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Redneck Rampage Patches



Filename and author Size (kb) Description
Early years Fix 717
Fixes the "Early Years" version of Redneck to include the full version maps.
Note: All the maps are realy on the CD in a hidden folder.



Redneck Rampage: Suckin' Grits on Route 66 Beta Patch to version 1.01
Xatrix / Interplay
Several customers have experienced "Runtime Error" messages when trying to play Suckin' Grits on faster machines. This patch fixes the problem. If you are already able to play Suckin' Grits without this type or error then you don't need the patch.



MMPatch - Patch for Makemap
Ben Smit / Proasm
1.10 Patches Makemap to accept the .GRP (Group) file.

Allows you to run makemap without extracting the artwork.



MMRAPat - Patch for Makemap in Rides Again
Ben Smit / Proasm
1.38 Patches Makemap to accept .GRP file in Redneck Rides Again.

Allows you to use makemap, for Rides Again, without extracting all the artwork.
Matt Newcomb
10.3 Places text name on sprites in 2D mode, a must have. for RR
Bruce Hamilton
9.08 Gives the art tiles a name in 2D mode. For Redneck Rides Again
Xatrix / Interplay
30.7 These are the DEMO Con files



Redneck Rampage v1.01 "echo" crash patch/fix v1.00
Photon Man
23.4 Here's how to use the crash fix:
copy the file to your Redneck Rampage directory. Then, run the program.
If you want to patch a different Redneck Rampage .EXE (let's say, RR2.EXE), then you would give a parameter after RRSND101.EXE:


Of course, replace RR2.EXE with whatever the filename you want patched is.