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Redneck Rampage Tools

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RRRA Tools
259 Redneck Rampage Rides Again Goodies Tools.

EDITTSET.EXE 3-26-1998
KEXTRACT.EXE 3-26-1998
KGROUP.EXE 3-26-1998
MAKEMAP.EXE 3-26-1998



RR Tools
278 Redneck Rampage Goodies Tools.

EDITTSET.EXE 4-07-1997
KEXTRACT.EXE 4-07-1997
KGROUP.EXE 4-07-1997
MAKEMAP.EXE 4-07-1997
10 Make edit/play batch files so level builders can easily make backups 'n load maps into MakeMap 'n RR or RA
with this file for DOS. Batch files are made from source files loaded into TTYPE.COM 'n every place the source file has %1 in it, input#1 is substuted 'n saved to outfile.ext. takes 1-9 inputs, 256 characters total. This way very complicated batch files can easily be made for MakeMap 'n RR or RA even if you've renamed the files or if you want a path\command. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
The batch files load the last map you've made. Saving map backups is easy with numerically incremented basenames 'n the batch files look for the largest number to load, which is the last map you've made. After 20 backups are made, move em to a backup directory, 'n start again.
By the time I'm done makin a map I have over 200 backup files. And they have bailed me out on many occasions. . . . . . . . . . . . .
Any time a map gets corrupted, I can start again with a former backup file 'n not much of my time is wasted. (updated 5-10-2002)
102 -Make a NAMES.H file with this number, code, 'n description compiler. . . . . .

-Generic tile data for making games that play in RR or RA is enclosed in this .ZIP file. (updated 5-10-2002)

-Files with the extension of .NUM contain the RR 'n RA tile NUMBERs, CODEs, 'n DESCRIPTIONs.They are alphebetically organized by tile number, use a code to make diferent types of NAMES.H files,'n have a tile discription comment that is string searchable to make lists of enemy/brick/sky/etc. . . . . . .
A NAMES.H file gives a sprites tag, a name 'n a number in MakeMap fer level buildin. . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Seperate files with the extension of .NUM can be made for each TILES###.ART file in RR or RA, so a .NUM file can go with ones altered file for a game, or all be in one file 'n still compile.
Mastery of available art tiles is the key to map makin. Since there are thousands of tiles in RR & thousands more in RA, 'n since no official version of a tiles name 'n description file exists, incomplete
lists have been striped from the games .CON files 'n it appears the names differ since they are defined for the purpose of structures in the games compiler known as RR.EXE 'n RA.EXE, 'n not defined for the purpose of map makin. Names of old build based games still linger in the code 'n structure definations.
Ok, so I have done the best I could as an amature at this, got something out, (this) 'n intend on completeing my RA version of a tiles number,code,description file soon. For now the generic version is included. files are big, and not suitable for downloading, plus it's not my work to give away, but you can make your own altered files for generic map makin from my names.h compilers name.h file .
I wish it was a simple world, but simple thoughts simply fail, like alcohol is bad, we must make a law against it. Thus prohibition, but in this case, if this doesn't work for you, delete it and you aren't out anything but time.
48 -Editset 'n Makemap key commands information 'n referance charts. (4-21-2002)All the keys have been check out and are as they say, which is unusual for a help file key list for Rampage.
-Set a file or a group of files date 'n time to the second from a batch file easily, with FDT.COM .
-Create a unique number chart for keeping track of a maps unique numbers with UNIQUE.COM.
-Sounds by number charts for RR 'n RA, help finding sounds using SNDSRRRA.TXT . . . . . . . . .
-A blank map with outside walls = fence 'n bush tops, so you can easily start an outside map level.



Lars Heimann
11 RRCONV v1.0 is a Duke Nukem 3D to Redneck Rampage Map Converter.

It can be used to make any Usermaps, which were build for Duke Nukem 3D(including those for the Atomic Edition), playable in Redneck Rampage.

To attain this, the textures of the sectors, walls and sprites
of the Duke Map must be replaced with textures from Redneck Rampage.