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Source Code: Ken Silverman's BUILD Game and Tools.



Filename and Author Size (kb) Description
BUILDC.ZIP 8/20/2003
(C source)
Ken Silverman
48 A.ASM (of the Build source code distribution) ported to C, originally done by Ken Silverman in June of 1996. On 08/20/2003, I fixed a few bugs with it - at least the ones I remembered. :)
A.ASM ported to A.C (originally done by yours truly in June of 1996 to help the Mac & console port teams). I've seen some pretty nasty hack jobs done by people who have tried to port my A.ASM to C. They're so obfuscated it's funny! So I thought I'd help them by providing a more readable version to start with.(DOS, Watcom C/C++ 11.0 required to compile) 3/17/1999
(C source)
Ken Silverman
38 SLABSPRI voxel editor source code, Used in Shadow Warrior and Blood.
DOS, Watcom C/C++ 11.0 required to compile)

(The new SLAB6 viewer/editor can be downloaded from the general-tools-voxel Downloads)
(C, ASM src)
Ken Silverman
1M "Ken-Build" test game (1st released 6-20-2000), including complete Build engine source code. NOTE: This is a snapshot of my Build source code from 2000. Kens BUILD Editor and Tools source code. Includes Kens Build Game and Network routines.
(DOS, Watcom C/C++ 11.0 required to compile)
Includes source code for his Utilities:
-Map Converters
-SETUP (BUILD) 10-08-2004
Ken Silverman
18 8 bonus maps that I made a long time ago for Ken-Build.(Requires STUFF.DAT&GAME.EXE from KENBUILD.ZIP. You can also play the maps using JFBuild.



Build_Apr1994 (src inc)
Ken Silverman
503 Here is an early snapshot of the Build Engine distribution: (515,806 bytes, 02/08/2008) At this point, the editor and sample game are looking a lot like the final version. Of course it's missing many of the bells & whistles which were to come. Note: I removed the Doom guy (used only in serial link mode) and 1 wav file to avoid copyright issues.



Build Sect
Ken Silverman
124 This was the first version of the "Build engine" with sectors. It was also
the first version which used a lookup table for shading. 01/02/1994: Ken finally rewrites his engine using the "SECTOR" idea after talking with John Carmack on the telephone. Before I was using a grid to find nearby walls and the "painter's" algorithm to sort the walls front to back. There were a lot of drawing bugs with the old method. Look at the first sector-based Build engine (127,628 bytes)