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Rock'n Shaolin: Legend of Seven Paladins 3D Tools



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lotspe (src inc)
Frenkel Smeijers
23 Legend of Seven Paladins (LSP3D) Extractor

This program extracts levels, pictures, sounds, music's and palettes from Legend of Seven Paladins. It works with Lmart000.dat and Lvart000.dat.

L0art000.dat and L1art000.dat can't be extracted, because they are just Tiles000.art with a different name. So you can edit them with Editart which you can get from the Duke Nukem 3D CD or something like that. Or, if you are really cheap, you can get Editart from the Fate demo.

The levels can't be edited immediately. You need to convert them first with Ken Silverman's Converters. Legend of Seven Paladins uses version 4. Build (from Duke Nukem 3D for example) can only use version 7. So you need to convert them from version 4 to version 5, 5 to 6 and 6 to 7.