src-build-mod-dos    Version 4-21-2015   Release 7  8F/ 6.80M (c) RTCM Corvin

BUILD (Ken-BUILD) DOS Source Code Mods. Includes Games programmed from the Ken S Code.
Also BUILD and EDITART program mods.



Filename and author Size (kb) Description
Shaw's Nightmare v1.66(no source)
Micheal Muniko / Mickey Productions
2.21M a 3D game, You are Shaw. You were reading a book then you fell asleep. Suddenly, your headphones start picking up strange sounds: static, men yelling orders, screams, bones cracking and finally silence. Then a hole grew and you are sucked into it....

Includes: Map Editor, Tools and FAQ
Ryan C. Gordon & company
1.03M "icculus" BUILD and Tools for DOS



Mapster v40 Beta (C source inc)
8.47 DOS Mapster is a Build source modification which adds new features to the version of BUILD which the source was released, Ken Silverman's BUILD Editor.

Currently, most of the Duke 3D Build features are included.



NewBUILD v1 Aug 13 2000 (no source)
James Ferry
168 - Increased sector (maxsectors 16384), sprite (maxsprites 16384) and wall limits (maxwalls 16384)
- If you go over the standard Duke3D map limits, the colors in 2D mode will make the text turn yellow (normally white).
- "mouse look"can be toggled by pressing 'N' in 3D mode.
- "3" can be used instead of the keypad enter for lap top users.
- f4 will change graphics modes
- compare to Redneck Rampage's makemap



Cubes v5
Ken Silverman
129 This engine was a side project I did during the development of Build...

TILES000.ART, PALETTE.DAT, TABLES.DAT, and SETUP.DAT  should all be compatible with the Build engine.

You can use BSETUP.EXE (the build editor setup program) with this editor.



New World IV v9  game (src inc)
James Ferry
1.2M This is James last New World IV (NWIV) BUILD Game playable version with source code.

Based on Ken Silverman's test game for Build, NWIV sported high definition (640x480 anyways) weapon graphics, a simple weapon scripting language, voxels, and stacked sector-over-sector.



New World IV v8 Game
James Ferry
1M This is James last New World IV (NWIV) BUILD Game playable version. (no src)
James Ferry
317 This is one of James's earlier BUILD editor releases in production.