Updated for RRRA



Bruce Hamilton
527 S Updated for RRRA



Jon Hunt
88 S Bubba and leonard were up at the bar drinking, smoking, and comparing pig stories, when who did Leonard notice in the corner. " Why its Bill and Monica" says Leonard." lets go over and say howdy" "Duh, and bodyguards too" says Bubba. So they wandered over to say hi. 'Bout that time Bubba asked Bill to show him just exactly where he put that cigar...



19 S Ya like lots of killin'? Then download this level.



34 S Having sampled a heapin' helpin' of Granny's Rheumitis medicine, Leonard wakes up in the bowels of the earth.



16 S While Leonard was momentarily distracted, good ol' boy Bubba wandered off and dun got his tit in a wringer agin. Leonard stumbles upon a big ol house on the wrong side of the tracks, even for Leonard & Bubba. The aliens are closing in and it's up to Leonard (once agin') to find Bubba and git, while the gittin's good !



Hangover Hell
22 S After a weekend of serious boozing, Leonard has woken up with a hangover that could drop Godzilla. Bubba is no-where in site and we all know how he gets after a few brews...



8 S Once again that fool Bubba has gone off on a bender and it's up to Leonard to find him and get him the heck out of there before the aliens ply their evil ways on our two heros.



Maim Street
Jon Hunt
88 S Leonard and Bubba decided that it was time for thier monthly trip into town for beer and porkrinds. Just outside town, leonard had to stop and take a wizz. When he turned around, as usual, Bubba had wandered off. "Damn" said Leonard. " I hope I can find that asshole before the beer store closes."



Pine Stump Junction
470 S You were on yer way home from God knows where and were tired as shit. You musta taken a wrong turn in Kansas cause next thing ya know yer crossing into Yooperland. Having heard of this place you think it wise to pull over and sleep this one off. HAR! HAR! Bad move! You pulled into Pine Stump Junction....the baddest biker hang-out in the UP and Northern Michigan. Shoot your way out or get it up the poop chute.



Mudfight RA
11 M Mudfight for RR updated for RA



Round & Round RA
12 M Round & Round from RR, updated for RA



12 M Updated version of Open Road. Use this if you get "out of sync" error messages with openroad 1



Test Track
Jon Hunt
13 S A level to practice your motorcycle driving skills on.



Bruce Hamilton
2 M Just like the title says, Jousting Redneck style.



Bruce Hamilton
2 M Another Jousting level. This time with the air boat.



490 S A level made with Hexen2 art. Mostly to show the textures. Has lots of dogs and Jack-O-Lopes. Level builders will like the art.



Jon Hunt
73 S While on thier way home. Leonard and Bubba come acros a town during the floods of the midwest. And as usual Bubba being the stupid one becomes lost again.



Easy Rider
11 M A nice level for up to 4 players. Has motorcycles, plenty of jumps, and all the LSD a redneck needs.



The Cory Collection
10 S /M A collection of 6 of his user levels zipped up into one file.



Open Road
14 M You will need to dodge a whole bunch of trucks, while avoiding your buddies, in this level.



10 S Think you have what it takes to beat this level???



The Halls
4 S A maze type level with many hallways



21 M A very good multi player level that takes place in a city. Player one drops in on top of a tall building.



2 S Ummm.... Well.... Wacky



Wackyland 2
13 S An updated installment of the Wackyland level. More doors, exploding walls etc.



Junky RA
Origional level by Wamplet. Converted to RA by WB22RULES
28 M An updated version for Rides Again of his junky multiplayer level. Very good level, one of our favorites.



Trukin RA
22 M A revised version for RA



Wampfarm RA
Origional level by Wamplet. Converted to RA By WB22RULES
21 M OKAY, You go out to HICKSTON, to buy forty acres and a mule. When you get there, the slack-jawed yokels open a can of whoop-ass on you. They leave you stranded on the deserted farm, with your gun and your full bladder...



Alcatraz Multiplayer Version
Bruce Hamilton
28 M Multiplayer version of Alcatraz. Requires the art file from the single player version.



Rednecks In space Multiplayer
Bruce Hamilton
43 M Multiplay verson. Requires the art file from the single player version.



The Train, Multi-play version
Bruce Hamilton
25 M Multiplay verson. Requires the art file from the single player version.



Whitehouse, Multi-play version
Bruce Hamilton
40 M Multiplay verson. Requires the art file from the single player version.



Ancients, Multi-play version
Jon Hunt
82 M A multi-play only version of my Ancients level.