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Blood Source Code, Specifications and File Formats.

There are more related file formats and specs found in other archives, such as source downloads for other games.



Filename and author Size (kb) Description
QAV and SEQ Formats
Reasearched by BME , Cosmo
1.93 Descriptions of SEQ and QAV formats.



Researched by BME/ILMHB
1 the SURFACE.DAT file is really easy; there's 1 byte for each surface type so...



Blood's .DEM file format
Monolith Productions
3 (For Blood 1.10 and above demo's)
This is the documentation provided on the .dem format that blood uses for it's demos. It came with 1.21 One Whole Unit.



Matt Saettler
2 The BUILD .map( Custom v7) format, more specifically.
This article discusses the inner workings and nuances of it.



Blood Map Format
Matt Saettler, ReBUILD
3 Custom v7



Blood Map Offsets and Tool-Map Inside
Matt Saettler, ReBUILD, JM, Flanker, ?
266 Here is an attempt to create a complete specification of the format, to put an end to this matter, and to help those who are going to use the maps BLOOD in their projects.

Also, it may be useful for Delphi program allows you to view the decrypted contents of the card, compare the two maps, apparently you can't change anything with the program itself.



MBDYProductions / Monolith
3 This is the documentation provided on the .sfx format that blood uses for it's sound headers. It gets spit out when you use winbarf apparently.
The Sfx file can be used in two ways. One, a holder for wav files. Two, a compressed speech file format. Both are explained in this document.



Blood SFX Format
3 SFX and RAW



Matt Saettler
5 The .RFF file format is used in Blood to store the game's resources like maps (.map) and sounds (.raw and .mid).



Blood RFF Format
Matt Saettler, ReBUILD
3 v2.0 , v3.0 , v3.1 RFF Formats