src-corridor8-source   Version 11-15-2014   Release 4  3F/ 9.23M (c) RTCM Corvin

Corridor 8: Galactic Wars Prototype Source Code Files



Filename and author Size (kb) Description
Capstone Released SRC
Corridor 8 Team / Capstone

The following files are provided as-is with no guarantee that they'll compile and build proper executables. The compiler used to build the code was Watcom C/C++ V9.5 or later. The target system was a 486 50+mhz running MS-DOS V5 or higher.

These games were released by Capstone Software prior to them folding in 1996. As a former Capstone programmer this code was found in my archives and by popular demand I've decided to release it to the hobbyist community in hopes that the games will be revived. I do not own this code and I do not know who owns the copyrights to these games. To the best of my knowledge these games are abandon ware.

The SETUP.EXE source code is missing.



Corridor 8 Team / Capstone
3.26M A development snapshot of the game. Includes Game Data.

This code is for the prototype of the sequel to Corridor 7. This prototype was from very early in the development process and uses temp art from the game DOOM and has only some test maps.
Corridor 8 Team / Capstone
4.6M A work in progress Corridor 8: Galactic Wars documentation.