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Source Code, BUILD Windows Tools and Engines based on Ken Silverman's source.



Filename and author Size (kb) Description
JonoF's WinBuild v10-9-2005 (src inc)
Jonathon Fowler
1.86M Win32 executables for the JFBuild port of the KenBuild test game. THIS IS NOT DUKE3D!

This is a release of the source code to my port of Ken
Silverman's Build game engine [1]. The port intends to bring the engine source up to speed so that it may be used more easily with modern operating systems on the x86 platform, like Microsoft Windows and *nix-like ones such as Linux and BSD.
WinBuild is the name I give to the Windows target of this port.
It uses native Windows APIs like DirectX and the GDI to provide close interaction with Windows for the sake of performance.
I have also developed a more platform-independent layer for
use on systems other than Windows by way of the Simple Direct-media Layer (SDL) [2]. This layer should assist as a basis for further system ports or for easier implementation on the platforms SDL supports.
Work on this port is a continuing process. I welcome the
contributions of programmers who have something they'd like to add (or fix).

Includes:  - Source snapshot of JFBuild engine port. REQUIRED FOR COMPILING JFDUKE3D AND JFSW!  - Ken Silverman's data set for the KenBuild test game. Use with the WinBuild binaries.



POLYTEX (src inc)
Ken Silverman
220 POLYTEX.ZIP (225,760 bytes, 12/24/2005): POLYTEX engine demo and source code. At one time, this was an exciting project that was going to be the next generation of Build. I started writing a polygon engine in late 1994 in order to keep up with Id Software's next game (Quake 1). Read the included text file to find out what happened.(Win32)



XGroup v1.02.0003
Krado / KradoVision Software 2004
133 Grp-Xtrax / MakeGroup - Windows kgroup and kextract combine tool



XGroup v 1.00.0004
(Includes source)
Krado / KradoVision Software 2003
105 Grp-Xtrax / MakeGroup - Windows GUI kgroup and kextract combine tool

Grp-Xtract - It will only extract one file at a time or a batch by it's extension. You don't have to copy files back and forth unless you do not wish for something to be overwritten.

MakeGroup -  window's version of Ken Silverman's kgroup.exe. This part of the program is for making GRP files for the games Redneck Rampage and Redneck Rampage Rides Again. However, I believe you can also use it for other Build Engine games such as Duke Nukem 3d etc... At least I did.



ReBUILD Windows xtract
v0.0 7-10-2001
(inc src)
Timothy Hale, Mathieu Olivier
344 Windows Command Line Tool.

This program is designed to extract the palette.dat file, any art files, and any maps in a build engine group (grp) file.

It is packaged with the dukeconv program, which will convert all your build engine map files over to the intermediate map format used by Quake 1/2 and Half-Life.



ReBUILD Windows KTools (src inc)
Mathieu Olivier
45.2 Windows Command Line Tool.

Handle BUILD group files (*.GRP)


-kextract.exe Gold v0.0   8-7-2000
Extracts files from group format.

-kgroup.exe Gold v0.0   8-7-2000
Puts files in group format.

Includes: Source 8-13-2004



ReBUILD Windows Convmap (src inc)
Ken Silverman, Mathieu Olivier
98.9 Windows Command Line Tool.

Use CONVMAP6 and CONVMAP7 to convert Build maps to a NEWER format.
Use BACKMAP6 and BACKMAP5 to convert Build maps to an OLDER format.


-Backmap5.exe 7-21-2001

-Backmap6.exe 7-21-2001

-Convmap6.exe 7-21-2001

-Convmap7.exe 7-21-2001

Includes: Source 7-21-2001  v1.0.1.8, 09/3/2003 (no source)
Matt Hildred
109 A Win32 Build Editor in the works

GLBuild supports 3D acceleration through OpenGL.

When you first start GLBuild, you will need to select your DUKE3D.GRP file from the File menu. Alternatively it will search for DUKE3D.GRP in the same directory.

Masked walls have been implemented. Wall and sprite translucence has been implemented as well. Next I will finish sprite hitscan and clipping.

What Does Work

Walls, Floor and Ceilings
Animated Textures
2D and 3D views
Collision Detection
Movement around levels
Reading of GRP files
Lighting (early version)
Parallax ceilings and floors (early version)
1-way walls
Basic editing functions

What Doesn't Work

Visible-sector calculation is sometimes a bit off
No sprite attributes 2.4M (no source) (inc source)
Jean-Philip Desjardins
886 Work in progress



Shaw's Nightmare WinBeta
Micheal Muniko / Mickey Productions
1.49M (no source) Based on "icculus" BUILD version
Ryan C. Gordon & company
939 "icculus" BUILD and Tools for Linux and Win32
Ryan C. Gordon & company
948 "icculus" BUILD and Tools for Linux and Win32
Ryan C. Gordon & company
68 "icculus" BUILD and Tools for Linux and Win32



OpenDuke-0.0.1alpha (src inc)
Rusty Wagner, Dan Olson
2.25M OpenDuke was originally developed by Rusty Wagner for Win32, it is an attempt to create a cross-platform clone of Duke Nukem 3D, OpenDuke requires SDL, SDLmixer, Opengl, and an X86 architecture to compile; However, it can be run with the software renderer for those without 3d acceleration. (src inc)
Rusty Wagner
782 Rusty already had a game engine that he'd been writing, so he modified it to load the Duke 3D maps. He also added menus, a console and some other cool stuff. The result is actually quite good. Duke 3D maps look very nice when rendered using OpenGL or Direct3D....looks great at 1600x1200 in Direct3D and the sound and music work great in WinXP. The mouse works too...